Southeast Asia Transformed: A Geography of Change

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Chia Lin Sien
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2003 - 452 pagine

Southeast Asia, with a total population of 520 million, remains a region characterized by fragmentation, diversity, and considerable internal conflict despite the unifying influence of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), formed some thirty-five years ago. In the new millennium, it has lost the distinction of being one of the world’s faster growing group of economies since the 1997 financial crisis. While it has benefited from the winds of globalization, it has now to cope with the painful adjustments to problems that stem from the inadequacies of good governance and structural changes. 

    This volume brings together the combined insights of specialists who have worked and lived in the region. The theme of the book is change and transformation. The authors identify the trends and forces that propel the region along, and then bring in discussions on key issues. In some cases, they offer their views on the future of the region and recommendations for solutions. The intention of the book is to offer a scholarly review of the region’s development over the past half century and to provide a firm basis for forecasting its further evolution in the new millennium.

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Chia Lin Sien is Project Advisor to the Public Transport Council, Singapore.

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