Analytical chemistry

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Wiley, 20 mar 1980 - 643 pagine
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Extensively revised and updated, this edition is concerned primarily with quantitative analysis techniques. Describes how to design an analytical method, how to obtain a laboratory sample that is representative of the whole and to prepare it for analysis, what measurement tools are available, automated analyses and the statistical significance of the analysis. New and expanded topics include heterogeneous equilibria, diode array spectrometers, fiber-optic sensors and solid-phase extraction.

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Review: Analytical Chemistry

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A good accompanying text for studies in analytical chemistry, though it doesn't get a full 5 stars in my opinion Leggi recensione completa

Review: Analytical Chemistry

Recensione dell'utente  - Goodreads

Very good to beginners. I saw the whole part of all spectroscopies very easy to grab....I wish I had a personal copy Leggi recensione completa


Review of Fundamental Concepts
Expressions of Analytical Results

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