Lives of the Irish Saints,: With Special Festivals, and the Commemorations of Holy Persons, Compiled from Calendars, Martyrologies, and Various Sources, Relating to the Ancient Church History of Ireland,

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James Duffy and Sons, 15 Wellington-Quay, and 1a Paternoster-Row, London., 1873

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Pagina 9 - Fasti Romani. The Civil and Literary Chronology of Rome and Constantinople, from the Death of Augustus to the Death of Heraclius.
Pagina 337 - Divi Britannici, being a Remark upon the Lives of all the Kings of this Isle, from the year of the world 2855, unto the year of grace 1660, fol.
Pagina 155 - And they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them.
Pagina 244 - And this is all that is known, and more than all, — yet nothing to what the angels know, — of the life of a servant of God, who sinned and repented, and did penance and washed out his sins, and became a Saint, and reigns with Christ in heaven.
Pagina 414 - ... Conquest. But I have also shown in that essay that the earlier colonists in the country, the Firbolg and Tuatha De Danann tribes, which our historians bring hither from Greece at a very remote period, were accustomed to build, not only their fortresses, but even their dome-roofed houses and sepulchres, of stone without cement, and in the style now usually called Cyclopean and Pelasgic.
Pagina 507 - A great spoil was carried off by the Saxons from Erin. Adamnan went to demand a restitution of the spoil, as Bede relates in his history. The greater part of the bishops of all Europe assembled to condemn Adamnan for having celebrated Easter after the fashion of Columcille, and for having upon him the tonsure of Simon Magus, ie ab aure ad aurem. Bede says...
Pagina 573 - The inhabitants having begun to build the church, which they dedicated to him, they laid this wooden image within it, but it was invisibly transported (as they say) to the place where the church now stands, and found there every morning.
Pagina 508 - Breast, the foster-son of the Redeemer, and that this was the tonsure which he had upon him, and that though Peter loved the Saviour, the Saviour loved John ; and that it was on the fourteenth of the moon of April, on whatever day of the week that should fall, the Apostles celebrated Easter. Then an old senior rising up said, Though Columcille himself were present here, we would not leave him until he should be of the same rule with ourselves ; but you we will not quit, until you be of the same rule...
Pagina 228 - Thy pellochs f rolling from the mountain bay, Thy lone sepulchral cairn upon the moor, And distant isles that hear the loud Corbrechtan roar ! | VI.
Pagina 332 - Ormond and to Mac Richard by the Earl of Desmond (Thomas), when this book and the Book of Carrick were obtained in the redemption of Mac Richard ; and it was this Mac Richard that had these books transcribed for his own use, and they remained in his possession until Thomas, Earl of Desmond, wrested them from him.

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