Praying God's Word for the World-Lighting Pathways of Blessing!

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 184 pagine
"My heart is thrilled that Tammy has written another book on prayer that takes us to the very heart of God-inspiring me to never give up praying, challenging me to pray with great passion and expectancy." She so encourages me with her gift from the Lord of writing and knowing God's heart. Kathy Coleman "Prayer journaling is a wonderful tool for focusing your heart and recording your history with God. Letting Scripture be the mold in which your prayers are shaped is the key to letting your mind become the conduit of the thoughts of God. This tool will help you hone both of those skills-letting Jesus teach you to pray." Jennifer Kennedy Dean, executive director, The Praying Life Foundation Harness God's Power. Pray with Passion, Power & Purpose-with faith, believing & receiving! Water the World with His Word-Releasing God's will-Peace, Provision, Protection and Promise upon earth! Proclaim freedom, blessing and healing-experiencing God's revealed Glory! Containing over 1000 Scripture Prayers and Promises this unique Prayer Journal, arms you with the Sword of the Spirit. BE ARMED & DANGEROUS IN PRAYER! Let your hearts be reignited with holy fires as God uses you to pray His blessings from heaven unto earth, building your faith as you journal; your hearts cries becoming His! Be transformed, becoming the cleansed utensil God can use for His purposes. Send forth His Word-which He promises, will not return to Him without accomplishing His purposes! Known for her passion for prayer; Devoted wife, mother, Popular author/speaker and ministry leader, Tammy M. Price invites you to experience intimacy with God, releasing His passion, power, provision and eternal purpose into lives! Look for her other Prayer-Driven life books. She lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with her husband and 5 children.

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Introduction Daily use organization instructions commitment
31 days of Personal AdorationPraise prayers
31 days of Personal Thanksgiving prayers Claiming
31 days of Personal Supplication prayers Gods
31 days of Salvation prayers For FamilyFriend
31 days of Prayers For MissionariesChurches
31 days of StrengthProtection prayers For Armed
31 days of HealthHealing prayers For Suffering
31 days of Deliverance prayers For Freedom from
31 days of My Favorite prayers For FamilyFriend
10 days of Special Occasion Prayers for others
My Written Personal weeklydaily Prayer Time
Special Personal RequestsPraises

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