The Westminster Review, Volume 4

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Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1825
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Pagina 371 - There be three things which are too wonderful for me, yea, four which I know not: The way of an eagle in the air; the way of a serpent upon a rock; the way of a ship in the midst of the sea; and the way of a man with a maid.
Pagina 375 - Peter, because flowers are dear in cold weather? You should find fault with the climate, and not with me. For my part, I'm sure, I wish it was spring all the year round, and that roses grew under our feet!
Pagina 397 - Lay long in bed, talking with pleasure with my poor wife, how she used to make coal fires, and wash my foul clothes with her own hand for me, poor wretch ! in our little room at my Lord Sandwich's ; for which I ought for ever to love and admire her, and do ; and persuade myself she would do the same thing again, if God should reduce us to it.
Pagina 378 - C'est un parleur Útrange , et qui trouve toujours L'art de ne vous rien dire avec de grands discours : Dans les propos qu'il tient on ne voit jamais goutte, Et ce n'est que du bruit que tout ce qu'on Úcoute.
Pagina 261 - Animadversions on the measures and proceedings of the Honourable Court of Directors, or other public authorities in England, connected with the Government of India, or disquisitions on political transactions of the local administration, or offensive remarks levelled at the...
Pagina 469 - And I will establish my covenant with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood ; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth.
Pagina 83 - I am informed that you are in possession of, or claim title to, the premises in this declaration of ejectment mentioned, or to some part thereof, and I, being sued in this action as...
Pagina 433 - Pierce, the surgeon, was with me ; and tells me how this business of my Lord Chancellor's was certainly designed in my Lady Castlemaine's chamber ; and that, when he went from the King on Monday morning, she was in bed, though about twelve o'clock, and ran out in her smock into her aviary looking into Whitehall garden ; and thither her woman brought her her nightgown ; and stood joying herself at the old man's going away...
Pagina 261 - Discussions having a tendency to create alarm or suspicion among the native population of any intended interference with their religious opinions or observances.
Pagina 178 - Parliament, and more violent and lasting heats and animosities among the subjects of this realm than were ever known before the said clause was enacted, and the said provision, if it should continue, may probably at this juncture, when a restless and popish faction are designing and endeavouring to renew the rebellion within this kingdom and an invasion from abroad, be destructive to the peace and security of the government.

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