Bell's British Theatre: The tender husband, by R. Steele. ... The distrest mother, translated from the Andromaque of Racine by A. Philips

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Pagina 25 - The devil was sick, the devil a monk would be ; The devil was well, the devil a monk was he.
Pagina 70 - Pyrrhus observ'd me with a haughty eye. And, proud to triumph over Greece in me, From his own brows he took the diadem, And bound it on the temples of his captive : Receive...
Pagina 25 - Andromache amongst my foes. Andr. Consider, sir, how this will sound in Greece ! How can so great a soul betray such weakness ? Let not men say, so generous a design Was but the transport of a heart in love. Pyr. Your charms will justify me to the world. Andr. How can Andromache, a captive queen, O'erwhelm'd with grief, a burden to herself, Harbour a thought of love ? Alas ! what charms Have these unhappy eyes, by you condemn'd To weep for ever ? — Talk of it no more.
Pagina 48 - Behold how low you have reduc'da queen ! These eyes have seen my country laid in ashes ; My kindred fall in war ; my father slain ; My husband dragg'd in his own blood ; my son...
Pagina 46 - ... ever know A mother's sorrow for an only son, Her joy, her bliss, her last surviving comfort! When every hour she trembles for his life !' Your power o'er Pyrrhus may relieve my fears. Alas, what danger is there in a child, Sav'd from the wreck of a whole ruin'd empire? Let me go hide him in some desert isle: You may rely upon my tender care To keep him far from perils of ambition: All he can learn of me will be to weep ! Her.
Pagina 27 - She has no Troy, No Hector to lament ; she has not lost A husband by your conquests. Such a husband, (Tormenting thought !) whose death alone has made Your sire immortal ! Pyrrhus and Achilles Are both grown great by my calamities.
Pagina 41 - She was consenting to return to Sparta : Her heart, divided betwixt rage and love, Was on the wing to take its leave of Pyrrhus. She heard my sighs ; she pitied my complaints ; She prais'd my constancy ; The least indifference From this proud king, had made Orestes happy.
Pagina 26 - Give me but to hope, I'll free your son ; I'll be a father to him : Myself will teach him to avenge the Trojans. I'll go in person to chastise the Greeks, Both for your wrongs and mine. Inspir'd by you, What would I not achieve...
Pagina 67 - Dwell on the exploits of his immortal father, And sometimes Very pretty : let him hear his mother's name: Let him reflect upon his royal birth With modest pride. Pyrrhus will prove a friend: But let him know he has a conqueror's right.
Pagina 66 - And would die again." Season his mind with early hints of glory ; Make him acquainted with his ancestors; Trace out their shining, story in his thoughts ; Dwell on th' exploits of his immortal father, And sometimes let him hear his mother's name.

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