Sallust's Jugurthine War and Conspiracy of Catiline: With an English Commentary, and Geographical and Historical Indexes

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Harper and Brothers, 1854 - 332 pagine
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Pagina 29 - Interea parentes aut parvi liberi militum, ut quisque potentiori confinis erat, sedibus pellebantur. Ita, cum potentia avaritia sine modo modestiaque invadere, polluere et vastare omnia, nihil pensi neque sancti habere, quoad semet ipsa praecipitavit.
Pagina 244 - It was the part of the Patron to advise and to defend his client, to assist him with his interest and •substance, in short to do every thing for him that a parent uses to do for his children. The Client was obliged to pay all kind of respect to his patron, and to serve him with his life and fortune in any extremity, Dionys.
Pagina xviii - I envy no quality of the mind or intellect in others ; not genius, power, wit, or fancy: but, if I could choose what would be most delightful, and, I believe, most useful to me, I should prefer a firm religious belief to every other blessing; for it makes life a discipline of goodness — creates new hopes, when all earthly hopes vanish ; and throws over the decay, the destruction of existence, the most gorgeous of all lights ; awakens life even in death, and from corruption and decay calls up beauty...
Pagina 98 - Nam semper in civitate, quibus opes nullae sunt, bonis invident, malos extollunt, vetera odere, nova exoptant, odio suarum rerum mutari omnia student; turba atque seditionibus sine cura aluntur, quoniam egestas facile habetur sine damno.
Pagina 107 - De poena possum equidem dicere, id quod res habet, in luctu atque miseriis mortem aerumnarum requiem, non cruciatum esse; eam cuncta mortalium mala dissolvere; ultra neque curae neque gaudio locum esse.
Pagina 1 - Quodsi hominibus bonarum rerum tanta cura esset, quanto studio aliena ac nihil profutura multumque etiam periculosa petunt, neque reger,entur magis quam regerent casus, et eo magnitudinis procederent ubi pro mortalibus gloria aeterni fierent.
Pagina 156 - Each legion was divided into ten cohorts, each cohort into three maniples, and each maniple into two...
Pagina xix - But ere we can say that there is no God — we must have roamed over all nature, and seen that no mark of a Divine footstep was there ; and we must have gotten intimacy with every existent spirit in the universe, and learned from each, that never did a revelation of the Deity visit him ; and we must have searched, not into the records of one solitary planet, but into the archives of all worlds, and thence gathered, that, throughout the wide realms of immensity, not one exhibition of a reigning and...
Pagina 115 - Exercitus hostium duo, unus ab urbe, alter a Gallia obstant. Diutius in his locis esse, si maxume animus ferat, frumenti atque aliarum rerum egestas prohibet.
Pagina 156 - There were two centurions in each maniple, called by the same name, but distinguished by the title prior, " former," and posterior, " latter," because the one was chosen and ranked before the other.

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