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Pagina 8 - London under the rule permitting the committee to elect nine persons annually "as being of distinguished eminence in Science, Literature or the Arts, or for Public Services.
Pagina 7 - It being essential to the maintenance of the Athenaeum, in conformity with the principles upon which it was originally founded, that the annual introduction of a certain number of persons of distinguished eminence in science, literature, or the arts, or for public services, should be secured, a limited number of persons of such qualifications shall be elected by the committee. The number so elected shall not exceed nine in each year.
Pagina 138 - SKETCH of the HISTORY of the CHURCH of ENGLAND to the Revolution of 1688. By the Right Rev. TV SHORT, DD Lord Bishop of St. Asaph.
Pagina 7 - instituted for the association of individuals, known for their scientific or literary attainments, artists of eminence in any class of the fine arts, and noblemen and gentlemen distinguished as liberal patrons of science, literature, or the arts.
Pagina 121 - A Letter to a Convocation man, concerning the Rights, Powers, and Privileges, of that Body :" to which an answer was published the same year, by Dr.
Pagina 114 - SURTEES' (WE) SKETCH OF THE LIVES OF LORDS STOWELL AND ELDON ; Comprising, with Additional Matter, some Corrections of Mr. Twiss's Work on the Chancellor. By WILLIAM EDWAED SUHTEES, DCL, Barrister-at-Law.
Pagina 122 - An Account of the Measurement of two Sections of the Meridional Arc of India, bounded by the Parallels of 18° 3' 15", 24° 7' 11", 29a 30
Pagina 18 - No object, except what relates to the management of the concerns of the Club, shall ever be proposed or brought forward for discussion at any Annual or General Meeting. The Chair shall be taken at all Meetings at One o'clock precisely.
Pagina 21 - Club, or transmitted to his address ; but no Member shall be absolved from the effect of these Rules, on any allegation of not having received them.

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