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XVI. The Office of the Committee of Aceounts is, to see that the Subscriptions are duly received, regulate the accounts, and undertake the charge of fitting out and conveying the Missionaries to their places of destination.

XVII. The General Committee shall receive the Reports of the, other Committees, shall appoint the places where Missions shall be attempted, shall direct the scale upon which they shall be conducted, and shall superintend the affairs of the Society in general.

XVIII. The General Committee shall meet on the Second Monday in every Month, and oftener if needful, the other Committees as often, and at such places, as shall be by them agreed on : . their Meetings to be always opened with reading a Form of Prayer composed for that purpose, or one or more suitable prayers selected from the Liturgy. Five Members shall be necessary to compose a General Committee, and Three each of the others. In case of equality of votes, the Chairman shall be entitled to a second or casting vote.

XIX. The Patrons, Vice-Patrons, and President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Secretaries, and Assistant Secretary shall be considered ex-officio Members of all Committees.

XX. Governors, being Members of the Established Church, shall be chtitled to attend and vote at all Meetings of the General Committee.

XXI. All Payments on account of the Society shall be signed by Three of the General Committce, in Committee, and the Secretary or Assistant Secretary.

XXII. The Committee shall have power to appoint such officers and Assistants as they shall deem necessary for the well-conducting of the affairs of the Society, subject to the approbation of the next Annual Meeting.

XXIII. Five Auditors shall be appointed by the Committee annually, for the purpose of auditing the Accounts of the Society, of whom Three shall be chosen from the General Body. Three shall be a Quorum.

XXIV. The Life Subscriptions, or a sufficient part thereof, to be equal to the Subscriptions of the existing Members for Life, shall be placed in the Public Funds, in the names of Four of the General Committee; who, on their acceptance of the trust, shall sign a declaration of the nature of it, and that they will relinquish the same whenever called upon for that purpose by the General Committee.


XXV. In the appointment of Candidates for the Missionary Office, the following course shall be pursued.—The Committee of Correspondence having found a person supposed to be suitable, shall determine by ballot to nominate him to the General Committee. Previous to the day of nomination, each Member of the General Committee shall receive notice of such nomination. On the

day of nomination, a report shall be made by sonne Member of the Committee of Correspondence of his qualifications, and the General Committee shall then proceed to ballot for him, unless any Member whall declare that he wishes for further information; in which case the ballot shall be deferred till the next meeting of the General Committee. In the ballot of either Committee, the agreement of at least three-fourths of the Members present shall be necessary to his election.

XXVI. A Candidate thus chosen shall receive instruction in such parts of knowledge, and be prepared in such a manner for his future employment, as the Committee of Correspondence shall judge expedient.

XXVII. If, during such preparation, any Two Members of the General Committee should see cause to disapprove of his principles or conduct, they may submit the subject to a special meeting of the Committee ; and, if deemed proper, the Committee may appoint another ballot to determine whether he shall be continued as a Candidate ; of which special notice shall be given to each Member.

xxWill. Each Candidate shall consider himself as engaged to go to any part of the world, and at any time, which the Committee shall choose; respect however being had to his personal circumstances, or to any previous stipulation made by him with the Society. As soon as he quits England, he shall keep a regular Journal of his studies and proceedings ; a copy of which he shall send, as often as opportunity shall serve, to the Secretary.

XXIX. Each Candidate, after due preparation, shall, if not admitted to Holy Orders, be appointed by the Committee to act as a Catechist. If admitted to Holy Orders, he shall be appointed a Missionary.

XXX. The Missionaries who go out under the direction of this Society shall be allowed to visit home, permission having been previously obtained from the General Committee : and after having laboured in the cause of the Society to the satisfaction of the Committee, at the Stations committed to their care, until age or infirmity prevent further exertion, suitable provision shall be made to render their remaining days comfortable. The General Committee shall have the power to assist also, in particular cases, the dependent relatives of those Missionaries, who, by devoting themselves to the service of the Society, are prevented from contributing to their support.

XXXI. A friendly intercourse shall be maintained with other Protestant Societies engaged in the same benevolent design of propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

xxxii. It is recommended to every Member of the Society to pray to Almighty God for a blessing upon his designs, under the full conviction, that, unless he “prevent us in all our doings with his most gracious favour, and further us with his continual help,” we cannot reasonably hope to meet with persons of a proper spirit and qualifications to be Missionaries, or expect their endeavours to be crowned with success.

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Hesides these Teachers, there is a considerable number, particularly in Antigua, who act gratuitously. No Return has been received of the scholars in some of the schools; and those at Cochia and Allepie, in the want of more recent Returns, have been taken irom the last List.


•. In the following List, the Wives of the Missionaries are included, though their specific employment is seldom stated: as it is always expected by the Society, that they should lay themselves out to do good, in every practicable way, among the Native Females ; not only by cultivating familiar intercourse with them, but by Education of the Children and Instruction of the Adults.


FREETown. John Pope, Schoolmaster. Mrs. Schemel, Mrs. Pope. G. Fox, Mrs. Fox, Native Assistants.

KissEY. Gust. Reinhold Nyländer, G.W.E.Metzger, Missionaries. - Mrs. Wenzel (Native), Mrs. Metzger. G. Thomas, John Bannah, David Johnson, Maria Johnson, Native Assistants. Wei, LiNGton. John Sandy, Native Teacher. wATERLoo. . . . . John Godfrey Wilhelm, Missionary. - Mrs. Wilhelm. John Johnson, Rachel Garnon Johnson, - W. Lawrence, Mary Campbell, Native Assistants.

KENt. .. Robert Beckley, Schoolmaster. Mrs. Beckley. . W. Bickersteth, Sarah Allen Bickersteth, Native Assistants. * York. W. Allen, Native Assistant. CHARLOTTE. Christopher Taylor, Schoolmaster. Mrs. Taylor. John Jackson, Native Assistan!. LEoPop, D. Thomas Davey, Schoolmaster. Mrs. Davey. Native Assistant. BATHURSt. John Gerber, Missionary. Mrs. Gerber. W. Neville, Native Assistant. REGent. James Lisk. Schoolmaster. Mrs. 1.isk. W. Davis, David Noah, Native Teachers. James Macaulay, John Attarra, Native Assistants. Gloucester. William Tamba, Native Teacher. Mrs. Renner. Joseph Dunn, Mat.T.Harding, Anth. Morgan,

PLAnt Ains. Stephen Caulker, Native Assistant.

William Jowett,

Theophilus Christopher Deininger,

Representatives of the Society.

Mrs. Jowett. Dr. Cleardo Naudi, Compiler of Tracts. Henry Andrews, Printer.

Mrs. Andrews, Schoolmistress.


CAL cutta. Deocar Schmid, John Andrew Jetter, John Theophilus Reichardt, Isaac Wilson,

Missionaries. T. W. Smyth, Country-born Assistant. Thomas Brown, Printer. Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Jetter. Superintendants of Female Schools. Native Assistants in Nine Boys' Schools. Native Assistants in Twenty-two Girls' Schools.

Burt Dw AN. John Perowne, W. J. Deerr, Jacob Maisch,

Missionaries. James Dunsmure, Country-born Assistant. Mrs. Perowne, Superintendant of Female


Forty Native Assistants in Boys' Schools. Five Native Assistants in Girls' Schools.

BUXARKurrum Messeeh, Native Teacher. , chun AR. W. Greenwood, Missionary. W. Bowley, Country-born Missionary. Mrs. Greenwood. Nicholas Joachim, Native Teacher. W. Cross, Clerk and Schoolmaster. Native Assistants in Four Schools. beNARES. Thomas Morris, Missionary. Fyz Messeeh, Native Teacher. Mr. Stewart, Master of Benares School. Joseph Dutton, Master of Secrole School. Ten Native Assistants.

Mark Joseph Tanaba, Native Assistants.


Michael Wilkinson, Missionary.

Mrs. Wilkinson.

Native Assistant.


Behadur, Oomeed, Mathew Phiroodeen,

Native Teachers.
Peter Dilsook, Native Assistant.

DeLHI. Anund Messeeh, Native Teacher. AGRA. Abdool Messeeh, Native Missionary.


James Ridsdale, W. Sawyer, Missionaries.

Mrs. Ridsdale, Mrs. Sawyer. Mr. Hamilton, Assistant. Twenty-one Native Assistants. PoonAMALLEE. A Native Teacher. Two Native Schoolmasters. TRANQUEBAR. G. Theophilus Bärenbruck, Missionary. Mrs. Bärenbruck. John Devasagayam,Native School-Inspector. Nyanapiragasam, Native Assist. Inspector. Auben David, Native Teacher. Thirty-three Native Assistants. TINNewelly. C.T.E. Rhenius, Bernhard Schmid, Missionaries. Mrs. Rhenius. Robert Lyon, Country-born Teacher. David, Native Teacher. Fifteen Native Assistants. cotym. Benjamin Bailey, Joseph Fenn, H. Baker, Missionaries. Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Fenn, Mrs. Baker. Two Malpans, Syriac Lecturers in the College. Moses Isarphaty, Hebrew Teacher in ditto. Two Native Teachers of Sanscrit in ditto. English Teacher and Assistant in ditto. Govenen Nair, Shuncaren Nair, Native School-Inspectors. Fifty-one Native Assistants. Cochin. A Native Assistant. Allepie. Thomas Norton, Missionary. Native Teacher. Two Native Assistants. TELLICherry. J. Baptiste, Protestant Schoolmaster.

Richard Kenney, Missionary.
Four Native Assistants.
S. Lambrick, Joseph Bailey, Missionaries.
Mrs. Bailey.
Four Native Assistants.
Thomas Browning, Missionary.
Mrs. Browning.
Five Native Assistants.
Robert Mayor, Benj. Ward, Missionaries.
Mrs. Mayor, Mrs. Ward.
Five Native Assistants.

Joseph Knight, W. Adley, Missionaries.
Mrs. Adley.
Ten Mative Assistants.


RANGHEEHoo & KIDDEEKIDDEE, New Zealand, John Butler, H. Williams, Missionaries. G. Clarke, John Cowell, Richard Davis, C. Davis, W. Hall, James Kemp, John King, and James Shepherd, Teachers & Assistants. W.Fairburn,W.Puckey, AssistantArtisans. Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Cowell, Mrs. R. Davis, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Kemp, Mrs. King, Mrs. Shepherd, Mrs. Fairburn, and Mrs. Puckey.

WEST-INDIES MISSION. 816. ANTIGuA. W. Dawes, Director of Schools. C.Thwaites,Mrs.Thwaites,Superintendants. W. Anderson, Rob. Keane, T. Prizgar, Patrick Skerrett, Elizabeth Austen, Jane Grant, Henrietta Yeats, Assistants. BARBA does. Charles Phipps, Schoolmaster. Dominica. A Schoolmaster. st. WiNCENT. Anne Claxton, Schoolmistress.

David Jones, Missionary.
George Harbid;e, Schoolmaster.
Elizabeth Harbid.,e, Cohoolmistress.

Kurakal, Hindoo Schoolmaster.

Samuel West, Assistant.

By MissionARy, in the preceding List, is to be understood one who has been admitted to Holy Orders—by reacher, one who, not having been Qrdained, engages; as a Cate: chist, in such religious care and general instruction of the people as may be consistent with his character as a Layman—by Assistant, one who is chiefly occupied in School Instruction, as Superintendant, Master, Mistress, or Usher.


WHEN a disposition appears in any place to assist the designs of the Society by establishing an Association in its support, a Meeting of persons favourable to such a measure should be called. The friends who meet for this purpose should form themselves into a “Church Missionary Association, in aid of the Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East;” and should proceed to appoint a Committee and proper Officers.

In large Towns, comprehending several Parishes, it may be expedient to appoint a President, Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, and a Secretary; with a pretty numerous Committee, composed of persons from the different parishes.

In Parochial Associations, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and a smaller Committee, under the Presidency of the Clergyman, may be best suited to conduct the business.

It may sometimes be found expedient to form Associations in Separate Congregations in the same Parish, rather than one Association in the parish at large; and in this case also, a Treasurer, Secretary, and Committee, under the Presidency of the Clergyman, will suffice to accomplish the object.

In a Voluntary Union of Friends, whether the members of the same family, the children of a school, or persons connected by affinity or friendship, such arrangements may be made as may prove most convenient to themselves.

In this manner, benevolent persons, willing to assist the designs of the Society, from the domestic circle to the largest town, may unite for a purpose most beneficial to their own minds, while it expresses a due regard to the glory of God in the salvation of the Heathen, and a proper sense of their own infinite obligations to Divine Mercy.

At Meetings held for the formation of Associations, an INTRoductony REsolution should be moved and seconded, approving the object and proceedings of the Church Missionary Society. A second aesolution may follow, recommending the establishment of an Association for the Parish, Town, or County, as the case may be, in aid of the Society, and appointing the Laws and Regulations; when some such Laws and Regulations as those stated below may be adopted. In a THIRD REsolution, the Patrons, Officers, Committee, &c. should be named and appointed.


1. Annual Members of this Association shall be, all persons subscribing annually One Guinea or upward, or, if Clergymen, Half-a-Guinea; and also such Persons as shall collect in its behalf One Shilling or upward per week. II. Life Members shall be Benefactors of Ten Guineas or upward, or, if Clergymen, such as shall contribute Congregational Collections to the amount of Twenty Guineas, and Executors paying bequests of Fifty Pounds. III. Annual Governors shall be Subscribers of Five Guineas per Annum. IV. Life Governors shall be Benefactors of Fifty Pounds. W. Members will be entitled to receive the Reports of this Association, and also the Annual Reports of the Parent Society, and to vote at all their General Meetings: but Col. lectors of §. Shilling and upward per week will further receive a Copy of each Monthly Number of the Missionary Register—Governors will be entitled to receive the Reports; and, if Members of the #.j Church, to vote at all Committee and General Meet. ings of both the Association and the Parent Society.—Clergymen will have the same privilege as Governors. WI. The business of the Association shall be under the management of a Patron, a President, Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, Secretaries, Governors, and a Committee not exceedin Lay Members of the Established Church, and of all Clergymen who are Members of this Association. The Committee to meet on the — in the months of January, April, July, and October, at — o'clock; Five Members being competent to act. VII. The object of the Committee shall be, to call forth the zeal of well-disposed Persons, and particularly those of the Established Church, in support of the Church Missionary Society; and to recommend proper persons who may offer themselves as Missionaries to †: Parent Society—to disperse as widely as possible Missionary Information—to proi. the formation of Branch Associations—and to procure Collections and other Contriutions. VIII. The whole of the Funds so obtained, after deducting incidental expenses only, shall be remitted to the Church Missionary Society in aid of its designs. IX. A General Meeting shall be held annually, on such day in the month of as shall be found expedient (of which due notice shall be given), when a Report of the Proceedings of the Roo. shall be presented.

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