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dence in the Tanjore Country has not yet been fixed: but the matter has engaged the anxious and deliberate attention of the Committee; and it is hoped, that, at an early period, the station of his Mission will be finally settled. The subject involves some important considerations, on which the Committee are particularly solicitous to form a mature judgment.

In the mean while, Mr. Bärenbruck has been pursuing his MINISTERIAL LABours in connection with the Society's establishments, as he has had opportunity. To these the Corresponding Committee bear the following testimony:In respect to his Ministerial Labours, the Rev. Mr. Bärenbruck has furnished an interesting narrative. He does not, indeed, record any cases in which his Ministry has been blessed to the conversion of souls: but he describes a course of proceeding, which strongly indicates that he feels a lively interest in his work; and which, with diligence and perseverance, romises, under Providence, an ample reward to his exertions. is practice of inculcating largely the fundamental principles of Christianity, his endeavours to adapt his Discourses to the wants and capacities of his hearers, and his efforts to render his Native Assistants useful toward the advancement of the Cause of Truth, all demand the expression of the Committee's approbation.

The Native Inspector, John Devasagayam, has continued his vigilant attention to all parts of his duty".

In reference to the school Establish MENTs connected with this Station, it is observed—

The Report of Mr. Bärenbruck on the state of the Schools is, upon the whole, satisfactory. It contains matter of encouragement to diligence in the Education of Youth; while, at the same time, it excites the hope, that, under Providence, Mr. Bärenbruck's personal superintendence will materially contri

bute to the improvement of the Schoolmasters and to the progress of the Scholars.

At Michaelmas 1823, there were 31 Schools, and the following was the general summary of the Scholars:—

.* Extracts from the Journal of John Devasagayam, with a detailed account of Mr. Bärenbruck's proceedings, and other matters connected with the Tranquebar Mission, have been printed, since

the Anniversary, at pp. 344–349 of the Missionary Register for August.

Protestant Christians . . . . . . . 516
Roman-Catholics . . . . . . . 306
Brahmins . . . . . . . . . . 383

Soodras . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.175
Mahomedans . . . . . . . . . . 224
Christian and Heathen Girls . . . . . 44
Total Children admitted into the Schools . 5648
Number who have successively left them .. 3898


Number remaining . . . . . 1750

Of the semi NARY attached to this Mission, Mr. Bärenbruck gives a gratifying account. He delivers to the Seminarists, who are 17 in number, Weekly Lectures on Ecclesiastical History, Mythology, Geography, &c. In the intervals of study, he endeavours to benefit them by his conversation; and, in his watchful care over their morals, he causes them to sleep near his own room. They all appear desirous to devote themselves to the service of Christ; and brotherly love has so much influenced their conduct as hitherto to exclude differences from among them.

John Devasagayam, in October, bears the following testimony to the Youths of this Seminary:—

Of the elderly Youths, two especially are commencing to render us some service in Missionary Work, and recommend themselves for employment as Readers. The conduct of most of our Youths among themselves, and also to those Heathen Youths and Children that come to us daily for instruction, has been hitherto much to my satisfaction. They are sensible of

the great benefit which they enjoy ; and some of them appear to have some serious impression on their minds.

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At Palamcottah, in Tinnevelly, Mr. Rhenius and Mr. Bernhard Schmid are proceeding with activity and with success. Their Journals, which furnish an example to other Missionaries for copiousness

and fidelity, will furnish much information to the Members.”

* Very detailed extracts from these Journals have appeared, since the Anniversary, in the Missionary Register, occupying from

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The Corresponding Committee thus speak of the general state of this Mission—

The Committee have derived much satisfaction from the accounts which they have received of the proceedings of the Missionaries in Tinnevelly, in the course of the past year. The Ministry of the Rev. Mr.Rhenius and the Rev. Mr. Schmid has been particularly successful; and the Committee desire to acknowledge, with gratitude to the Author of all goodness, the happy results which have attended the labours of those servants of the Lord.

On the subject of the MINISTRY, the Missionaries, after premising that the manifestation of the Divine Blessing on all branches of their labours enabled them to present to the Committee, with unusual pleasure, a summary of their transactions during the year, give details of their proceedings, and then add—

There have been baptized, since our last report—

10 Heathen Men, 3 Ditto Children, 2 Christian Ditto. Total T5

Married . . 1 Couple Died . . . 1 Child. The total Number of Christians, and persons waiting to be received into the Church, belonging to this Mission, in its different Stations, are— 30 Men. 17 Women. 11 Children of the above, of different ages. 31 Seminarists—Boys. 14 Ditto --Girls. Total 103 Souls, of whom seven persons are candidates for Baptism. In the following list of the schools which are under the care of the Missionaries, the number of

p. 349 to p. 373 of the Number for August. These extracts are collected under the heads of Ministerial Labours and their Success— Baptism of Five Native Converts–Journey of the Rev. C. T. E. Rhenius—State and Progress of the Schools—Establishment of a Female School—State and Progress of the Seminary—Some Account of one of the Seminarists—Native Superstitions—Distribution and Usefulness of Tracts. These extracts will well repay the attentive perusal of the Members.

Scholars in actual attendance is given; and not, as before, the number on the books:— *

1. Mooroogenoorchy . . . 37 Scholars.
2. Tinnevelly . - - - 20
3. Munjacooly, in Tinnevelly - 31

4. Pettah, in ditto - - 13 5. Chickneygramum . - . 28 6. Tatchanalloor . - - - 3 7. Vannarapettah - - . 31 8. Kopidoopallam - - - 21 9. Kanasabaram . - - - 17 10. Moorappanadoo . - - 25

11. Keelpatam . - - - 18
12. Tiroopoolangoody . . . 24

288 There are some variations in this List from that in the last Report, which the following extract from the statements of the Missionaries will explain:At Mylappalum and Courichy, not only the Masters continued unfaithful in carrying on their schools, but also the people shewed no great willingness to send their children to school or to have the means of instruction continued; on which accounts both the Masters have been dismissed and the schools discontinued. The school at Pettah has given us little or no satisfaction for two years, because of the sickness of the Master, a well-inclined Roman Catholic. He died lately : upon which we placed there a pious Christian Master from the Central School; so that we have now the prospect, please God, of seeing that school also carried on in a proper Inanner, Instead of the discontinued schools, we established, in the month of August last, a new one in the village of Tiroopoolangoody, about 17 miles from hence south-east; with Titus, a pious young man, as its Master; who promises, in every respect, to become a useful servant of the Mission. Another new school is building at Streevagoondam, about 15 miles from hence in the same direction ; and a third at Kanabadinadenoor, about £5 miles distant north-west from hence, toward Courtallum. Some of the people in each of these places, though poor, have contributed or are contributing toward the erecting of the buildings, which at the same time are to be also Prayer Houses. A fourth new school is just going to be commenced in the southern part of Tinnevelly, where the people prepare a school entirely by their own means. n the assistance rendered by Natives in education, the Committee remark—

The Schoolmasters now enter more into the spirit of Dr. Bell's System of Education, and seem more sensible of the excellency of the Holy Scriptures, and more solicitous to impart the knowledge of them to their pupils than they were formerly. The Committee remark, with great satisfaction, that the Missionaries consider themselves to be materially aided by their Native Assistants in the superintendence of the Schools. Of the FEMALE school, the establishment of which was before noticed, Mr. Schmid writes— Our Native Girls give us much satisfaction and encouragement. We have now 23; consisting of one Soodra, four Shanars, and the others of Low-caste: but, as our views respecting the unreasonableness of the distinction of caste have been fully explained to the parents, the little girls eat together in one room without the least hesitation; and they live together, in all respects, like members of one family: and . we have only one Soodra girl, experience has taught us, that, if only a beginning is made with one girl, others will soon overcome their prejudices, and offer themselves, when they see the great advantages of a proper education, Mrs. Rhenius has them daily several hours with her, and teaches them different female work: which they like so well, that they frequently must be told, more than once, that it is time for them to go; and when, from some hindrance or other, they come later than the time fixed, they beg to be allowed to stay, and work a little longer. I have them daily, about half-an-hour, when I teach them our First Catechism, according to the National System. I am often quite pleased with the attention and progress of many, indeed of most of them. It is astonishing how quickly they improve. Their very features appear to me to become daily more expressive and pleasing. May only the Lord prosper our endeavours; and shower down His Spirit upon them, that they may become ino of His Kingdom, and lead others also into the way of ion' The re-establishment of the s EMINA ay, after being broken up by the Youths refusing to stay unless the distinction of Caste were allowed, was noticed in the last Report. It will appear from the following statements of the Corresponding Committee, that the special blessing of God has attended the labour of the Missionaries with the Seminarists:— The Seminary at Palamcottah continues to be a source of satisfaction to the Missionaries, whose solicitude for the welfare of the Seminarists, as evinced in the minute superin

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