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IN presenting to the Society a statement of the Proceedings in its Twenty-fourth Year, the Committee have to display a chequered scene. While it has pleased God, in His wise and righteous Providence, to bring on some parts of the Missions very severe trials, He has vouchsafed to temper and alleviate these trials, and to grant a steady progress to the Society in its various labours.

The Committee desire to recognise in these dispensations of Divine Providence that gracious purpose, which becomes prominently marked in the History of Missions—to lead His servants to unite, with fervent zeal and patient labour, a more unfeigned and unmingled affiance in the Wisdom, Grace, and Power of Him in whose Cause they are engaged.

The Committee are thankful that they are able to report, as in former years, a considerable advance in the state of the


This steady increase of the Society's means of exertion in its various Missions is to be chiefly attributed, under the blessing of God, to the zeal of its Auxiliaries and Associations throughout the United Kingdom, encouraged and animated as they have been by the visits of the Assistant Secretary, and of the many friends who have this year also rendered herein most valuable aid; a brief report of which will now be given.


The increasing pressure of that department of labour which has fallen on the Secretary has prevented him from rendering any other assistance, during the year, in reference to the Associations, than attending the Anniversaries of the Colchester and East-Essex and of the North-East London.

The Assistant Secretary has, as usual, devoted to this object a considerable part of the year. From the period of the last Anniversary till near Midsummer, he was occupied in an extensive Journey in several of the Midland and Northern Counties, accompanied by various friends; in the course of which he attended the Anniversaries of the Derbyshire, Lincoln, Gainsborough, Retford, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Doncaster, Hull and EastRiding, Knaresborough, York, Pontefract, Leeds, Manchester and East-Lancashire, Preston, Kirkby-Lonsdale, Warrington, Liverpool and WestLancashire, North-Staffordshire, Leicestershire, and Sheffield Associations: by this extensive Journey, 2000 Guineas were added to the Funds of the Society; and the foundation was laid, in various places, of an enlarged interest in its concerns. During the latter part of June and the beginning of July, after attending the Clerkenwell Anniversary, he visited Norwich and Lynn; and, on his return, assisted at the Blackheath Anniversary, and at the formation of a Ladies' Association for St. Leonard's, Shoreditch. From the end of July to the middle of August, he attended the Anniversaries at Staines and at Harrow, at Weymouth, and in the Island of Guernsey; and, on his return, at that of Edmonton. In the early part of September, he was present at the Anniversaries of the South-Bucks, Berkshire, and Faringdon Associations, held, respectively, at High Wycombe, Reading, and Faringdon. Having visited, in the latter part of September, the Suffolk Association and that of the Colchester Ladies, he proceeded to Ireland, and reached Dublin on the 1st of October. Till the 18th of that month, besides attending, in Dublin, Meetings of the Ladies' Association

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occupied, accompanied by the Rev. R. H. Nixon
or the Rev. Peter Roe, in visiting Drogheda, Naas,
Cappoquin, Youghall, Cork, Bandon, Fermoy, Fe-
thard, Clonmell, Kilkenny, Gorey, Arklow, Belfast,
and Dundalk; and was everywhere received with
a hearty welcome : the Military, quartered at Clon-
mell and Kilkenny, had contributed liberally to
the Society, and manifested great interest in the
details which were given. On his return, the As-
sistant Secretary, in November, preached at various
places in Berkshire and near London ; and at-
tended the formation of Associations at Pinner, at .
Southgate, and at Hertford. Resuming his, la-
bours in January of this year, he assisted at the
formation of an Association and a Ladies’ Associa-
tion at Walthamstow; and visited one which had
been formed, in August, at Louth, by the Clergy
and other Gentlemen of that place and its vicinity.
In March, he attended Meetings at Turvey, at
Olney, and at Northampton, with the Leicestershire
and Bedfordshire Anniversaries, and those of
Southwark and Clapham. At the end of March
and beginning of April, he paid the Annual Visit
to the Associations connected with the Five Cities
of Bath, Bristol, Gloucester, Hereford, and Wor-
cester; with that of the Ladies' at Monmouth,
formed after his visit to that place last year. In
the remainder of April, he assisted at the forma-
tion of an Association at Carshalton, and of a
Ladies' Association at Pentonville; and attended
the Anniversaries of the Bromley and Beckenham,
Broadway, Chichester and West-Sussex, Ports-
mouth, and Surrey Associations. -
In these journeys, the interests of the Society
were greatly promoted by friends who accompanied:
the Assistant Secretary, at the request of the Com-
mittee: and, as it was quite impracticable for him.
to visit all the Associations, part of this labour was
very kindly undertaken, in compliance with the
request of the Committee, by other Clergymen, in .

taking the following journeys:—in Cornwall, during the greater part of July, by the Rev. Henry Berkin and the Rev. George Hodson, assisted by the Rev. W. H. Black—in Somersetshire, Devonshire, and Dorsetshire, in the latter half of July and the beginning of August, by the Rev. Thomas Bartlett and the Rev. J. D. Wawn—in some of the Midland Counties, at the latter part of August and the beginning of September, by the Hon. and Rev. H. D. Erskine, the Rev. Thomas Mortimer, the Rev. R. W. Sibthorp, and the Rev. W. Spooner—and in several of the Northern Counties, during the latter half of April, by the Rev. Thomas Dikes, the Rev. R. W. Sibthorp, and the Rev. J. D. Wawn. The places at which these and other friends attended, at the desire of the Committee, in the course of the year, will be seen in the following enumeration:-the Rev. Thomas Bartlett, at Yeovil, Taunton, Wellington, and Exeter with the Branches of the County Association—the Rev. H. Berkin, at Lostwithiel, Liskeard, Helston, Penryn, Camborne, Redruth, Falmouth, and Penzance—the Rev. H. Budd, at Bath and Bristol—the Rev. Edward Burn, at Colchester and Witham; at Newcastle-underLine; and at Worcester and Stratford—the Rev. J. W. Cunningham, at Staines and Hertford—the Rev. T. Dikes, at Haltwhistle, Carlisle, Penrith, Darlington, Sunderland, North-Shields, and Newcastle-on-Tyne—the Hon. and Rev. H. D. Erskine, at Shrewsbury and in its vicinity, Yoxall, Tamworth, Birmingham, Atherstone, and Epperstone—the Rev. Professor Farish, at Derby and in its vicinity, Lincoln, Gainsborough, Retford, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Mirfield, Hull, Knaresborough, York, Pontefract, Leeds, Nottingham, and Sheffield; and at Hertford and St. Neots—the Rev. T. S. Grimshaw, at Hull, Knaresborough, York, Pontefract, and Leeds; at Norwich and Carleton-Rode; and at Penrith and Carlisle—the Rev. G. Hodson, at the same places in Cornwall as Mr. Berkin; and at Norwich and Wymondham—the Rev. James Hough, at Derby and in its vicinity, Lincoln, Gainsborough, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Doncaster, Hull, York, Leeds, Manchester, Preston, Warrington, Liverpool, Newcastle-under-Line, and Sheffield; at Darlington and Sunderland; and at Dublin, on occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of the Hibernian Auxiliary—the IRev. John Langley, in Montgomeryshire—the Rev. John Marriott, at Bristol—the Rev. Professor Lee, at St. Neots—the Rev. T. Mortimer, at Leeds, Manchester, Preston, and Warrington; at Blackheath; and at Yoxall, Tamworth, and Birmingham—the Rev. W. Marsh, at Kettering; and at Chichester, Portsmouth, and Guildford—the Rev. R. H. Niacon, in Ireland, at Sligo and Boyle; and at Drogheda, Naas, Belfast. and Dundalk—the Rev. Robert Phelips, at Guernsey—the Rev. E. T. M. Phillipps, at Manchester, Preston, Warrington, Liverpool, Newcastle-underTine, and Sheffield—the Rev. T. Robertson, at Hackney—the Rev. Peter Roe, in Ireland, at Cappoquin, Youghall, Clonmell, Kilkenny, Gorey, and Arklow— the Rev. James Scholefield, at Manchester, Newcastle-under-Line, and Leicester; at Lynn; at Southgate; and at St. Neots and Kettering—the Rev. R. W. Sibthorp, at Shrewsbury and in its vicinity, Chester, Yoxall, Tamworth, Birmingham, Bewdley, and Atherstone ; at Ipswich and in its vicinity; at Leicester and in its vicinity; at Bedford ; at Bath, Bristol, Gloucester and in its neighbourhood, Hereford, Worcester, and Stratford ; and at Carlisle, Penrith, Sunderland, and North-Shields—the Rev. W. Spooner, at Shrewsbury and in its vicinity, Chester, Yoxall, Tamworth, Birmingham, and Atherstone—the Rev. H. Venn, at Maidstone—and the Rev. J. D. Wawn, at Yeovil, Taunton, Wellington, Exeter with the Branches of the County Association, Bridgewater, Dorchester, and Weymouth ; at Epperstone; and at Haltwhistle, Carlisle, Penrith, Darlington, Sunderland, North-Shields, and Newcastle-on-Tyne.

• Assistance has also been rendered in this work

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