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CORUCKPorte. Michael Wilkinson, Missionary. Mrs. Wilkinson. Native Assistant. Meerut. Behadur, Oomeed, Mathew Phiroodeen, Native Teachers. Peter Dilsook, Native Assistant.

DeLHI. Anund Messeeh, Native Teacher. AGRA. Abdool Messeeh, Native Missionary.


James Ridsdale, W. Sawyer, Missionaries.

Mrs. Ridsdale, Mrs. Sawyer.
Mr. Hamilton, Assistant.
Twenty-one Native Assistants.


A Native Teacher.

Two Native Schoolmasters.

G. Theophilus Bärenbruck, Missionary.
Mrs. Bärenbruck.

JohnDevasagayam,Native School Inspector. Nyanapiragasam, Native Assist. Inspector.

Auben David, Native Teacher. Thirty-three Native Assistants. tinneVELLY. C.T. E. Rhenius, Bernhard Schmid, Missionaries. Mrs. Rhenius. Robert Lyon, Country-born Teacher. - David, Native Teacher. Fifteen Native Assistants. cotym. Benjamin Bailey, Joseph Fenn, H. Baker, Missionaries. Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Fenn, Mrs. Baker. Two Malpans, Syriac Lecturers in the College. Moses Isarphaty, Hebrew Teacher in ditto. Two Native Teachers of Sanscrit in ditto. English Teacher and Assistant in ditto. Govemen Nair, Shuncaren Nair, Native School-Inspectors. Fifty-one Native Assistants. Cochin. A Native Assistant. At Lepie. Thomas Norton, Missionary. Native Teacher. Two Native Assistants. Teulicherry. J. Baptiste, Protestant Schoolmaster. Kurakal, Hindoo Schoolmaster.


Richard Kenney, Missionary. Four Native Assistants. cey LON MISSION. 1818. Cotta. S. Lambrick, Joseph Bailey, Missionaries. Mrs. Bailey. Four Native Assistants. KANDY. Thomas Browning, Missionary. Mrs. Browning. Five Native Assistants. BADDAGAME. Robert Mayor, Benj. Ward, Missionaries. Mrs. Mayor, Mrs. Ward. Five Native Assistants. NELLORE. Joseph Knight, W. Adley, Missionaries. Mrs. Adley. Ten Native Assistants.


RANGHEEHoo & KIDDEEKIDDEE, NEW ZEALAND. John Butler, H. Williams, Missionaries. G. Clarke, John Cowell, Richard Davis, C. Davis, W. Hall, James Kemp, John King, and James Shepherd, Teachers & Assistants. W.Fairburn, W.Puckey, AssistantArtisane. Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Cowell, Mrs. R. Davis, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Kemp, Mrs. King, Mrs. Shepherd, Mrs. Fairburn, and Mrs. Puckey.


ANTIGUA. W. Dawes, Director of Schools. C.Thwaites,Mrs.Thwaites, Superintendants. W. Anderson, Rob. Keane, T. Prizgar, Patrick Skerrett, Elizabeth Austen, Jane Grant, Henrietta Yeats, Assistants. Barb Adoes. Charles Phipps, Schoolmaster. doMiNiCA. A Schoolmaster. St. VINCENT. Anne Claxton, Schoolmistress.

David Jones, Missionary.
George Harbid;e, Schoolmaster.
Elizabeth Harbid.,e, Cchoolmistress.
Samuel West, Assistant.

By MissionARY, in the preceding List, is to be understood one who has been admitted to Holy Orders—by reacher, one who, not having been Ordained, engages; as a Catechist, in such religious care and general instruction of the people as may be consistent with his character as a Layman—by Assistant, one who is chiefly occupied in School Instruction, as Superintendant, Master, Mistress, or Usher.


WHEN a disposition appears in any place to assist the designs of the Society by establishing an Association in its support, a Meeting of persons favourable to such a measure should be called. The friends who meet for this purpose should form themselves into a “Church Missionary Association, in aid of the Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East;” and should proceed to appoint a Committee and proper Officers.

In large Towns, comprehending several Parishes, it may be expedient to appoint a President, Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, and a Secretary; with a pretty numerous Committee, composed of persons from the different parishes.

In Parochial Associations, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and a smaller Committee, under the Presidency of the Clergyman, may be best suited to conduct the business.

It may sometimes be found expedient to form Associations in Separate Congregations in the same Parish, rather than one Association in the parish at large ; and in this case also, a Treasurer, Secretary, and Committee, under the Presidency of the Clergyman, will suffice to accomplish the object.

In a Voluntary Union of Friends, whether the members of the same family, the children of a school, or persons connected by affinity or friendship, such arrangements may be made as may prove most convenient to themselves.

In this manner, benevolent persons, willing to assist the designs of the Society, from the domestic circle to the largest town, may unite for a purpose most beneficial to their own minds, while it expresses a due regard to the glory of God in the salvation of the Heathen, and a proper sense of their own infinite obligations to Divine Mercy.

At Meetings held for the formation of Associations, an INTRoductony REsoluTrox should be moved and seconded, approving the object and proceedings of the Church Missionary Society. A second Resolution may follow, recommending the establishment of an Association for the Parish, Town, or County, as the case may be, in aid of the Society, and appointing the Laws and Regulations; when some such Laws and Regulations as those stated below may be adopted. In a THIRD REsolution, the Patrons, Officers, Committee, &c. should be named and appointed.


1. Annual Members of this Association shall be, all persons subscribing annually One Guinea or upward, or, if Clergymen, Half-a-Guinea; and also such Persons as shall collect in its behalf One Shilling or upward per week. II. Life Members shall be Benefactors of Ten Guineas or upward, or, if Clergymen, such as shall contribute Congregational Collections to the amount of Twenty Guineas, and Executors paying bequests of Fifty Pounds. III. Annual Governors shall be Subscribers of Five Guineas per Annum. IV. Life Governors shall be Benefactors of Fifty Pounds. W. Members will be entitled to receive the Reports of this Association, and also the Annual Reports of the Parent Society, and to vote at all their General Meetings: but Col. lectors of 8. Shilling and upward per week will further receive a Copy of each Monthly Number of the Missionary Register-Governors will be entitled to receive the Reports; and, if Members of the j Church, to vote at all Committee and General Meetings of both the Association and the Parent Society.—Clergymen will have the same privilege as Governors. . The business of the Association shall be under the management of a Patron, a President, Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, Secretaries, Governors, and a Committee not exceedin Lay Members of the Established Church, and of all Clergymen who are Members of this Association. The Committee to meet on the — in the months of January, April, July, and October, at — o'clock; Five Members being competent to act. VII. The object of the Committee shall be, to call forth the zeal of well-disposed Persons, and particularly those of the Established Church, in support of the Church Missio§§ Society; and to recommend proper persons who may offer themselves as Missionaries to the Parent Society—to disperse as widely as possible Missionary Information—to proi. the formation of Branch Associations—and to procure Collections and other Contriutions. VIII. The whole of the Funds so obtained, after deducting incidental expenses only, shall be remitted to the Church Missionary Society in aid of its designs. IX. A General Meeting shall be held annually, on such day in the month of as shall be found expedient (of which due notice shall be given), when a Report of the Proceedings of the Association shall be presented.



I. THAT an Association be now formed, in connection with the ChurchMissionary Association, and that it be denominated “The Ladies' ChurchMissionary Association for—and its Vicinity.”

II. That every person subscribing One Penny per Week or upward, or Sixpence per Month or upward, be a Member of this Association, and, as such, be supplied with a copy of the Quarterly Papers of the Society.

III. That this Association be under the direction of a President, Treasurer, One or more Seeretaries, and a Committee; consisting of all such Ladies as collect One Shilling and upward per week; who shall be respectively furnished with a copy of the Missionary Register and the Annual Report of the Parent Society, copies of the Quarterly Papers for the use of their Contributors, and Annual Collecting Cards to assist them in gathering the Weekly and Monthly Contributions.

IV. That the Committee meet on the * day in the months of January, April, July, and October, at Twelve o'clock precisely; when the Members shall pay the amount of their Collections to the Treasurer, and receive the requisite number of Quarterly Papers for their Subscribers.

V. That a statement of the accounts of this Association be annually prepared at a special Meeting of the Committee, preceding the Anniversary of the “– Church-Missionary Association;” and, after being signed by the Treasurer and two of the Committee, shall be transmitted to the Secretaries of the saidAssociation.

* When these IRegulations have been adopted, it will be proper to appoint the President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Association, and to take down the Names of Collectors,

- The Day of Meeting should be fixed with reference to the times of receiving the Quarterly Papers, which are despatched from London on the First Day of the respective Months specified in the Rule.

crN.B. The only BOOKS required by a Ladies' Association, are, 1. A Minute Book, to be kept by the Secretary, wherein the Proceedings of every Committee Meeting should be entered. 2. A Cash Book, to be kept by the Treasurer, wherein the amounts received from the Collectors, Quarterly, should be entered, as well as all payments on account of the Association.

The Secretary should always keep a stock of Collectors' Cards, for the supply of the Members.

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All Communications relative to Associations may be addressed to the Secretaries, at the Church Missionary House, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London ; where,

, every information and assistance may be obtained in the establishment and support'

of Associations.


BY Collectors is to be understood Persons who gather, in behalf of the Society, the Contributions of such of their Friends as may be able and willing to render assistance to the great Work of Christian Charity in which the Society is engaged, but who may not have it in their power to give their Annual Guinea. Those who may have leisure for this service, are Members of the Society, so long as their Collections amount to Fifty-two Shillings per Annum. They may collect this sum in such way—weekly, monthly, or quarterly—as may best suit their own convenience, and that of the Contributors. Collectors will, of course, exercise due discrimination. While they bestow their own time on this work, from a just conviction of the misery of the Heathen and the duty of sending to them the Gospel, they should ask no contributions but from such as may be able to give them ; and should endeavour that their contributors may give on the same just sense of duty as they act themselves. For this purpose, they will be regularly supplied, on writing to the Secretaries, with the Numbers of the Missionary Register, and Tracts calculated to diffuse information and excite attention, and with Cards to assist them in making their Collections. They will be furnished, also, with a sufficient quantity of Quarterly Papers, to supply a Copy to each Contributor. These Quarterly Papers consist of a few pages of striking Facts and Anecdotes; with Addresses and Exhortations, . adapted to the level of the Labouring Classes and the Young; and are illustrated by Engravings on Wood. If Five or Six or more Collectors unite together in any place, the Committee will send the Monthly Numbers and the Quarterly Papers in a parcel; but, in order to this, it will be requisite for the parties to procure the permission of their Bookseller in the country, to have such parcel sent with his monthly packet of Magazines, and to apprise the Secretary of the names of the Bookseller, and of his Correspondent in London. A single Collector, or any number short of Five or Six, may purchase of the nearest Bookseller, both the Missionary Register and the requisite Quarterly Papers, and deduct the cost from the sum collected, and remit the remainder to the Society. This method is, on the whole, more convenient and economical to the Society than that of sending the Numbers and Papers in a parcel, in cases where the Collectors are less than five or six. -While Collectors render important aid to the designs of the Society, they both contribute to the strength and honour of that Church with which the Society is connected, and confer also great benefit on those persons whose contributions they ther. *::::: system of engaging, according to their power, the Labouring Orders and the Young in this work of charity, has a direct and important influence on the real strength and honour of that Church of which we are Members. Facts are multiplying daily which demonstrate the growing attachment of those persons to the Church, whose minds are interested in the great objects of the Society, and who are themselves associated in its charitable labours. - . . For the Contributors themselves, the regular diffusion among them of intelligence respecting the state of the world and the efforts now making for its conversion, enlarges and elevates their minds. Many, who may not be able to give their Annual Guinea, would gladly take their share in this noblest work of Christian Charity. That numerous class have, in our days, the opportunity given them for the first time, of regularly contributing, according to their power, to extend the kingdom of Christ in the world; and HE, who accepted the two mites of the Widow, will accept every gift when offered from love; and will look with especial approbation on that servant of His, who, “remembering the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive”— “labours, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.” *


Proceepings of the Church Missionary Society, containing XXIV Sermons and Reports. 12 vols. 8vo. (All the later Polumes may be had: the earlier are mostly out of print.) Christian Researches in the Mediterranean, from 1815 to 1820, in furtherance of the Objects of the Church Missionary Society. By the Rev. W. Jowett, M.A. one of the Representatives of the Society, and late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. With an Appendix, containing the Journal of the Rev. James Connor, j in Syria and Palestine, 8vo, with Maps of the Countries bordering on the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Third Edition: price 10s. boards. The Spirit of British Missions, dedicated to the Church Missionary Society, by a Clergyman a Member of that Body, 8vo. price 3s.6d. Memoir of Mowhee, a Young New-Zealander 1 by the Rev. Basil Woodd, M.A. 12mo. with a Portrait: price Ba. or 6s. per dozen. Memoir and Obituary of Simeon Wilhelm, a Young Susoo; by the Assistant Secretary. 12mo, with a Portrait; price 1s. or 10s. 6d. per dozen. The Gospel of St. John, in Maltese and Italian. Crown 8vo. price 2s. TRATTATo sulle SACRE Schittu RE, in cui si sciolgono le difficolta che si oppongono alla lettura generale, ed all uso commune della Sacral Bibbia. Seconda Edizione, aumentata. 18mo: price 6d. or 5s. per dozen. * —” ThATTATo sulla REDENzione del GENERE UMANo per VIA di Gesù Cristo. 18mo. price 6d. or 5s. per dozen. . GRotrus on the Truth of Christianity, in Arabic; abridged from Pococke's Version by Professor Macbride, and printed at the Clarendon Press. 8vo. price 2s. Ostenvald on Christianity, in Arabic. 8vo, price 2s. The British System of Education, in Arabic, by Professor Macbride, 12mo. price 6d. or 5s. per dozen. The “Way of Truth and Life,” in Persian. 18mo: price 6d. or 5s. per dozen. Grammar and Vocabulary of the Bullom Language; by the Rev. G. R. Nyländer, one of the Society's Missionaries in West Africa. Foolscap, price 2s. 6d. The Gospel according to St. Matthew, in Bullom and English; by the Rev. G. R. Nyländer. Foolscap, price 2s. Select Portions of the Book of Common Prayer, translated into Bullom ; by the Rev. G. R. Nyländer. Foolscap, price 6d. The Church Catechism, in Sherbro-Bullom and English; by Mr. George Caulker. 18mo. half-bound, price 1s. Grammar and Vocabulary of the Language of New Zealand; compiled under the direction of Professor Lee. 12mo, price 3s.6d.


or a



I give and bequeath the sum of unto the Treasurer for the time being of a voluntary Society, meeting in or near London, commonly called or known by the Name of “The Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East:" the same to be paid within months next after my decease, out of such part only of my Personal Estate as shall not consist of Mortgages or Chattels Real, in Trust, to be applied to the uses and purposes of that Society; and for which the receipt of such Treasurer shall be a sufficient discharge.

*** Devises of land, or of money charged on land, or secured on mortgage of lands or tenements, or to be laid out in lands or tenements, are void; but money or stock may be given by Will, if not directed to be laid out in land.

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