Fundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition

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Wiley, 28 lug 2006 - 373 pagine
Excellent teaching and resource material . . . it is concise,coherently structured, and easy to read . . . highly recommendedfor students, engineers, and researchers in all relatedfields."
-Corrosion on the First Edition of Fundamentals of ElectrochemicalDeposition

From computer hardware to automobiles, medical diagnostics toaerospace, electrochemical deposition plays a crucial role in anarray of key industries. Fundamentals of ElectrochemicalDeposition, Second Edition is a comprehensive introduction to oneof today's most exciting and rapidly evolving fields of practicalknowledge.

The most authoritative introduction to the field so far, the bookpresents detailed coverage of the full range of electrochemicaldeposition processes and technologies, including:
* Metal-solution interphase
* Charge transfer across an interphase
* Formation of an equilibrium electrode potential
* Nucleation and growth of thin films
* Kinetics and mechanisms of electrodeposition
* Electroless deposition
* In situ characterization of deposition processes
* Structure and properties of deposits
* Multilayered and composite thin films
* Interdiffusion in thin film
* Applications in the semiconductor industry and the field ofmedicine

This new edition updates the prior edition to address the newdevelopments in the science and its applications, with new chapterson innovative applications of electrochemical deposition insemiconductor technology, magnetism and microelectronics, andmedical instrumentation. Added coverage includes such topics asbinding energy, nanoclusters, atomic force, and scanning tunnelingmicroscopy.Example problems at the end of chapters and otherfeatures clarify and improve understanding of the material.

Written by an author team with extensive experience in bothindustry and academe, this reference and text provides awell-rounded introduction to the field for students, as well as ameans for professional chemists, engineers, and technicians toexpand and sharpen their skills in using the technology.

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Informazioni sull'autore (2006)

MILAN PAUNOVIC, PhD, was, until recently, a research staffmember in the Electrodeposition Technology Department at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. He began work on electrochemical metaldeposition in 1961 at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,and subsequently worked on metal deposition at Reynolds Metals,Kollmorgen, and Intel. He is a coauthor of the first edition ofFundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition and ModernElectroplating (both by Wiley), has edited four symposiaproceedings volumes of The Electrochemical Society, publishedforty-one papers, and holds seven patents.

MORDECHAY SCHLESINGER, PhD, is a professor in theDepartment of Physics at the University of Windsor, Ontario,Canada. He is a former associate editor of both the Journal of TheElectrochemical Society and Electrochemical and Solid StateLetters. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society and TheElectrochemical Society. He has also been named a General MotorsAcademic Research Fellow. He is a coauthor of the first edition ofFundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition and of ModernElectroplating. He has published over 120 research papers and holdsfour patents.

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