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Clarendon Press, 1898

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Pagina 226 - His father was a Butcher, and I have been told heretofore by some of the neighbours, that when he was a boy he exercised his father's Trade, but when he kill'da Calfe he would doe it in a high style, and make a Speech.
Pagina 68 - He was an early riser (scil. at 4 a clock mane); yea, after he lost his sight. He had a man read to him. The first thing he read was the Hebrew Bible, and that was at 4 h.
Pagina 181 - Within these thirty-five years 'twas scandalous for a divine to take tobacco. It was sold then for its weight in silver. I have heard some of our old yeomen neighbours say, that when they went to Malmesbury or Chippenham market, they culled out their biggest shillings to lay in the scales against the tobacco ; now, the customs of it are the greatest his majesty hath.
Pagina 226 - The humour of ... the constable, in A Midsummer Night's Dreame, he happened to take at Grendon, in Bucks, which is the roade from London to Stratford, and there was living that constable about 1642, when I first came to Oxon.
Pagina 53 - He was of a middling stature, pretty strong sett, roundish faced, cherry cheek't, hazell eie, browne haire. He was in his conversation very modest, and of very few words: and though he loved wine he would never drinke hard in company, and was wont to say that, he would not play the good-fellow in any man's company in whose hands he would not trust his life. He kept bottles of wine at his lodgeing, and many times he would drinke liberally by himselfe to refresh his spirits, and exalt his muse.
Pagina 12 - He would many times exceed in drinke (Canarie was his beloved liquor), then he would tumble home to bed, and, when he had thoroughly perspired, then to studie.
Pagina 282 - ... he steales flowers from others to adorne his owne cap, — eg he lies at watch, at Sir Christopher Wren's discourse, Mr. Robert Hooke's, Dr. William Holder, &c.; putts downe their notions in his note booke, and then prints it, without owneing the authors. This frequently, of which they complaine.
Pagina 158 - Sir . . . Dayrell, of Littlecote, in Corn. Wilts, having gott his lady's waiting-woman with child, when her travell came, sent a servant with a horse for a midwife, whom he was to bring hoodwinked. She was brought, and layd the woman, but as soon as the child was...
Pagina 185 - God before my eyes but by the instigation of the devil, went to a whore. I was very eager of her, kissed and embraced her, and went to enjoy her, but she thrust me from her, and vowed I should not, for your father lay with me but an hour ago.
Pagina 227 - Though, as Ben Johnson sayes of him, that he had but little Latine and lesse Greek, he understood Latine pretty well, for he had been in his younger yeares a schoolmaster in the countrey.

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