Emotional Trend

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Uptodate Fashion Academy, 2008 - 210 pagine
Emotional trend is a laboratory book planned for interpreting and creating exciting and thrilling trends in the world of Fashion and Beauty. The texts explain concepts rich in \U+2018\psycho-aesthetic' poetic expression and inventive arguments and research on the topics of the creation of taste and beauty in the spirit, the body, society and the personality.

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Fashion Beauty in the soul Fashion Beauty in the body Emotional trend sex and love Emotional trend body and performance 01 Moving trends pa...
The emotions of beauty page
in society
Emotional fashion feeling page 14
Soul body culture personality page 17
Instructions for creative use page 19
God of emotions page 24
Courtship and seduction page 28
Urban life page 110
New media new style page 114
Futuring mood page 118
Global glocal page 122
Young tribe page 126
Krumping cool hunters page 130
Social influence page 132
Free timeless page 136

Narcissus and sex appeal page 32
Aphrodisiac signs page 36
Sweet aggressiveness page 38
Soul in the masculine page 42
Soul in the feminine page 46
Romantic transgressive page 48
Ironic sexy page 50
Spicy tender page 54
Poetic perverted page 56
Satires and nymphs in luxury page 60
section 02
corporeal soul page 68
Nude design page 70
Body language imagination page 74
Hedonic positions page 76
Emotional body page 80
Emotional trend creativity society Emotional trend
Ethereal incorporeal page 82
Changing look page 84
Carnal art page 94
Fashion Advart page 140
Mythical windowshow page 144
Adventures dreams page 148
Postmodern divine page 150
section 04
The apparitions of the being page 156
Virtual multiple identities page 160
Stars characters page 164
The dark side of trends page 168
Vampire style page 172
Siren page 176
Wild look page 184
the sharp focus page 186
the eccentric page 190
Brut fashion page 194
Pueraeternus page 198
Photographic references
Creative team
Imaginative bricolage page 202

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