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EZEKIEL, SolomoN (son of Ezekiel? Ezekiel). b. Newton Abbot, Devon, 7th June, 1781. d. Penzance, 9th March, 1867.

Remarks on the Censures of the authorized version of the Holy Scriptures, contained in a pamphlet by the Rev. Hart Symons; translated from the Hebrew by S. Ezekiel. By John Rogers, M.A., Canon of Exeter and Rector of Mawnan. Lond., 1822, 16°., pp. 15, 6d.

The Life of Abraham; being the first, second, and third of a series of Lectures on the Lives of the Patriarchs, delivered at the Penzance Hebrew Society for Promoting the Diffusion of Religious Knowledge, by S. Ezekiel. Penzance, 184—, 12°.

The Life of Isaac ; being the fourth, fifth, and sixth of a series of Lectures on the Lives of the Patriarchs, delivered at the Penzance Hebrew Society for Promoting the Diffusion of Religious Knowledge, by S. Ezekiel. Penzance, printed by T. Beare, 1845, 12°., pp. 24.

A Lecture on the Hebrew Festivals, delivered at the Penzance Literary Institute, by S. Ezekiel. Penzance, printed by F. T. Vibert, 1847, 12", pp. 26.

Letter to Sir Rose Price, on the Christianising of the Jews. 31st Jan., 1820. Reprinted, Corn. Teleg., 13th March, 1867.

A Lecture on the Passions and Feelings of Mankind. 4°., pp. 48. MSS., penes Mr. Henry Levin, Penzance.

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FALMOUTH, Edward (son of George Evelyn, 3rd Viscount), 4th Wiscount and 1st Earl. cr. Earl Falmouth. 14th July, 1821. b. 10th May, 1787. d. Tregothman, 29th Dec., 1841. cf. Gent. Mag., xvii, 209 (1842). A Letter on the subject of the re-establishing and extending the Stannary Courts of the Dutchy of Cornwall. By the Earl of Falmouth. Lond., Nichols and Sons, 1836, 8°., pp. 16. First Report of the Committee appointed at a General Meeting of persons connected with the Mines of Cornwall, convened by public advertisement, at Truro, on the 4th of November, 1835, in compliance with a requisition to the Earl of Falmouth, as Chairman of the Standing Committee for Mining affairs, “for the purpose of taking into consideration the present state of the Vice-Warden's Courts, and other matters relating to the Mining interests of Cornwall.” Dated and signed Jan. 23, 1836, 8", pp. 12.

FALMOUTH, EveLYN (eldest son of Iren. John Evelyn Boscawen, Cunon of Canterbury and R. of Wotton, Surrey). 6th Viscount. b. 18th March, 1819. cf. Bailey's Monthly Mag., vii, 1–3 (1863).

FALMOUTH, GEORGE EvelyN (eldest son of Admiral Edward Boscawen). 3rd Wiscount. b. 6th May, 1758. d. 14th Feb., 1808, cf. European Mag., liii, 103 (1808); Gent. Mag., lxxviii, 181 (1808).

FALMOUTH, GEORGE HENRY (only son of Eduard, 1st Earl). 5th Wiscount and 2nd Earl. b. Newbury, 8th July, 1811, d. London, 29th Aug., 1852. cf. Gent. Mag., xxxviii, 425 (1852).

FALMOUTH, HUGH (son of Hugh, 1st Viscount Falmouth). 2nd Viscount. b. 1720. d. Bath, 4th Feb., 1782. cf. Gent. Mag., lii, 94 (1782); European Mag., xxx, 158 (1796); Beafson's Naval Hist. ; J. Nicholls' Recollections and Reflections, i, 186–7.


FANSHAWE, LADY ANNE (dau. of Sir John Harrison, and wife of Sir Richard Fanshawe). b. St. Olaves, Hart Street, London, 25th March, 1625. d. 20th Jan., 16.3.

Memoirs of Lady Fanshawe ... Written by herself. To which are added extracts from the correspondence of Sir R. Fanshawe. Lond., Colburn, 1829, 8°., pp. lxiii and 395, 9/-.—New ed., 1830, 8", pp. vii and 332. NotE.-Account of Lady Fanshawe's stay in Corn

wall and the Scilly Isles, 1st ed., pp. 55–62, 2nd ed., pp. 71–75.

FARINGTON, Joseph, R.A. b. 1742, d. Parr's Wood, near Manchester, 30th Dec., 1821.

Britannia Depicta. See Byrne, W.

FARNABY, GILEs, of the family of Farnaby of Truro ; Christ Church, Orford. Admitted Mus. Bac. 1592. cf. Bliss Wood (Fasti), ii, 257; Hawkins' Hist. of Music, iii, 367. Cantvs. Canzonets to fowre voyces, with a song of eight parts. Compiled by G. Farnaby, Bachilar of Musicke. Lond, printed by Peter Short, dwelling on Bread-street hil, at the signe of the Star, 1598, 4"., pp. xxi. NotE.-There are distinct volumes also, for the scores of the altws, tenor, and bassvs. A Nosegay of Spring Flowers. Madrigal, in four voices. The music by Giles Farnaby, A.D. 1598. The poetry by Thomas Oliphant, Esq. Lond., Addison and Hodder, 210, Regent Street, n.d. [1847], 4°., pp. 5, 2/-, The Whole Booke of Psalmes ... newly corrected and enlarged by Tho. Rauenscroft. 1621, 8".—Reprinted by W. H. Havergal, 1845, 8". Note.—Contains Psalm 119, by G. Farnaby, pp. 206–14, reprint p. 42; Ps. 121, pp. 214–16, ib., p. 44; . o 216–18, ib., p. 44; Ps. 125, pp. 220–22, 10., p. 4's.

FARNABY, THOMAs (son of T. Farnaby, and grandson of —Farnaby, Mayor of Truro). A Schoolmaster in Cornwall in 1596. b. London, circa 1575. d. Sevenoaks, 12th June, 1647. cf. Bliss Wood, iii, 213; Aikin's Gen. Biog. ; English Cyclop. NotE.-Wood says, speaking of T. Farnaby, “when he landed in Cornwall his distresses made him stoop so low as to be an abcdarian, and several were taught their hornbook by him.” M. Val. Martialis Epigrammaton libri, animadversi, emendati, et commentariolis luculenter explicati. Londini, excudebat Felix Kingstonius impensis Gulielmi Welby, 1615, 8", pp. 392– Sedani, Typis Joannis Jannoni Academiae Typographi, 1624, 8°., pp. 342. NotE.—The dedication in both editions is signed Tho. Farnaby, and commences “Virtutis juxta ac stem

matis splendore insigni v. were nobili, D. Roberto Killegraeo, equiti aurato, &c.” o

FARNHAM, REv. John. Curate of Lanteglos jurta Camelford 1722–40. bur. Lanteglos, 10th June, 1740.

Catalogue of the Libraries of Rev. Mr. Farnham, of Camelford, Rev. Mr. Edwards, of Okehampton, and Rev. Mr. Odam. 1746.

FARNINGHAM,MARIANNE pseud,i.e.,Hearne, Mary Anne.

FATHERS, REv. John. Ejected 1662. (1775), i, 290. The Strife of Brethren ; and a Treaty for Peace. Two Sermons. The one preached at the Morning Lecture, in the Citie of London; the other, more enlarged, in another congregation. By J. Fathers, Master in Arts. Lond., printed by Matthew Simmons, and are to be sold by Christopher Meredith, at the Crane, in Paul's Churchyard; 1648, sm. 4"., pp. 26 and Epistle Dedicatory unpaged. Br. Museum. The content of a wayfaring man; and the accompt of a Minister's removall. Two Sermons, The one preached at the morning lecture, in the Citie of London; the other, more enlarged, in another congregation. By J. Fathers], M.A. Lond, printed by Matthew Simmons, 1648, sm. 4°. Pagination of first sermon (in continuation of previous volume), pp. 29–41, of second sermon, pp. 45–75. Br. Museum. NoTE.—The first sermon is dedicated to John, Lord Roberts, Baron of Truro; the second to Francis Buller, Member of the House of Commons; in which he mentions the “publick acknowledgments of what I owe unto

your family, for my first induction into a pastoral charge.”

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R. of Stokeclimsland. of Palmer's Noncon. Memorial

FERRAR, LIEUT. WILLIAM AUGUSTUS. b. Dublin, 6th Feb., 1797.

Account of the Wreck of the Postboy. Falmouth, 1838, 8°.

FERRIS, OCTAvius ALLEN (son of William Ferris). b. Truro, 27th Aug., 1805.

Elementary Lessons in English Etymology, with copious exercises...Part I, Separable words. By O. Allen Ferris, formerly a student in University College, London. Lond., Simpkin, 1862, 8°., pp. viii and 74.


The most dangerous and memorable aduenture of Richard Ferris, one of the fiue ordinarie messengers of her Maiestie's Chamber, who departed from Tower Wharfe, on Midsommer day last past, with Andrew Hill and William Thomas, who vndertooke in a small Wherry Boate to rowe by sea to the citie of Bristowe, and are now safely returned. Wherein is particularly expressed their perils sustained in the said voyage, and the great entertainment they had at seuerall places vpon the coast of England, as they went, but especially at the said citie of Bristow. Published by the sayd Richard Ferris. Lond, printed by John Wolfe for Edward White, and are to be sold at his shop, being at the litle north doore of Pauls, at the signe of the sunne, 1590, 4°. No pagination. 7 leaves. Bod. Lib. —Reprinted, Lond., 1863, 4°. NotE.—He visited Looe, St. Mawes, Mount's Bay, St. Ives, and Padstow. cf. Journ. R.I.C., pp. i-V, 1864.

FESTING, REv. GEORGE ARTHUR, M.A. (son of Rev. Chas. Geo. Ruddock Festing, V. of Paul). V. of Clifton in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. b. Witham Friary, Somerset, 1834. Dolly Pentreath. N. & Q., 1 S., xii, 500 (1855).


On a specimen of Tin-ore hitherto undescribed. Brit. Assoc. Sect., 1864, p. 27.

FIELDING, HENRY. b. Sharpham, near Glastonbury, 1707. d. Lisbon, 8th October, 1754.

A True state of the Case of Bosavern Penlez. (1749), q.v.

FINGAR OR GWINEAR, St. Came from Ireland circa 460. cf. Acta Sanctorum, 23rd March, iii, 455–59; Hardy's Cat. of Materials, i, 59. Passio Sanctorum Guigneri Fingaris, Pialae

et sociorum. By Anselm. MSS. (!) 13th cent.

Printed in S. Anselmi opera (ed. Gerberon, Paris,

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A Sermon [on Ps. xxx, 5) preach'd at the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, in Exon, before the Right Worshipful the Mayor and Chamber, on August the 6th, 1723, being the Anniversary of so. of that City from the Cornish Insurrection, in the reign of King Edward the VIth, by J. Fisher, B.A. Lond, printed for Edward Score and Nathanael Thorn, ksellers in Exon, 1723, 8°., pp. 27. Br. Museum.

A Sermon [on Ps. cxxvii, 1] preach'd in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, in Exon, before the Rt. Worshipful the Mayor and Chamber, on August the 6th, 1725, being the Anniversary of the Deliverance of that City from the Cornish Insurrection, in the reign of King Edward VI, by J. Fisher, M.A., Vicar of St. V’Uryan (sic), in Cornwal. Publish'd at the request of the Mayor. Exon, printed by Andrew Brice, and sold by the Booksellers of that City, 1725, 4"., pp. 32, 6d. Br. Museum.

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A Sermon [on Acts x, 38] preached in the Parish Church of St. Mary, Truro, in behalf of the Cornwall General Infirmary, on Friday, August 12th, 1825, being the day appointed for the anniversary meeting of that Institution. By Rev. T. Fisher, A.M., Rector of Roche. The rofits of the publication will be given to the nfirmary. Bodmin, printed and sold by J. Liddell and Son; Lond., Whittaker; 1825, 8°. A Sermon preached at the Bishop's Visitation, held in Bodmin, on Friday, Sept. 6, 1833, b T. Fisher, A.M., Rector of Roche, Cornwall. Bodmin, printed and sold by Liddell and Son, 1833, 8", pp. 26.

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FITZ-GEOFFRY, REv. CHARLEs (son of the pre: ceding). R. of St. Dominick, b. Fowey, 1575. d. St. Dominick, 22nd Feb., 163%. cf. Bliss Wood, ii, 607–9; Chalmers; British Bibliographer, ii, 116, 260, 267 ; Brydges Phillips' Theatrum Poetarum. Sir Francis Drake, his honorable life's commendation and his tragicall deathe's lamentation. At Oxford, printed by Joseph Barnes, and are to bee solde in Paul's Church-yard, at the signe of the Bible, 1596, 8". No pagination. Br. Museum and Bod. Lib. Note.—cf. Collier's Bibliog. Account of the Rarest Books, doc., additions, p. iv. Sir Francis Drake, &c. Newly printed, with additions. Oxford, 1596, 8". No pagination. Bod. Lib. Note.—Preface dated Broadgate Hall, November 17, 1596. The Life and Death of Sir F. Drake. By C. FitzGeffrey. [Ed. by Sir S. E. Brydges]. Kent, printed at the private press at Lee Priory, by John Warwick, 1819, 8", pp. xxiii and 101. Note.—A reprint of the preceding. Caroli Fitzgeofridi Affaniae; sive Epigrammatvm libri tres. Ejusdem Cenotaphia. Oxonie, Excudebat Josephvs Barnesivs, 1601, 8". No pagination. Br. Museum, Bod. Lib. Death's Sermon [on Eccles. vii, 2] vnto the Liuing; delivered at the lunerals of the Religious Ladie Philippe, late Wife unto the Right Worshipfull So Anthonie Rovs, of Halton in Cornwall, Knight, by C. Fitz-Geffry. Lond, printed by W. Stansby for John Parker, and are to bee sold at his shop, in Paul's Church-yard, at the signe of the Three Pidgeons, 1620, 4°., pp. 32. Br. Museum. Note.—The dedication, “To my most honovred friend, John Pym, Esqvire,” commences with, “I present

you here with that whereat you could not bee present, your dearest Mother's Funeral.” In other copies the


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date 1622 occurs on the title page, in which year a Sermon on Sir Anthony Rous was published by Fitz-Geoffry. Elisha. His lamentation for his owne and all Israels losse in Elijah. The subject of a Sermon [on II Kings, xi, 12] preached at the Funeralls (sic) of the Right Worshipfull Sir Anthony Rovs, late of Halton, in Cornwall, Knight. By C. Fitz-Geffry. Lond, printed by William Stansby for John Parker, and are to be sold at his shop, in Pauls Churchyard, at the signe of the Three Pidgeons, 1622, 4°., pp. 54. Dedication unpaged. Br. Museum. Note.—Dedicated to “The Right Worshipfull my worthy Patron, William Rovs, of Halton, Esquire.” ord. Memorials and Characters (1741), pp. 419,

The Curse of Corne-horders; with the blessing of seasonable selling. In three Sermons, on Prov. ii, 26. Begun at the General Sessions for the County of Cornwall, held at Bodmyn, and continued at Fowy. By C. Fitz-Geffrie. Printed at London, by I. B., for Edward Dight, dwelling in Excester, 1631, 4°., pp. 56. Br. Museum. NoTE. – Dedicated “To the truly ennobled and rightly honored, Sir Reginald Mohvne, Knight and Baronet.” God's Blessing upon the Providers of Corne; and God's curse upon the Hoarders. Read, judge, and consider God's judgements by the sword, plague, famine. Together with the Corn imported into London Port in four moneths. By C. F.—G[effry]. Lond, printed for M. S., 1648, 4"., pp. 56. Br. Museum. NoTE.—A reprint of the preceding, with a new title-page, and a page prefixed, containing an account of the Corn imported into London from August to November, 1647. The pages are headed “The curse of Cornehorders.” The Blessed Birth-Day, celebrated in some Pious Meditations on the Angels' Anthem. Luke ii, 14. Also Holy Raptures in contemplating some of the most observable adjuncts about our Saviour's nativitie. By C. Fitz-Geffry. Oxford, printed by John Lichfield, Printer to the University; and are to be sold by Edward Forrest; An. Dom. 1634, 8°., pp. 55. Bod. Lib. The Blessed Birth-Day...Second Edition, with additions. Oxford, imprinted by Leonard Lichfield, 1636, 89. The Blessed Birth-Day...[3rd Edition], Lond, printed by T. M., for Stephen Chatfield, and are to be sold at his shop, in the Middle of St. Dunstan's Church-yard, in Fleet-street, 1654, 8"., pp. 38. Br. Museum.

NoTE.—cf. Censura Literaria, vi, 234; ix, 44, 53.

Compassion towards captives, chiefly towards our bretheren and countrymen, who are in miserable bondage in Barbarie; urged and


pressed in three sermons on Heb. 13, 3, preached in Plymouth, in October, 1636, by C. FitzGeffry. Whereunto are annexed an epistle of St. Cyprian, concerning the Redemption of the bretheren from the bondage of Barbarians, and a passage concerning the benefits of Compassion, extracted out of St. Ambrose, his second booke of offices, cap. 28. Oxford, printed by Leonard Lichfield for Edward Forrest, An. Dom. 1637, 4". Br. Museum.

NoTE. —The extracts from Cyprian and Ambrose are unpaged, but the register is continuous. The Sermon is dedicated to “The Worshipfvll John Cavse, Maior of Plymovth.” The Life and Death of Thomas Wolsey, Cardinell ... By Thomas Storer, Student of Christ-Church, in Oxford. At London, printed by Thomas Dawson, 1592, 4°. Br. Museum.

NoTE –Prefixed to this are two copies of Latin verses and two English sonnets, by C. Fitz-Geoffry.

England's Parnassus; or the choysest Flowers of our Moderne Poets, with their Poeticall comparisons...whereunto are annexed other various discourses, both pleasant and profitable. Imprinted at London for N. L., C. B., and T. H., 1600, 8°., pp. 510. NoTE.—This collection of Poetry, which was erroneously ascribed to Fitz-Geoffry by Anthony A. Wood, is really the work of Robert Allot. It contains however 20 extracts from Fitz-Geoffry's Poetry. cf. Censura Literaria, vii, 372. Oxoniensis academiae funebre officium in memoriam...Elisabethae, Angliae Reginae. Oxon, 1603, 49. Academiae Oxoniensis pietas erga...Jacobum, Angliae regem. Oxon, 1603, 49. NoTE.—The above two works contain verses by C. Fitz-Geoffrey. Microcosmos. The discovery of the little world, with the government thereof. By John Davies [of Hereford]. At Oxford, printed by Joseph Barnes... 1603, pp. 254 and 15 unnumbered pages. Br. Museum. NoTE.—Prefixed is a copy of verses signed Charles Fitz-Jeffry, and entitled “Upon the Discoverie of the little World, by Master John Davies.” The Golden-Grove, moralized in three Books ...made by W. Vaughan...The second edition. Imprinted at London, by Simon Stafford... 1608, 8°. Br. Museum. NoTE.—Prefixed is a copy of verses signed Charles Fitz-Geffrey, and entitled “In praise of the Goldengrove, moralized by Master Waughan.” Letter from C. Fitzgeoffry, dated Fowey, March, 1633, giving an account of the thunderstorm. MSS. at Kimbolton Castle. A Latin Epigram on Thomas Clifford, of Devonshire. MSS. formerly penes Rev. John Prince,

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