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FOX, Robert WERE. (con.).

Description and use of a Dipping Needle Deflector. By R. W. Fox and T. B. Jordan. Sturgeon, Ann. Electr., iii, 288–97, (1838–39).

An account of the observations and experiments on the Temperature of Mines, which have recently been made in Cornwall and the north of England. By R. W. Fox and M. P. Moyle. Tilloch, Philos. Mag., lxi, 347–53, 436–47, (1823). Gilbert, Annal., lxxvi, 390–452, (1824).

FOX, SARAH HustleR (dau. of William Hustler and wife of Charles Fox). b. Bradford, Yorkshire, 1800. A Metrical Version of the Book of Job, designed chiefly for the use of schools. Anon. Part i. Lond., C. Gilpin, 1852, 160., pp. iv and 67. Part ii. Lond., W. Cash, 1854, 169. Poems, Original and Translated. By S. H. Fox). With illustrations by E. F. Tuckett). Lond, Longman, 1863, sq. fep., 89., pp. xi and 189, 5/6. Catch Who Can, or Hide and Seek. Original Double Acrostics. By Sphinx. [pseud., i.e., S. H. Fox]. Lond, Longman, 1869, 8°., pp. vi and 136. NotE.—A Key to the Acrostics is published separately, price 6d. The Matterhorn Sacrifice. [A Poem, signed S.H.F. Macmillan's Mag., xii, 528–29, (1865).

FOX, SARAH PRIDEAUx (dau. of Robert Phillips For). b. Perran Wharf, 3rd April, 1813.

Kingsbridge Estuary, with Rambles in the neighbourhood. Compiled by S. P. Fox. Kingsbridge, G. P. Friend, Gazette Office, 29 Fore Street, Lond., Hamilton, Adams, and Co., 1864, 8°., pp. 172, 12/6. NoTE.—The photographic illustrations are by the writer's brother, Geo. Fox.

FOXELL, REv. John. b. Frome, Oct., 1777. d. Penzance, 5th June, 1852.

Our Duty under National Bereavements. A Sermon occasioned by the lamented death of her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of Saxe Coburg; the outlines of which were delivered at the Independent Meeting, Penzance, on Wednesday evening, November 19th, 1817. By John Foxell. Penzance, printed and sold by T. Vigurs, Lond, Boynes, 1817, 4°., pp. 27, 1/-. Dr. Williams'.

A Letter to Mr. Foxell on the Apostolical Succession, in answer to a letter of his which appeared in the Penzance Gazette, 22nd Dec., 1841. By An Anglo Catholic Layman. Penzance, R. D. Rodda, 1842, 80., pp. 24.

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Lenten Thoughts and other poems. By J. Furneaux. Lond., Rivington. Devonport, H. W. Harris... 1846, 89., pp. vii and 126.—2nd ed., 1847, 89., pp. viii and 102.

Note.—Contains “On a summer evening in Mount

Edgecumbe Park,” pp. 26-27; in 2nd ed., pp. 23-25. On the deaths of Sir John M → * * * * * * and the Rev. Gerald P : * * C * * * * , pp. 97-99; in 2nd ed., pp. 63-65. The 2nd ed. is dedicated to W. H. Pole Carew, Esq., M.P

The Poultry Pentalogue, or Five Rules for Fancy Fowls and Fowl Fanciers. Intended for popular use and practical purposes. By 1. Furneaux, President of the Devon and Cornwall Poultry Association. Lond., W. S. Orr...Plymouth, published by Roger Lidstone...n.d. [1853], pp. vi and 54.

On St. German's Priory Church, Cornwall. 2 vignettes. Trans. Exeter Dioces. Architect. Soc., iii, 82–89, (1849).

On Antony and Sheviock Churches. 1–5, (1856).

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The Fishers of St. Ives. Cornish Ballad. Composed by Virginia Gabriel. The Poetry by Catherine J. Lacy. Dedicated to Miss Moriarty. Lond., R. W. Ollivier, n.d., [1868], fol. pp. 5, 3/-.

GAMMON, HANNIBAL. R. of St. Mawgan. b. London, 1582 1 cf. Walker's Sufferings, pt. ii, p. 249; Brooke's Puritans, iii. 539; Bliss' Wood, iii, 103–4; Degorei Wheari...Pietas erga Benefactores, (Epistolae Bucharistica), pp. 85–93, (Charisteria), p. 133.


Gods ivst desertion of the vnivst, and his persevering grace to the righteovs, in a sermon preached at the Assises, at Launston, the 18. of July, 1621. By Hannibal Gammon, Minister of Gods word at S. Maugan, in Cornwall... Lond, printed by G. Eld for Thomas Thorp, and are to be sold at the signe of the blacke beare, in Pauls Church-yard, 1622, 49, pp. 38.

The Praise of a Godly Woman. A Sermon preached at the solemne Funerall of the Right Honourable Ladie, the Ladie Frances Roberts, at Lanhiderock-Church, in Cornwall, the tenth of August, 1626. By H. Gamon, Minister of the Word of God, at St. Maugan, in the same Countie. Lond, printed by I. H. for John Grismond, & are to be sold at his shop, in IvieLane, at the signe of the Gunne, 1627, sm. 49., pp. 37. Dr. Williams'; Br. Museum.

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Leeds, H. W. Walker, 1868, 89., pp. xii and 475, 6,6. Note.—Preface dated Penzance, Dec. 1867.

The Cornish Telegraph, Mining, Agricultural, and Commercial Gazette. so weekly newspaper]. Penzance, 1851, fol. Still in progress.

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NotE.-No. 1, dated Friday, 1st Oct., 1830. Mr. Garland's connection with the paper ended on the 18th Dec., 1832. Memoir of T. Garland, of Illogan, q.v. List of words in common use in West Cornwall. Journ. R.I.C., April, 1865, pp. 45–54.

GARLAND, REv. THOMAS WHALE. (son of Rich. Garland.) b. Lewanick, 14 March, 1812.

The Young Local Preachers' Guide. A Guide to young men in the pursuit of knowledge under difficulties, in the Bible Christian connexion... By T. W. Garland, Minister of the Gospel. Plymouth, Sellick [printed]...Liskeard, Philp, 1860, 8°., pp. xii and 115.

NoTE.—Preface, dated Liskeard, July 20, 1860.

[Synopsis of subjects in] One of a Thousand. By Rev. T. W. Garland. 1866, s. sh.

NotE.—This work has not been printed. It is intended to be pp. 250; price 3s. to subscribers.

The Genuineness, Authenticity, and Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. Bible Christian Mag., iv., 173–78, 211–16, (1868).

GARRETT, REv. John. V. of Paul 1857 to 1864.

A Pastoral Address to the Inhabitants of the Parish of St. Paul, near Penzance, by the Vicar [the Rev. J. Garrett), on the close of the first year of his ministry amongst them, and at the opening of the new year, 1859. Penzance, E. Rowe, 1859, 80., pp. 19.

NotE.—Dated Lower Lariggan, Penzance, Jan. 1859.

A Reply to the Rev. John Garrett's Pastoral Letter (so called). By Henry Brown, q.v.

Columbia Mission. Dedicated by permission to Miss Burdett Coutts. A sermon preached in St. Stephens', Westminster, on the Sunday before Advent, 1860. By John Garrett, M.A., Vicar of St. Paul, near Penzance, and Commissary to the Bishop of Columbia. Lond., Rivingtons, Waterloo Place, n.d., [26th Dec., 1860), 89., pp. 22, 3d.


Map of the County of Cornwall, newly surveyed by J. Gascoyne, sold by J. Thorn, in the Charles Blith, at the White Hart, in Launceston, 1700, fol. Br. Museum.

NotE.—Dedicated to the Rt. Hon. Charles Bodville, Earl of Radnor, Wiscount Bodmin, Lord Robarts, &c., Lord Lieutenant of the County of Cornwall.

GASKIN, REv. GEORGE, D.D. (son of John Gaskin), Prebend. of Ely, R. of Stoke Newington. b. Newington Green, Islington, 1751. d. at the Rectory, Stoke Newington, 29 June, 1829.

NoTE.—Dr. Gaskin was Secretary to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and was sent by it to visit their missions and schools in the Isles of Scilly in 1798. cf. Gent. Mag., xcix, pt. ii, 281-82, (1829).

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