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BELL, Robert. b. Cork, 1800. d. London, 12th April, 1867.

Ancient Poems, Ballads, and Songs, of the Peasantry of England. Lond, Parker, 1857, 8°., pp. 252, 2,6.

NotE.-Contains some Cormish Ballads.

BELLAMY, John CREMER, M.R.C.S. b. Ply. mouth, 7th Dec., 1812. d. Plymouth, 12th May, 1854.

The Natural History of South Devon. Maps and Plates. Plymouth, J. Thomas [printed]; Lond., Simpkin ; 1839, post 8"., pp. 441, 12/-. The Housekeeper's Guide to the fish Market, for each month of the year; and an Account of the Fishes and Fisheries of Devon and Cornwall. Lond. ; Plymouth [printed]; 1843, 12". —1862, 12".

A Thousand Facts in the Histories of Devon and Cornwall, in chronological order, forming an epitomised view of the political development of those counties, and making especial reference to the history of Plymouth ; to which is added an alphabetical list of all works relating to the counties. Lond. ; Plymouth, Latimer [printed]; 1850, 8".

Description of two green-streaked Wrasses (Labrus lineatus, Flem.). Aun. Nat. Hist., xiii, 77, 1844.


Description of two Peruvian Mummies presented to the Devon and Cornwall Natural History Society, by Capt. Blanckley. Brit. Assoc. Sect., 1841, p. 75; Ann. Nut. Hist., x, 95–100, 1842.

BELLOWS, John. Liskeard.

Remarks [by J. Bellows] on certain anonymous articles [here attributed to J. Bright], designed to render Queen Victoria unpopular: with an exposure of their authorship. Gloucester, John Bellows, 6, Westgate Street, 1864, 8".2nd ed., 1865, 8", 6} sheets. A Winter Journey from Gloucester to Norway [with Map). Lond, Trübner and Co.; Gloucester, John Bellows, Steam Press, Westgate Street; 1867, 8", pp. 100, 1/6. Two Days' Excursion from Gloucester to Llanthony Abbey and the Black Mountains. Map and Views. Gloucester, J. Bellows [n.d., 186–), 8°., pp. 40, 6d.-2nd ed., 186—, 8". Tous les Verbes.—Conjugations of all the Verbs in the French and English Languages. By John Bellows. Revised by Professor Beljame, B.A., LL.B., of the University of Paris, and Official Interpreter to the Imperial Court, and

Son of IP. L. Bellouts. b.

George Strickland, late Assistant French Master,

BELLOWS, Jon N. (Con.).

Royal Naval School, London. Also a New Table of Equivalent Values of French and English Money, Weights, and Measures. Lond., Trübner, etc.; John Bellows, Gloucester; [n.d., 186–), sm. 8", pp. 32, 1/-, or 1 fr. 25 c. Outline Dictionary for the use of Missionaries, Explorers, and Students of Language. With an introduction on the proper use of the ordin. ary English Alphabet in transcribing foreign languages, by Max Müller ... . Lond. ; Gloucester, J. Bellows [printed]; 1867, 8". English Outline Vocabulary, for the use of students of the Chinese, Japanese, and other languages, arranged by J. Bellows. With notes on writing Chinese with Roman letters, by Professor Summers. Lond. ; Gloucester, J. Bellows [printed]; 1868, 8". New French and English Dictionary. Lond, Trübner; Gloucester, John Bellows; sm. 8", probable price, 76. In the press (1870). On the Cornish Language. Itep. R.C.P. Soc., 1861, p. 28. On the real meaning of the word Marazion, JJ'est Briton, 15th July, 1869.

BELLOWS, WILLIAM LAMB. b. Bere Regis, Dorset. Resident about 20 years in Cornwall,

Memoir of John Stickland, a Local Preacher of the Wesleyan Connexion, late of East Holme, near Wareham, Dorset. By his son-in-law, W. L. Bellows Printed for the Author, by L. Newton, Camborne; and sold by Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., ... Lond. ; 1838, demy 12"., pp. 96.

The Life of John Stickland, late of East Holme, ... compiled from his own papers, by W. L. Bellows.-2nd ed., Lond, Chas. Gilpin ... [L. Newton, Printer, Camborne]; n.d., 12", 3 sheets.-3rd ed., Lond, W. & F. G. Cash; [Gloucester, Printed by G. J. Wait]; 1855, 16"., 2 sheets.

BENNALLACK, FRANCIS. Mineralogia Cornubiensis, William Pryce, 1778, fol.

NotE.-Mr. Bennallack not only assisted Dr. Pryce in collecting materials for the work, but also revised and corrected the composition.

BENNALLACK, John FERRIs. Son of the preceding. Mayor of Truro, 1819–1822. b. Bosvigo, in Kenwyn, 1779, d. Truro, 22nd Aug., 1860, cf. Cornwall Gaz., 1860.

BENNET, CoL. Robert. b. 1605 (7).

King Charles's Triall justified, being the sum of a charge at the last Sessions at Trewroe, Cornwall, by Col. Rob. Bennet. 1649, 4°.

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BENSON, REv. Joseph. Wesleyan Minister. b. 1748, d, London, 15th Feb., 1821.

Memoirs of Rev. J. B., by the Rev. James Macdonald, Lond, T. Blanshard, 1822, 8°.

NotE.-Mr. Benson visited Cornwall in 1795, pp. 278–286.


Report on the construction of a canal between Fowey Harbour and the Padstow River.


Observations on the Physical Structure of Devonshire and Cornwall. Trans. Geol. Soc. of Lond, i, 93–184 (1811).

BERNOUILLI, JEAN, THE YoUNGER. b. Basle, 4th Nov., 1744. d. Berlin, 13th July, 1807.

Etwas uber den Zinn-und Kupferbergbau in Kornwallis. (Something about Tin and Copper Mines in Cornwall). 1783.


Report from the Select Committee on Municipal Corporations, with the minutes of evidence taken before them. Ordered to be printed, 4th June, 1833, fol., pp. 391. [Contains, “Saltash— Evidence of W. R. Berryman, Town Clerk”].

BESEMERES, John. Resident at Calcutta.

Old Salt ; a Serio Comic Drama in two Acts. By John Daly. [i.e., John Besemeres. First produced at the Strand Theatre, London, 12th Jan., 1868. Scene—Trefusis, Falmouth].


The Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Dorset Sheet Almanacs. Exeter, Besley, 1828, s. sh., fol., 9d. Pub. annually. A Trial for Infringement of Copyright [in the preceding work]. Besley v. Carlyon. Wol SOIne remarks on the defects of the laws of artistic copyright. Exeter, Besley, 1854, 8", pp. 15. NotE.—The defendant represented the proprietors of The Royal Cornwall Gazette. The West of England, or Cornwall, Devon... Book Almanac. Exeter, Besley, 1832, 12°. Annually, 6d. The West of England, or Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Dorset Pocket Book. Exeter, Besley, 1836, 8". Annually, 2/6 and 3/6. The West of England, Cornwall, Devon,... Diary. Exeter, Besley, 1836, cap. 8". Annually, 1/6 and 6d. The West of England Pocket Railway Time Table. Exeter, Besley, February, 1848, 12°., ld. [Continued monthly to the present time].


Views in Cornwall. 24 engravings. Exeter, Besley, 1852, demy 8"., 4/-. Views in Devonshire and Cornwall. 60 steel engravings. Exeter, Besley, 1858, super roy. 8", 12/6. Hand Book to Bodmin, Liskeard, Lostwithiel, etc. Exeter, Besley, 1860, post 12"., 1/-, Views in Cornwall. 30 engravings. Exeter, Besley, 1861, demy 12"., 3'-. The Route Book for Cornwall. A Guide for the Stranger and Tourist. Maps and Views. Exeter, Besley, 1863, 18"., 4/-. Hand Book to Penzance, Falmouth, and Neighbourhood. Exeter, Besley, 1867, post 12"., 1/-. ind Book to Truro, Falmouth, and Helstone. Exeter, Besley, 186—, 12"., 1/-. West of England and Exeter Pocket Journal, or Gentleman's Diary. With Almanac, 1868. Exeter, Besley, 1868, 12"., 3,6. Continued annually. The Exeter Diocesan Calendar. See Barnes, Rev. R. H.

BESSE, Joseph. d. Ratcliffe, London, 25th Nov., 1757, aged circa 74.

A Collection of the Sufferings of the people called Quakers, for the Testimony of a Good Conscience, from ... 1650 to ... 1689. Taken from original records and other authentic accounts. Lond., ... Luke Hinde, at the Bible, in George Yard, Lombard Street, 1753, 2 vols., fol., 369 sheets.

NotE.-The Cornish portion comprised in i, 113 –26.


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BETTY, Rev. HUMPHRY. R. of Little Petherick d. 1673. cf. Walker's Sufferings, pt. ii, 191.

BETTY or BETTEY, Rev. Joseph. A Cornish Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford. d. Jan. 1, 173}. . Tertullian against Heretics, and the Apolo. getics of Theophilus. Oxford, 1722, 8°. The Divine Institution of the Ministry, and absolute necessity of Church Government. A Sermon [on Gal, i, 1, 7], preached before the University of Oxford, on Saturday, the 21st September, 1729. Lond, 1729, 8°.—2nd ed. corrected, Oxford, Printed for Sam. Wilmot, 1729, 8"., pp. 40, 6d-3rd ed., Oxford, 1729.8% The Oxford Sermon versified. Dedicated to the Rev. J. B. [the Author of the Sermon]. By Jacob Gingle. Lond, Printed for Timothy Atkins, at Dr. Sacheverell's Head, near St. Paul's, 1729, 8", pp. 63, 1/-.—2nd ed., Lond., 1730, 8".—3rd ed., Lond., 1731, 8°., 6d. An Address to the University of Oxford, caused by Mr. Betty's Sermon. By J. W. L. Lond., 1730, 8°. A Dialogue between Parson Betty] and Par. son Bowman, in justification of their Sermons By T. Tagg (pseud., i.e., ], 1731, s”. An Address to the University of Oxford, oc. casioned by a Sermon entitled “The Divine Institution of the Ministry,” preached by J. B. W. The Pillars of Priestcraft.” By R. Barrow. ol. i. 1768, 12".].


William Bickford and Damaris his wife appel. lants; Sir William Pendarves, Knt., and Ijame Penelope his wife, Robert Hoblyn an infant, by Sir Will. Pendarves his guardian, Charles Holt, Esq., and Martha his wife, respondents. [Lond, 1724), fol., pp. 4. The Appellant's Case. Br. Museum.

Bickford et ux, contr. Pendarves et al. The case of the respondents Holt and his wife. [London, 1724), fol. Br. Museum.


A. Curious ... Collection of Bird's Eye Views of the ... Counties in England. ... Lond., R. Laurie, ... 1796, 4".

Note—Bird's Eye View of the whole county of Cornwall. No letter press.

BIDDLE, John, M.A. b. Gloucestershire, 1615. d. London, Sept., 1662. cf. Rose. J. Bidelli Vita. By John Farrington. Lon.

dini, 1682, 12°. A Review of the Life, Character, and Writings

of the Rev. J. B., M.A., who was banished to

BIDDLE, John. (Con.).

the Isles of Scilly, in the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell (October 5, 1655). By Joshua Toulmin, A.M. Lond, 1791, 8". [Vol. iv. of Tracts printed and published by Unitarian Society].

BIDDULPH, Rev. Thomas TREGENNA, M.A. b. Padstow, 5th July, 1763, d. Bristol, 19th May, 1838. cf. Gent. Mag., x, 331–334; Feliz Farley's Bristol Jour., 26th May, 1838; Christian Observer, pp. 594–99 (1838).

An El occasioned by the death of the Hon. a.i. William Bromley Cadogan, A.M., late Rector of St. Luke's, Chelsea, ... who died 18th Jan., 1797. Bath, 1797, 4°., 6d. Essays on some select parts of the Liturgy of the Church of England, being the substance of a course of lectures delivered in the parish Church of St. Werburgh, Bristol. Bristol, 1798, 12°.-2nd ed., Evesham, Printed by J. Agg, 1798, 8", 26.—3rd ed., 1812, 3 vols., 8", 28/-. Original Poems on Religious Subjects. Bath, 1798, 8", 1/-. Practical Essays on select parts of the Liturgy of the Church of England. Lond.: Evesham sprinted]; Bristol [printed]; 1799–1805, 4 vols., 12". Zion's Trumpet. Bristol, 1798–1800, 3 vols., 12". Afterwards changed to The Christian Guardian. Bristol, 1802–6, 10 vol., 12°., N.S., 1807–8, 2 vols., 12°. In 1809 the place of publication was removed to London. NotE.-Mr. Biddulph was instrumental in establishing this magazine. A Sermon preached at St. James's Church, Bristol, on Acts, xxiv, 14. Dedicated to the Vestry and Inhabitants of St. James. 1799, 8". A Sermon [on Matt., vii, 12] preached before the Society for Missions to Africa and the East. 1801, 8°. A Letter to the Rev. J. Hey, occasioned by his late publication, entitled, The Important Question at Issue. Bristol, 1801, 12". An Appeal to Public Impartiality, on the manner in which the dispute concerning The Important Question at Issue has been conducted [by J. Hey]. Bristol, 1801, 12°. Truth Triumphant. A complete refutation of a pamphlet by the Rev. Mr. B., entitled, An Appeal to Public Impartiality. By the Rev. J. Hey. 1801, 8°. “The Important Question" still under consideration, but approaching to a decision, or an address to the Rev. T. T. B., in reply to a letter o him] in answer to a pamphlet entitled, The mportant Question at Issue. By Rev. J. Hey. 1801, 8°. A Message from the Tomb, being the substance

BIDDULPH, Rev. Thomas TREGENNA. (Con.).

of a Sermon [on Heb., xi, 4] preached on the death of G. Gieves. Bristol, Bulgin, 1802, 8°. A Sermon preached in the parish Church of St. Andrew by the Wardrobe and St. Anne, Blackfriars, ... May 22, 1802, before the Society for Missionaries to Africa and the East, ... being their Fourth Anniversary. By Rev. T. T. B., Minister of St. James's, Bristol, and Chaplain to the Right Honourable Dowager Lady Bagot, Lond., 1802, 8°. Life a vapour: being the substance of a Sermon delivered in the Parish Church of St. James, Bristol, on the death of Mr. John Marker. Bristol, Bulgin, 1803, 8". God Glorified in his Ministering Servants; a Sermon preached in the Parish Church of Cheddar, on Monday, Oct. 17, 1803, at the Funeral of the Rev. Thomas Drewitt, A.M., Curate of the Parish. Bristol, 1803, 8°., pp. 31. A Sermon [on Matt, vii, | preached May 22, 1804, before the Society for Missions to Africa and the East. With the Report of the Annual Meeting and the List of Subscribers. Lond., Seeley, ... 1804, 8", 1/-. Portions of the Psalms of David. 1804, 12°. The True Basis of National Confidence in time of Distress; A Sermon. 1805, 8°. A Collection out of the Book of Psalms, extracted from various versions, with hymns, etc. [Ed. Rev. T.T. B.]. 1806, 12°. Portions of the Psalms, ... with a selection of hymns. 1809, 12". Practical Essays on the Morning and Evening Services. 1809, 8°. The British Jubilee: a Sermon delivered in the parish Church of St James, and at the Mayor's Chapel, in Bristol, on Wednesday, Oct. 25, 1809, when His Most Gracious Majesty George III entered in the 50th year of his reign. Lond., Hatchard, 1809, 8", pp. 41, 2/-. Practical Essays on the Morning and Evening Services of the Church of England. The 4th edition of Essays i to xii. 2nd edition of remainder of the three volumes. Lond. ; Bristol [printed]; 1810, 3 vols., 8°. NoTE.—Letter on above, Christian Observer, x, 405 (1811).

Portions of the Psalms of David, ... with a Selection of Hymns accommodated to the Service of the Church of England. 1813, 12".

The Charge of Nonconformity repelled: a letter to the Bishop of Bristol [in reply to charges brought against the writer in “An Address to W. Ady"]. Bristol, 1813, 8".

Baptism a seal of the Christian Covenant; or remarks on the former of “Two Tracts intended to convey correct notions of regeneration and Hatchard, 1816, 8°., pp. 255, 5/-. The Rev. Richard Mant's Sermon on Regeneration vindicated from the remarks of the Rev. T. T. B. Shrewsbury, 1816, 8", 1/6. Considerations on the doctrine of the Baptism, reprinted from the Eclectic Review, May 1, 1816; on Dr. Mant's Two Tracts, and the Publications by Messrs. Biddulph, Scott, .... Lond, Conder, 1816, 8", 2/-. A Search after truth in its own field,—the Holy Scriptures; or a reference to the Apostolic Acts and Epistles on the subject of some novel opinions in divinity. Bristol, 1818, 8".-2nd ed., enlarged, Bristol, 1818, 8". Letters signed Physico Theologus, i.e., Rev. T. T. B. Christian Guardian, 1819–20. Christian Charity exerting itself by means of Missionary Incitement for the Correction of Hindoo Immorality: or cursory Remarks on a Pamphlet intitled, “Missionary Incitement and Hindoo Demoralization, etc., by J. Bowen.” In a letter. Bristol, 1821, 8". Letter to the Rev. T. T. Biddulph, occasioned by his “Cursory Remarks” on a Pamphlet entitled, “Missionary Incitement and Hindoo Demoralization.” By John Bowen, 1822, 36. National Affliction Improved in three Sermons, delivered in the years 1817, 1818, and 1820; on the days appointed for the funerals of

BIDDULPH. 24 BT" " ' " i t .I. BIDDULPH, Rev. Thomas TREGENNA. (Com.). BIDDULPH, RE: as TREGENNA. on.). conversion, etc. By Rev. R. Mant.” Lond, taken the office o' ' tathers and Godmothers

Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of

Wales, Her Majesty Queen Charlotte, and His Majesty George III. Bristol, printed for J. and W. Richardson, Clare Street; sold also by W. Bulgin, Corn Street, and by Hatchard, Piccadilly; 1820, 8", pp. 71, 2,6. National Affliction Improved: in a Sermon |. II Kings, ii, 12] delivered Feb. 16, 1820, eing the day appointed for the Funeral of George the Third. Bristol, 1820, 8". Practical Essays on the Liturgy of the Church of England. 1822, 8". An infallible way to Contentment. By A. Seller. With a recommendatory preface by Rev. T. T. B. Bristol, 1822, 8". The Churchman on a Sick Bed. The Publications of the Church of England Tract Society. Bristol, vol. i., 1824, 12". The Convalescent; or, the Churchman's Recollections and Resolutions on recovering from a Fit of Sickness. ib. A Guide to the Church. ib. The Parochial Clergyman's Ordination Vows; or an Appeal to those of his Parishioners who are disposed to censure his anxiety about their Salvation as unnecessary, etc. ib. The Parochial Minister [T. T. B.]'s affection

ate Address to those persons who have under

Form of Absolution in

ib. A Parochial Minister IT. T. Bl's affections: expostulation with those inhabitants of his parish who neglect the public worship of Al mighty God. ib. The Parochial Minister [T. T. B.]’s affection. ate expostulation with those of his parishioners who neglect the duty and privilege of attending the Lord's Table. ib. The Seventh Commandment; or the Compas. sion of the Divine Saviour towards those who have transgressed it, etc. ib. Sunday Evening Recollections, or the Church. man in his Closet. ib. Address to those who wish to attend upon the Worship of Almighty God with devout reverence, etc. ib., vol. ii. The Churchman [i.e. T. T. B.]'s Reasons for bringing his Children to the Baptismal Font, etc. ib. Hints on Public Worship; or the Churchman instructed in the use of the Book of Common Prayer. ib. The Parochial Minister (T.T. B.]'s affectionate address to a newly married couple. ib. Short Reasons for Communion with the Church of England; or the Churchman's answer to the question “Why are you a member of the Church of England?” ib. The Careless Churchman warned of his danger, and reminded of his duty, ib., vol. iii The Decalogue; or the Churchman's means of self-humiliation and rule of duty. ib. The Forms of the Church opposed to For mality, etc. ib. Good-Friday Intercession ; or the Church. man's duty to pray for all “Jews, Turks, Infidels, and Heretics.” ib. The Pious Churchman comforted under the pressure of affliction, etc. ib. The Church-Yard; or an Address to the Throne of Mercy from the confines of the grave. ib., vol. iv. A Clergyman [i.e., T.T. B.]'s Address to his Parishioners on Family Prayer. ib. An important inquiry from a Parishioner to his Pastor, stated and answered; or the means of obtaining the Spirit of Prayer. ib. The Parochial Minister [i.e., T. T. B.]'s season. able hints to the members of Benefit Societies, on the duties of frugality, piety, and loyalty. i. The Reform meeting; or the Churchman's duty towards his neighbour. ib. The Romanist unveiled; or Popery in its native deformity. ib. Short Sermons on subjects connected with the . morning and evening

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