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Fifty days on board a slave ship in the Mozambique Channel, in April and May, 1843. By the Rev. P. G. Hill, Chaplain of H.M.S. “Cleopatra.” Lond, J. Murray, 1844, 89., pp. 115, 3/6.— Lond, 1849, 89–Lond, 1853, 89, 12/-. A voyage to the slave coast of West and East Africa. By the Rev. P. G. Hill, R.N. Lond, C. Gilpin, 1849, 129., pp, 47. A Journey through Palestine. By the Rev. P. G. Hill. Lond, Soc. Prom. Christ. Know..., n.d., [1852,] 80., pp. 70, 6d. The Kafir War. To the Rt. Hon. B. Disraeli, M.P., Chancellor of the Exchequer. By P. G. Hill, R.N. Westminster, Wacher and Sons, 29, Parliament Street, 1852, 89., pp. 16. A Visit to Cairo. By the Rev. P. G. Hill. Lond, Soc. Prom. Christ. Know.., n.d., [1853, 129., pp. 92. The Christian Soldier; a Sermon by the Rev. P. G. Hill, B.A., Chaplain in the Navy, and Chaplain of Westminster Hospital, preached at

HILL, Rev. Pascoe GRENFELL, B.A., R.N. (Con).

Portman Barracks, xix S. after Trinity, 1853, to H.M. first Battalion of Grenadier Guards. Lond, J. Whitaker, 41, Pall Mall, 1853, 89, pp. 8.

Modern British Poesy. A comparison between poets who flourished during the latter half of the 18th century, and those of the 19th century, with biographical sketches. By the Rev. P. G. Hill, R.N. Chaplain of Westminster Hospital. Lond., E. Palmer and Son, 18, Paternoster Row, 1856, 89., pp. 144.

Letter to the Right Hon. B. S. Phillips, Lord Mayor, on Street-Slaughter. Dated March, 1866, and signed P. G. Hill. Lond, Waterlow and Sons, printers, Carpenters' Hall, London Wall, 1866, 89., pp. 8, 6d.

Life of Napoleon III. By P. G. Hill, R.N., B.A. Rector of S. Edmund, the King and Martyr. Lond., E. Moxon, Sons, and Co., 1869, 89., pp. 212, 9/-.

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The Poor Widow's Mite cast into the Lord's Treasury. Wherein are contained some Reasons in the Justification of the Meetings of the People of God called Quakers...Written by a woman of the lest it should be counted a libel, or any should think, we dare not own it in the world, I have subscribed my name...Printed for the use and benefit of such Bees as suck their Hony from the Flowers and Blossoms that God makes to spring; that they may have to keep themselves alive in the dark stormy winter. No place or printers names, 1671, 4°., pp. 47.

NoTE.—A poem signed “E. Hincks.” In Smith's Catalogue of Friends' Books stated to be “of Cornwall.'




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Specimens of ancient Cornish crosses, fonts, etc. Lond., W. J. Cleaver, 46, Piccadilly...J. R. Netherton, King St., Truro, 1850, 49., unpaged. 7/6. NotE.—The preliminary matter consists of Specimens of Ancient Cornish Crosses, etc. No. I, Ancient Crosses, signed F. C. H., and dated Truro, Mch. 1, 1850–No. II. Specimens of Fonts, etc., dated Truro, June 1, 1850.-No. III. Specimens of Fonts, etc., dated Truro, Sept., 28, 1850; then follow 55 views. The work is dedicated to Lord Falmouth. The Poems of F. Hingeston, (1857). See Hingston, F. The Chronicle of England, by John Capgrave. Edited by The Rev. F. C. Hingeston, B.A., of Exeter College. Lond, Longman, 1858, 8°., pp. xxix and 482, 8/6. Johannes Capgrave, Liber de illustribus Henricis. Edited by the Rev. F. C. Hingeston, **ond, Longman, 1858, 8°., pp. lvii and 19, 8/6. The Book of the illustrious Henries. By John Capgrave. Translated from the Latin, by the Rev. F. C. Hingeston, M.A...Lond, Longman, 1858, 8°., pp. xxii and 285, 8/6. Royal and Historical Letters during the reign of Henry the Fourth, King of England and of France and Lord of Ireland. Edited by the Rev. F. C. Hingeston...Incumbent of Hampton Gay. Vol. i., of; 1399–1404. Lond., Longman, 1860, 8°., pp. cxi and 457, 8/6.

NotE.-No more published.

Four years of a Country Friendly Society. A letter to the Editor of the Times. By the Rev. F. C. Hingeston-Randolph, Rector of Ringmore,

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Architectural progress in Oxford, in xv Chapters. Building News, ii, 889, etc., (1856), iii, 3, etc., (1857,) iv, 60, (1858.) The Westerton Judgment. ib., iii, 321. Mr. Ruskin's Writings and the Reviews. ib., iii, 417. Classic or Gothic. ib., iii, 546. Sketches by the roadside. ib., iii, 653, 870. Architectural Sketches in Cambridge, in vi Chapters. ib., iii, 757, etc. Ruskin's Elements of Drawing. ib., iii, 1193. On Secular architecture, in ii Chapters. ib., iii, 1290, etc. Architecture in the Provinces, in vi Chapters. ib., iv. 6, etc. On Stained glass, in iii Chapters. ib., iv, 345, etc. The Oxford Architectural Congress. ib., iv, 623, etc. The liberty of labour, in vii Chapters. ib., iv, 1047, etc. The battle of the Styles. ib., iv, 1213, etc. The Oxford New Museum, in viii Chapters. ib., iv, 1291, v, 29, etc., (1859.) Local Antiquities. ib., v, 162. London in the olden time. ib., v, 230. A week with an Antiquary in the Far West, in iv Chapters. ib., v, 399, 469, 556, 600, 707. Chapters on Practical Questions, in xi Chapters. ib., v, 853, etc., vi, 52, etc., (1860). Review of Parker's Domestic Architecture. ib., v, 915, etc. Notes on Coast Churches. Pt. i., iv Chapters. Pt. ii, ii Chapters. ib., vi, 671, etc., vii, 17, etc., (1861). Review of Callington Church. By the Rev. AE. B. Hutchison. ib., vii, 258.

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HINGSTON, FRANCIS (2nd son of John and Margaret Hingston). Controller H.M. Customs, Truro, 1827? to 1841. b. St. Ives, 27 Nov., #. bapt. 19 Jan., 1797, d. St. Ives, 7 Oct., 841.

The poems of Francis Hingeston, (sic). Edited by his son [the Rev. F. C. Hingestonlo Lond., Longman, 1857, post 8°., pp. xii and 190, 106. List of Subscribers.

Essay on Friendship. By C. [i.e. F. Hingston.] Cornish Maq., iii, 58, (1828).

Heber's Hymns. ib., iii, 117.

HINGSTON, NATHANIEL, Merchant. d. Fal. mouth, Oct., 1809, cf. Gent. Maq., lxxix, pt. ii, 987, (1809); European Mag., lvi, 313, (1809).

HINGSTON, RICHARD (brother of Nathaniel Hingston).

Letters from William Cookworthy to R. Hingston, Surgeon, Penryn, 1744–47. In “Memoir of W. Cookworthy. By his grandson,” 1854, 120.

HINGSTON, THOMAs, M.D. (3rd son of John Hingston). bapt. St. Ives, 9 May, 1799, d. Falmouth, 13 July, 1837. cf. Gent. Mag., viii, 318–19, (1837).

Dissertatio Inauguralis de Morbo Comitiali quam annuente summo numine ex auctoritate Reverendi admodum viri D. Georgii Baird, S.T.P. Academiae Edinburgensis Praefectinecnon amplissimi senatus academici consensu, et nobilissimae facultatis medicae decreto, pro gradu Doctoris, summisque in medicina honoribus ac privilegiis rite et legitime consequendis eruditorum examini subjicit Thomas Hingston, Anglus, Soc. Reg. Med. Edin. Socius. Edinburgi excudebat Joannes Moir, 1824, 89., pp. 70.

Guilielmi Harveii Exercitationes de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis, quas notis pauculis instruendas curavit Thomas Hingston, M.D., Societatis Regiae Medicae Edinburgensis Socius, nunc ex Collegio Reginae Cantabrigiensi. [With two plates.] Edinburgi: ven. apud Joannem Carfræ et filium ; atque Longman et Socios Londini, 1824, 89., 10,6, pp. 250.

On the use of iron amongst the earlier nations of Europe. Trans. R.G.S.C., iv, 1 13–34, (1829).

Memoir of William of Worcester. Prefixed to William of Worcester's Itinerary. In Appendix to “D. Gilbert's Cornwall,” (1838), iv, 222–28.

On Cornish Names. ib., iv, 312–18.

Latin Ode on the occasion of the visit of

HINGSTON, Thomas, M.D. (Com.).

George IV to Scotland, 1822. By T. Hingston. MS.

NotE.—The original MS. is lost, but the translation of the Ode, made by his brother, is to be found in F. Hingeston's Poems, pp. 129-31. The prize medal awarded to Dr. Hingston for this poem was that given by the King to the University of Edinburgh for presentation to the author of the best ode. It is now the property of the Rev. F. C. Hingeston-Randolph.


A Short Account of the Death of Samuel Hitchens. By James Hitchens, Tinner. [Ed. by Rev. J. Wesley.] Lond, printed in the year 1746, 12°., pp. 11. 6th ed. Truro, printed in the year 1747, 12°., pp. 11.

A Short Account of Samuel Hitchens and of his brother Thomas Hitchens, of Bisveal, near Redruth, in Cornwall. By their Father [James Hitchens.] London Wesleyan Conference Office, 2, Castle St., City Road, [Religious Tracts, No. 17, 12°., pp. 16, 4/-, per 100.

A Short Account of the Death of Thomas Hitchens. By James Hitchens, Tinner. Printed in the year 1747, 12°., pp. 12.

HITCHENS, SAMUEL. b. Cornwall, 23 March, 1725. d. Bisveal, near Redruth, 16 Aug., 1746. See Hitchens, James.’

HITCHENS, THOMAs. b. Cornwall, 14 April, 1723. d. Bisveal, near Redruth, 11 Sept., 1746. cf. J. JP'esley's Works, (1856), ii, 30. A Short Account of the Death of Thomas Hitchens. Ed. by Rev. J. Wesley. 3rd ed. Printed in the year 1747. m.p. or printer's name. 12°., pp. 12. See also Hitchens, James.

HITCHINS, MRS. d. St. Agnes, 10 Nov., 1808, aged 28. The Grace of God manifested in an account of Mrs. Hitchins, of St. Agnes. By Rev. T. Kelk. Truro, 24 Nov., 1808. Methodist Mag., xxxiii, 70–73, (1810).

HITCHINS, FoRTEscue, Solicitor, St. Ives, (4th son of the following). lupt. St. Hilary, 22 Feb., 1784. d. Marazion, 1 April, 1814. bur. St. Hilary, 6 Apl. cf. Gent. Mag., lxxxiv, 86, (1814); Nichols' Illustrations of Lit. Hist, vi, 45; C. Redding's Yesterday and To-day, i, 39. Vision of Memory and other poems. By a young gentleman. [Plymouth] Dock, E. Hoxland, Fore St., 1803, 89., pp. 53. List of Subscribers.

NoTE.—Preface signed F. Hitchins.]

The Sea Shore with other poems, by F. Hitchins. Sherborne, printed for the author by

HITCHINS, FoRTEscue. (Com.).

James Langdon, and sold by L. B. Seeley, AveMaria-Lane, and John Hatchard, 150, Piccadilly, 1810, 89, pp. 173, 7/-. List of subscribers.

NotE.-Dedicated to “Samuel Stephens, M.P., Tregenna Castle.”

The Tears of Cornubia. A poem by F. Hitchins, occasioned by the loss of H.M.S. “St. George,” Admiral Reynolds. Penzance, T. Vigurs; Sherborne, Langdon, 1812, 49., pp. 27, 2/-.

The History of Cornwall, 1824. See Drew, Samuel.

Note.—Mr. Hitchins printed various fugitive poems in the Cornwall Gazette, in 1811-12. cf. 9 May, 1812, respecting the authorship of poems with signature of X.

HITCHINS, REv. MALACHY, M.A. (son of Thos. Hitchins). W. of St. Hilary, 6 Nov., 1775– 1809. V. of Gwinear, 23 May, 1785–1809. b. Little Trevince, bapt. Gwennap, 18 May, 1741, d. St. Hilary, 28 Mch., 1809. cf. Nichols' Illustrations of Lit. Hist, vi, pp. xvi and 44–46; Rev. N. Maskelyne’s “Astronomical Observations made at Greenwich,” i, 151–62.

A Map of the county of Devon, with the city and county of Benjamin Donn, Teacher of the Mathematics, etc., late of Bideford, now of the city of Bristol...Lond, printed for the author...1765, fol.

Note.—D. Gilbert says in his “History of Cornwall,” ii, 221, “Probably Mr. Hitchins' near connection with Mr. Thomas Martyn, recommended him as an assistant to Mr. Benjamin Donn, in constructing a map of Devonshire.”

The Nautical Almanack and Astronomical Ephemeris. Published by order of the Commissioners of Longitude. Lond., 1767–1872, 80.

Note.—The Almanac was edited by Dr. Nevil Maskelyne, the Astronomer Royal from 1767 until 1811. In the former year Mr. Hitchins performed the office of a computer, but from that time until his decease, he was employed as the comparer, and resided for some time at the observatory, where, in 1769, during the abscence of one of the staff, he observed the usual stars and planets, with the meridional instruments. He also observed the transit of Venus at Greenwich in the same year.

Account of a remarkable meteor. Dated Bideford, Dec. 5. Annual Register, v, 114–15, (1762).

An account of the discovery of silver in Herland Copper Mine. Philos. Trans., xci, 159–64, (1801); Annual Register, xliii, 435–37, (1801); Tilloch's Philos. Mag., x, 77–80, (1801).

Account of Roman urns discovered in Cornwall, and of a cromlech discovered in the parish of Madron. Archaeol., xiv, 224–30, (1803).

HITCHINS, Rev. MALAchy, M.A. (Con.).

Account of antiquities discovered in the parish of Lelant, in Cornwall. Plate. ib., xv, 118–21, (1806).

An account of four Roman urns. The first three described by the Rev. M. Hitchins, in a letter to the author, dated St. Hilary, Dec., 1803. Polwhele’s “Hist. of Cornwall,” vol. iii. (Supplement. By the Historian of Manchester, i.e. Rev. J. Whitaker), pp. 88–90.

Parochial Table of Cornwall. MSS. 1806.

Three letters from M. Hitchins to John Crosley respecting astronomical calculations. Marazion, 6 and 21, Aug., 1799, 10 Dec., 1800. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 16,947, pp. 25–27.

HITCHINS, REv. RICHARD HAwkINs, B.D. (eld, son of the preceding). Devonshire Fellow of Ex. Coll., 1783–1805; Curate of Falmouth for 33 years; R. of Baverstock, Wilts, 1804– 27. b. Marton, Devonshire, 1764. d. Baverstock, 22 Feb., 1827. On the Lamented Death of the Rev. R. H. Hitchins, Rector of Baverstock, and formerly Curate of Falmouth for above 30 years. Lines by Discipulus. Selector or Cornish Mug., ii, 64, (1827). An Acrostic on the Death of the Rev. R. H. Hitchins. By Amica [i.e., Miss Alice Pearce.] ib., iii, 79, (1828).

HITCHINS, REv. THOMAS MARTYN (2nd son of Rev. M. Hitchins). W. of Cotterstock-cumGlapthorne, Northamptonshire, 1792–1830. Incumbent of St. John the Baptist Chapel of Ease, Devonport, for 32 years; Registrar of the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Exeter. h. St. Hilary? 1766, d. Devonport, 19 Dec., 1830. bur. Stoke Damerel. cf. Gent. Mag., c, pt. ii, 645, (1830.) A sermon preached in the parish church of Stoke Damerel, on Saturday, the 22nd April, 1797, on laying the foundation stone of St. John's Chapel, at Plymouth Dock. By T. M. Hitchins, B.A., Vicar of Cotterstock, Northamptonshire. Plymouth Dock, Hoxland, 1797, 8°.

HITCHINS, WILLIAM MALACHY (3rd son of Rev. M. Hitchins). Solicitor, Marazion. b. St. Ives 1770. d. Marazion, 2 Dec. bur. St. Hilary, 15 Dec., 1802.

NotE.—He is stated in D. Gilbert's “Cornwall,” (ii, 224), to have filled the same office that his father had occupied in connection with the Royal Observatory, but we have failed to ascertain the correctness of this assertion.

HOARE, PRINCE, F.S.A. (son of William Hoare). b. Bath, 1755. d. Brighton, 22 Dec., 1834.


No song no supper. A Comic opera in two acts, as performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. The music chiefly composed and adapted for the harpsichord or piano-forte, by Stephen Storace. Lond., printed by Longman and Broderip, 26, Cheapside. n.d., [1790, obl. fol., pp. 40, 8/-.

The opera of no song no supper, in two acts, as performed at the Theatre-Royal, Smoke-Alley, [Dublin, 1792. Printed for the Booksellers, 12°., pp. 42.

No song no supper; a musical entertainment in two acts. By Prince Hoare. The London Stage, (1824), iv, pp. 12.-Richardson's Royal Drama, (1830), pp. 36.-Cumberland's British Theatre, (18––), pp. 1–35.-The British Drama Illustrated, (1865), iv, 1266–74.

NotE.—First produced at Drury Lane, 16 April,

1790. The scene is laid on the coast of Cornwall, near

Penzance. Many of the songs have been published separately.

HOARE, REv. WILLIAM HENRY, M.A. (son of JW. H. and Louisa Hoare). Fellow of St. John's Coll. Camb., 25 Mch., 1833 to 1835. b. Penzance. bapt. 29 Nov., 1809. (The Penzance Public Dispensary was founded in 1809 at the suggestion of Mr. W. H. Hoare, father of the above).

The Harmony of the Apocalypse with other Prophecies of Holy Scripture, with Notes and an outline of the various interpretations. . By the Rev. W. H. Hoare, Late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. Lond., J. W. Parker, 1848, 8°., pp. 10 and 227.

NotE.—Dedicated “To the venerable Charles James Hoare, Archdeacon of Surrey,"...“ by his Nephew.” Outlines of Ecclesiastical History before the Reformation. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare...Lond., J. W. Parker, 1852, 129., pp. iv and 248,-2nd ed. Lond, J. W. Parker, 1857, 120., pp. xxxvi and 266, 2/6. A Letter to the Right Hon. Sir Geo. Grey, Bart., H.M. Secretary of State for the Home Department, on the Scheme of Mr. W. J. Fox and the Educational Question. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare, M.A., Late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. Lond, F. and J. Rivington, 1850, 80., pp. 27, 1/-. A Second Letter to the Right Hon. Sir G. Grey... on the scheme of Mr. W. J. Fox, M.P., regarded as affecting the Baptismal Question and the creeds and fomularies of the Church. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare...Lond., F. and J. Rivington, 1850, 8°., pp. 48, 1/-. A Third Letter to the Right Hon. Sir. G. Grey...Thoughts on the doctrine of baptismal regeneration continued, and on the duty of the


State to the Church. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare ...Lond., F. and J. Rivington, 1850, 8°., pp. 36. The Veracity of the Book of Genesis, with the life and character of the inspired historian. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare. Lond, Longman, 1860, 80., pp. xxii and 303, 10/-. Letter to Bishop Colenso, wherein his objec: tions to the Pentateuch are examined in detail. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare...Lond, Rivingtons, 1863, 80., pp. 65, 1/-. Letter to Bishop Colenso...With additional remarks on Part II. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare ... 3rd ed. Lond, Rivingtons, 1863, 8", pp. 80, 1/-. on. Age and Authorship of the Pentateuch, considered in further reply to Bishop Colenso. Part II. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare. Lond, Rivingtons, 1863, 8", pp. 72, 1/-. Letter to Bishop Colenso, Fourth edition re: vised, together with a Treatise on the age and authorship of the Pentateuch. Second edition. By the Rev. W. H. Hoare. Lond, Rivingtons, 1863, 80., pp. 159, 1/-. A Memoir of the late Henry Hoare, Esq., M.A. ...By J. B. Sweet, M.A. Lond, Rivingtons, 1869, 80., pp. xxiv and 552.

Note.—The 4th chap. of this work, pp. 73-94, is by the Rev. W. H. Hoare.

HOBHOUSE, REv. REGINALD, M.A. (3rd son of Rt. Hon. Henry Hobhouse). b. London, 15 Mch., 1818.

Ministerial Watchfulness. A Sermon on Heb. xiii, 17, preached at the ordinary visitation of the Lord Bishop of Exeter, holden at Liskeard, 1st Aug., 1848. By the Rev. R. Hobhouse, M.A, Rector of St. Ive, in the County of Cornwall. Published at the request of the Clergy. Lond., J. Masters; Exeter, Wallis; Plymouth, Lidstone, sprinted, 1848, 8°., pp. 21.

The Cornish Bishopric; A Letter to the Right Honourable The Earl of St. Germans, G.C.B., Lord Steward of Her Majesty's Household, from the Rev. R. Hobhouse, M.A., Rector of St. Ive, near Liskeard. Lond., Whittaker; Bodmin, Liddell and Son, [printed, 1860, 8°., pp. 23, 6d.


[Treatise] of the working of Tynn Works by the Saxons, which Tynners call Jews working. With many other documents relating to the Stannaries, from Hen. 8, to Queen Anne. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 6,713, fol., pp. 569.

Note.—At the side of the Treatise is written “This Treatise was transcribed from an ancient MS. in the custody of Mr. Hoblyn, Town Clerk of Bodmin.”

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