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HOUGHTON, REv. WILLIAM (son of Thos. Houghton, Governor of the Preston House of Correction). Assistant Curate, St. Mary's, Penzance, Sep., 1846, to June, 1848; Curate of St. Sennen and St. Levan, June, 1848, to Sep., 1865; P. of Manaccan, 27 Sep., 1865 to 1870. b. Preston, 17 May, 1812. d. Manaccan Vicarage, 25 Dec., 1870.

Calvinism scripturally examined and shewn to be inconsistent with the statements and totally opposed to the general tenor of the Word of God. By W. Houghton, Walton-le-dale, Lancashire. Lond., Rivington, |Houghton, printer, Chorley, 1836, 120., pp. viii and 136, 3-. An examination of Calvinism and especially of its present modified forms, by the test of Holy Scriptures, and the unanimous teaching of the Church. Together with a view of the rise of the Predestinarian Doctrines. 2nd Edit. By W. Houghton. Lond, Cleaver, 1849, 12°., 46. An enquiry into the theology of the Anglican Reformers. 2nd ed., 1853, 8). The duty of renewed zeal and exertions in the service of our country, earnestly recommended in an address to the Duke of Cornwall's Volunteer Artillery Corps, in the Deanery of St. Buryan. By the Rev. W. Houghton, Curate of Sennen and St. Levan. Penzance, Beare and Son, n.d., [1862,] 89., pp. 8, 2d.

NotE.-Dated Advent, 1862.

Rationalism in the Church of England. An essay in six parts, (reprinted from the “Ecclesiastic”) revised and enlarged with an appendix on “Essays and Reviews.” By Rev. W. Houghton, Curate of the Parishes of S. Sennen and S. Levan, Cornwall...Lond., Masters; Truro, J. R. Netherton, sprinted, 1863, 89., pp. 139, 1/6.

The Doctrine of the Church on the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. An essay, reprinted (with additions) from the “Ecclesiastic.” By Rev. W. Houghton, Curate of Sennen...Lond., J. Masters, 1865, 89., pp. 32, 1/6.

Pauline Theology. An essay, reprinted (with additions) from the “Ecclesiastic.” By Rev. W. Houghton, Vicar of Manaccan, Cornwall. Lond., J. Masters, 1866, 89., pp. iv and 79.


See the trees and the bramble; or a Popish Prince, certain destruction to a Protestant people, being a Sermon on Judges, ix, 14–15. By Jasper How, of Penryn, Cornwall. Published at the request of those that heard it in 1723.

HOWARD, Joh N. b. Enfield, 2 Sept., 1724. d. Cherson, 20 Jan., 1790.

John Howard and the prison world of Europe.

HOWARD, Johs. (Con.).

By Hepworth Dixon. 3rd ed. Lond, Jackson, 1850, 80.

NotE.—J. Howard came into Cornwall in 1773, and 1790, cf. pp. 142, 158, 195.

HOWARD, John JARRARD, Surgeon. d. at sea off Tobago, 13 July, 1810. The Metamorphoses of Publius Ovidius Naso, in English blank verse. Translated by J. J. Howard. Lond., 1807, printed for the author, and sold by John Hatchard...2 vols., 8°., 9/-. NotE.—Dedication dated Pimlico, Aug. 22, 1807.

Poems on Different Subjects. By the late J. J. Howard. Dedicated by Permission to Lieut. General Dalrymple, Commander in Chief of the Colonies, at Demarara and Berbice, in 1810. [By Margaret Howard, widow of J. J. Howard.] Falmouth; printed by James Trathan. Sold by Gale and Fenner...Lond., 1816, 129. NotE.—List of Subscribers, pp. x, not paged; dedi. cation, pp. ii, not paged; preface, pp. vi; contents, pp. iii.; poems, pp. 107.


An address to the Subscribers, Parents, and Children, belonging to the Free School, for poor Girls of Falmouth, with an Appendix containing tules for the School Committee, and Sub-Committee, also a List of the Donors and Subscribers. Nettleton and Son, Printers, Plymouth, 1812, 89. 2 sheets. Eclectic System of Education for the Female Poor. J. Lake, Printer, Falmouth. n.d., 40. 3 sheet.

HOWELL, REv. JAMEs, M.A. (eld, son of Rep. Joshua Howell, R. of Lanreath, who d. 19 Mch, 1785). Student of Christ Church, 1766– 1838. V. of Ardington, 23 May, 1778 to 1838. bapt. Lanreath, 30 April, 1748, d. 8 Nov., 1838. cf. JP'elch's List of JP'estminster Scholars, (ed. 1852), p. 384; Gent. Mag., x, 666, (1838).

A Sermon preached at St. Paul's, Covent Garden, on Sunday, 11 June, 1780. By James Howell, M.A., Student of Christ Church, Oxford, etc., etc. Lond., printed for J. Robson... 1780, 40., pp. 24. NotE.—Preached at the time of the Gordon riots, and dedicated to The Inhabitants of London and West

minster, “as the serious and seasonable advice at this important crisis.”

HOWITT, WILLIAM. b. Heanor, Derbyshire, 1795. The Rural Life of England. By W. Howitt.

Illusts. Lond, Longman, 1838, 2 vols., 80.

NotE.—Chap. xi, vol. ii, pp. 279-92, is on “Cornish and Devonshire Wrestling.’

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HUCARIUS, the LEVITE or DEACON. b. Cornwall. Lived at St. Germans, circa 1040. cf. . Leland's Scrip. Britt., pp. 168–69; Bale's Scrip. Britt., pp. 152–53; Tanner's Bibl. Britt., pp. 417–18; Haddan and Stubbs' Councils, i, pp. xvi, 700; Thos. Wright's Biog. Brit. Lit., (1842), p. 426. [110] Omelie Hucarii levite in diebus domi. nicis et precipuis festivitatibus anni. Sermones viejusdem. Nore.—From the Catalogue of the Library of Christ Church Monastery, Canterbury, contained in the Cottonian MSS., Galba. E., iv, and reprinted in Edwards' “Memoirs of Libraries,” (1859), i, 122-235, it appears that these works were bound up in the 99th and 100th

volumes of the collection. In addition to the Homilies and Sermons he is said to have written, besides other

works, “ex libro constitutionn ecclesiasticarum Egberti archiepiscopi Eboracensis, præceptoris Albini, Exceptiones quaedam.” The Exceptiones appear to have been prefixed to the Homilies.


A sermon preach'd at Exon., Sept. the 9th, 1718, at a meeting of the United Ministers of Devon and Cornwal. By Matthew Huddy. Lond, printed for John Clark, at the Bible and Crown, in the Poultry, near Cheapside, 1718, sm. 4°., pp. 42, 6d. NotE.-cf. J. Pierce’s “Western Inquisition,” (1720), pp. 108-109.

HUGHAN, WILLIAM JAMEs (son of Will. Hughan). b. East Stonehouse, Plymouth, 13 Feb., 1841.

By Authority — Published annually. The Devon and Cornwall Masonic Calendar for the year 1865. Edited by Bro. W. J. Hughan, of Lodges 331, 954, etc. Devonport, published by Bro. John R. H. Spry, printer, etc., 9 Tavistock St. ; London, F. Pitman, 1865, 32°., pp. 49, 1/-. —1866, 320., pp. vii and 107, 1/-.—1867, 32°., pp. 148, 1/-, (as a Pocket Book, 2/-).—1868, 32°., pp. xii and 117, 1/-. Nore.—After 1868 this work was no longer published. Dedicated, by permission, to the Most Worshipful the Grand Master of England.—Constitutions of the Freemasons, by W. J. Hughan... Lond, R. Spencer, Great Queen St. ; Truro, W. Lake, 1869, fep. 89., pp. 123, 10/6. Not E. – 51 pages consist of a facsimile of the Copper Plate edition of the Constitutions of 1728, lithographed by W. Lake. An impression of only 70 copies.


Directory for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Cornwall. Edited by W. J. Hughan, Provincial Grand Secretary. Truro, printed by Bro. George Barnby, at the Royal Cornwall Gazette Office, 1870, 32°., pp. 31.-1871, 320., pp. 31.

By Authority, and under the sanction of The Provincial Grand Master of Devon, and The Provincial Grand Master of Cornwall. The Devon and Cornwall Masonic Register, for the year 1871. Illustrated with photograph of the Honble. Mrs. Alldworth. Together with A short biographical sketch by Bro. Hughan, Pro. G. Sec. of Cornwall. Edited by Leonard D. Westcott, P.M., 70. Plymouth, L. D. Westcott, 14, Frankfort St., 1871, 32°., pp. 94, 1/-.

NotE.-A Biographical Sketch, pp. 87-94.

Unpublished Records of the Craft. By W. J. Hughan...Lond, George Kenning; Hull, M. C. Peck and Son; Truro, W. Lake, 1871, demy 8°., pp. 54. Printed for private circulation only. Dedicated (by Permission) to the R.W. Bro. Augustus Smith, Provincial Grand Master for Cornwall.—Masonic Sketches and Reprints. I, History of Freemasonry in York. II, Unpublished Records of the Craft. By W. J. Hughan...Lond, George Kenning, Little Britain; Hull, M. C. Peck and Son; Truro, W. Lake, 1871, demy 8°., pp. 166, 6/6. NoTE.—The First Part was also printed in the “Masonic Annual, Hull, M. C. Peck and Son.” The

entire work has been reprinted by The Masonic Publishing Co., New York.

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HUGHES, Rev. Thomas. (Con.).

Faithful endurance and high aim. Being a sermon preached on the death of the late Rev. J. W. Wesley Chapel, Camborne. With a brief memoir of his life, by T. Hughes. Lond, Hamilton, 1867, 89., pp. iv and 114, 2/-.

HUGHES, WILLIAM. Barrister-at-Law and Auditor of the Poor Law Union District of Cornwall and Devon. (4th son of Rer. Sir Robt. Hughes of East Bergholt Lodge, Suffolk, Curate of Maker). b. Maker Vicarage, 2 Mch., 1803. bapt. 26 Mch. d. 2, Millbay Grove, Plymouth, 20 Aug., 1861. bur. Plymouth and Devonport Cemetery.

Practical directions for taking instructions for and drawing wills; with an Appendix of Precedents. By W. Hughes, of Gray's Inn, Barristerat-Law. Lond, J. and W. T. Clarke...PortugalStreet, Lincoln's Inn, 1833, 129., pp. xxiii and 214. The Practical Angler. [Six Illustrations.] By Piscator, o i.e., W. Hughes.] Lond., Simpkin, Marshall and Co., 1842. sm. 40., pp. v and 293. Fish, how to choose and how to dress. By Piscator, author of “The Practical Angler, etc., etc.” Lond, Longman; [W. R. Bray, printer, Launceston, 1843, 89., pp. vi and 296, 3/6. A Practical Treatise on the choice and cookery of fish. By Piscator. Second Edition. Lond, Longman, 1854, 89., pp. iv and 291, 5/6.

NotE.-A second edition of the preceding work, with considerable alterations.

The Practice of Sales of Real Property, with an Appendix of Precedents...By W. Hughes... In two volumes. Vol I. Lond., John Crockford, Law Times Office, 29, Essex Street, Strand, 1846, 89., pp. xxxi and 458.-Vol. II, 1847, 89., pp. xxxvi and 344, Precedents, pp. cxli, Index, pp. 39.—2nd ed. enlarged. Vol. I, 1849, 89., pp. xv and 563.−Vol. II, 1850, 89., pp. xix, 360, and Precedents and Index celvi. The Three Students of Gray's Inn. A novel. By W. Hughes, Contributor to Blackwood's Magazine of “It’s all for the best.” Lond., T. C. Newby, 72, Mortimer St., Cavendish Sq., 1846. 3 Wols. 89., 31/6. The Practice of Mortgages of real and personal Estate, with precedents of forms... By W. Hughes...In Two Volumes. Vol. I. Lond, John Crockford, 1848, 120., pp. xxviii and 380.Vol. II, 1849, 129., pp. xxxviii and 486. The New Stamp Act...with an introductory Commentary and practical notes...By W. Hughes ...Lond, John Crockford, 1850, 8°., pp. iv and 120. Concise Precedents in Modern Conveyancing. By W. Hughes...First Series. Vol. I. Lond.,


Law Times Office, 29, Essex Street, Strand, and Hodges and Smith, Dublin, 1850, 80., pp. xvi and 818.-Vol. II, 1851, 89., pp. xxiii and 859.— Vol. III, 1853, 89., pp. xii and 884.—2nd Edit. Vol. I, 1855, 89., pp. xiii and 850.-Vol. II, 1856, 89., pp. xv and 911.-Vol. III, 1857, 89., pp. xxiv and 521. A Table of the Stamp Duties payable in Great Britain and Ireland...according to the Act, 13 and 14 Vict., cap. 97. Anon. Published under the direction of the Law Stationers' Society. Lond., Stevens and Norton, 1850, fol., 1 page, W. It's all for the best, a Cornish tale. By W. Hughes. Lond., Whittaker and Co.; Plymouth and Devonport, Roger Lidstone, [printed] 1852, 8"., pp. 135. NoTE.-Reprinted from Blackwood's Mag., lix, 23146, 319-36, (1846). The Practice of Conveyancing, by William Hughes...Vol. I. Law Times Office, 29, Essex St., Strand, London, 1856, 89., pp. i-vi and 1– 482.-Vol. II, 1857, pp. vii—xi and 483–968. Index, pp. 1–98. Letter from W. Hughes to Jonathan Couch, dated Launceston, Sept. 7, 1843. J. Couch's Hist. of British Fishes, iii, 67–68.

HULL, Robert. See Hill, Robert.

HUMBLE, REv. MICHAEL MoRGAN, B.A. Assistant Curate of Madron, 1851, Assistant Curate of Halestown, 1853. Now (1872) R. of Sutton, Chesterfield.

Methodistic Catholicism, etc. By a Parish Priest, [i.e. Rev. M. M. Humble, 1852, 89. See Aitken, Rev. R.

HUNGERFORD, MARY (dau. of Sir Tho.
Hungerford, Knt., and wife of Edward, 2nd
Baron Hastings, in 1483).
Touching the marriage settlement of M.

Hungerford about Manors in...Cornwall, 12, Edw., 4. Harl. MSS., 3,881, art. 18.

HUNT, John (son of Thomas Hunt). Formerly resident at Porthleven. Now (1872) at Geelong, Australia. b. Crewkerne, 1809?

Ore separator and gold washing machine. By J. Hunt, of Porthleven. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1866, pp. xx-xxi.

HUNT, RICHARD (son of Robert Hunt). b. Plymouth Dock, [Devonport, 2 Apl., 1786. d. Leeds, 20 Feb., 1848.

Explanation of the Model of Mr. Richard Hunt's plans for securing the beams of ships. (With drawing, Plate IV). Itep. R.C.P.Soc., 1841, pp. 128–29.

HUNT, Robert, F.R.S. (son of Robert Hunt). b. Devonport, 6 Sept., 1807. Secretary to the R.C.P.Soc., 1841–5; Keeper of MiningRecords, 1846.

The Mount's Bay, a descriptive poem in three books, and other pieces. By R. Hunt. Penzance, published by J. Downing and T. Matthews, 1829, 80., pp. 90. List of subscribers. A popular treatise on the art of photography, including daguerréotype and all the new methods of producing pictures by the chemical agency of light. By R. Hunt, Secretary of the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society. Engravings. Glasgow, published by R. Griffin and Co., 1841, 8°., pp. viii and 96. Transactions of the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, 1842. No. I. Thermography, or the art of copying engravings or any printed characters from paper on metal plates, and on the recent discovery of Moser, relative to the formation of images in the dark. By R. Hunt, Secretary. Read Tuesday, Nov. 8, 1842...J. Trathan, printer and binder, Market Strand, Falmouth. n.d., [1842,] 8°., pp. 10. Researches on light. An examination of all the phenomena connected with the chemical and molecular changes, produced by the influence of the solar rays, embracing all the known photographic processes and new discoveries in the art. By R. Hunt, Secretary to the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society. , Lond, Longman, 1844, 80., pp. 303.−2nd ed., 1854, 8°., pp. xx and 387. Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, and of the Museum of Economic Geology in London. Vol. i. Lond, Longman, 1846, 8°.

NotE.-Contains “A Notice of the Copper and Tin raised in Cornwall. By R. Hunt, Keeper of Mining Records,” pp. 510-19.

Records of the School of Mines applied to the Arts. Lond., 1853, 89. Vol. i in 4 Parts.

Note.—Contains “Statistics of Produce of Copper, Tin, Lead, and Silver, 1848-52. By R. Hunt.” Vol. i. pt. iv.

Table of the Copper produced from the Mines of Cornwall and Devon during the years 1845, 1846, and 1847; shewing the Ore raised from each Mine, the fine Copper produced, Average Price per Ton, Amount in Money, Produce }* Cent of the Ore and the Average Standard— Robert Hunt, Keeper of Mining Records. In “Memoirs of Geological Survey of Great Britain and of the Museum of Practical Geology.” (Lond, Longman, 1848,8°). Vol. ii. pt. ii. p. 711.

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain and of the Museum of Practical Geology, Mining Records. Mineral Statistics of the

HUNT, Robert, F.R.S. (Com.).

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for 1853 and 1854. By R. Hunt, F.R.S., Keeper of Mining Records. Lond, printed for Her Majesty's Stationery Office. Published by Longmans, 1855, 8°., pp. viii and 162, 1/6.

t NotE.—These Mineral Statistics which contain much information relating to Cornwall have since been compiled annually by R. Hunt, and sold at various prices.

Manufacture of British Serpentine. From The Art-Journal, Sept., 1855. By Professor R. Hunt. Lizard Serpentine Company, Offices and Show Rooms, 20, Surrey St., Strand, London. Quarries and factory, The Lizard, Cornwall. n.p. or d., [1855, 8°., pp. 8.

NotE.—A reprint of “British Industries. No. IV. Manufacture of British Serpentine.” Art Journal, i, 258-60, (1855).

Popular romances of the West of England, or the drolls, traditions, and superstitions of Old Cornwall. Collected and edited by R. Hunt. Illust. by Cruickshank. Lond., J. C. Hotten, 1865, 2 vols., 8°., 16/-.

NotE.-The above work was, in 1871, brought out in a single volume.

Ure's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines. Ed. by R. Hunt, F.R.S. 6th ed. Lond., Longman, 1867, 3 vols., 89.

NotE.—Amongst the Contributors were, H. W. Bone, Enameller; Samuel Hocking, Camborne; and J. A. Phillips.

Analysis of the air from the deep levels of the Consolidated Mines, Gwennap. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1841, pp. 136–39. On the waters from the mining districts of Cornwall. ib., 1841, pp. 151–57. Meteorological Register kept at Falmouth. ib., 1841, p. 141; 1842, pt. ii, p. 89; 1843, Supp., p. 4; 1844, p. 106. On the electricity of mineral veins. By R. Hunt. ib., 1841, pp. 157–64; By R. Hunt and John Phillips, 1842, pt. i., pp. 26–27. [Chemist, iii, 251–53, 1842.] Particulars of the Earthquake felt in Cornwall, 17 Feb., 1842. ib., 1841. App., pp. 1–5. On Light of a peculiar and unknown character, emanating from the outer edge of the Sun. ib., 1842, pt. i., pp. 31–32. Experiments for ascertaining the quantity of air which enters the fire places of the Cornish Engines. ib., 1842, pt. ii, pp. 111–18; 1843, pp. 50–53. On the Chemical Change produced by the Solar Rays. ib., 1844, pp. 102-4.

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