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LEAN, THOMAs (17th child of the preceding). b. Crowan, 26 Apl., 1827. Now residing at The Gew, Marazion.

Lean's Engine Reporter, 1847. See Lean, Joel, who d. 1813.

NoTE.—This Report is still continuing.

LEAN, WILLIAM (eld. son of Joel Lean, who d. 1856). b. Neath Abbey, 26 Nov., 1804.

An Evening on Pelion. A poem in three cantos. Anon. Lond., printed for John and Arthur Arch, Cornhill, 1827, 89., pp. 47, 2/6.— Reprinted. Anon. Neath, printed by W. Whittington, Post Office, Wind Street, 1872, 8", pp. 47.

NoTE.—The reprint was made at the cost of Mr. John Lean, of Neath, (b. 1818) for gratuitous circulation amongst his friends.

Brief Observations on a pamphlet by Isaac Crewdson, entitled “Water Baptism an ordinance of Christ.” By W. Lean. Lond, Harvey and Darton, and E. Fry and R. Davies, Birmingham, 1838, 89., pp. ii and 23, 1/-.

NotE.--Preface dated Birmingham, 20th of 10th

Mo., 1838.

A Letter to Robert Charlton, occasioned by his “Thoughts on Barclay's Apology.” Signed “W. Lean, Edgbaston, 30 of 5 mo., 1868.” n.p. or d. or printer's name, [1868, 89., pp. 8.

NotE.-Printed for gratuitous distribution.

The Willow of Babylon. A Poem. 56 lines. Signed W. Lean, Fishpond House, Bristol. The Oriental Herald, xxi, 281–82, (1829).

LEDDRA, WILLIAM, of Barbadoes. b. Cornwall? Erecuted in Boston, New England, 14 Jan., 16}}. cf. Sewel's Hist. of Friends, (1834), i, 252–54, 349–56. An Appendix to the book entitled, New England Judged: being certain writings (never yet printed) of those persons which were there executed. Together with a short relation of the tryal, sentence, and execution of William Leddra. Written by them in the time of their imprisonment, in the bloody town of Boston. Lond, printed for Robert Wilson, at the sign of the Black-spread-eagle and Windmil, in Martins Le Grand, 1661, 40., pp. 177–98. NotE.—Contains “To Friends in New-England, or where this may come, Greeting,” signed “W. Leddra, Boston-Prison, in New England, 1660," pp. 196-92, (sic). An Epistle of William Leddra to Friends, written

by him the day before he was put to death, signed “W.
Leddra, the 13 of the first month, 1644,” pp. 193-95.
The Examination of W. Leddra, pp. 195-96.
The Copy of a Letter, touching the death of W.
Leddra, signed Thos. Wilkie and addressed to Mr. Geo.
Lad, Master of the America, of Dartmouth, pp. 197-98.

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LEEDS, THoMAs, Duke of. (Com.).

George Gould, Esq., and Thomas Quicke, Esq., and Mary, his wife, Respondents. The Appellants' Case. n.d., [1780, fol., pp. 5.

The Respondents' Case. n.d., [1780, fol., pp. 6.

LEEK, MR. Auditor of Cornwall, temp. Edw. VI. cf. J. S. Burn's Star Chamber, (1870), p. 49.


Note concerning the arms of Samuel Leek, of St. Ives. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 6675, fol., 236.

LEGG, REv. JoHN, M.A. W. of Prescot, Lancashire, 18 July, 1690 to 14 Nov., 1691. b. St. Columb Major. d. Prescot, 14 Nov., 1691. cf. Harwood's Alumni Etonenses, p. 261.

LEGGATT, ABRAHAM. Surgeon to His Majesty's Garrison, at Scilly.

Letter concerning a most extraordinary crop of oats cut at St. Mary's, one of the Scilly Isles. European Mag., xxvi, 125, (1794).

LEGGATT, REv. BENJAMIN. Wesleyan Minister in Cornwall, 1789–91. b. near Epworth, 1 Feb., 1761. d. Deal, 4 Oct., 1822. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., xlvi, 349–59, (1823).

LE GRICE, REv. CHARLEs WALENTINE, M.A. (eld. son of Rev. Charles & Sophia Anne LeGrice). Incumb. of St. Mary's Chapel, Penzance, 31 July, 1806, resigned June, 1831. b. Bury St. Edmunds, 14 February, 1773. bapt. 30 April. d. Trereife, Penzance, 24 Dec., 1858. bur. Madron. cf. Gent. Mag., vi, 322–24, 1859, (by Rev. H. Penneck); Gunning's Reminiscences of Camb., ii, 7; H. C. Robinson's Diary, iii, 111– 12; Lit. Mem, of Living Authors, (1798), i, 362–3; Coleridge's Table Talk, (1851), p. 196; C. Lamb's Works, (Talfourd's ed., 1859), pp.6–8.; Essays of Elia, pp. 190, 192,328,376; Upcott's Biog. Dict. of Living Authors, (1816), pp. 201, 440; Polwhele's Biog. Sketches, ii, 96–103.

An Imitation of Horace's First Epistle. Cambridge, 1793, 80.

An Imitation of Horace's First Epistle. Written and Printed at Trinity College, Cambridge, in the year 1793. Signed C. W. L. G. Reprinted. Penzance, 1824, 89.—Truro, Heard and Sons, 1850, 80., pp. 8.

The Tineum containing Estianomy or the Art of Stirring a Fire; the Icead, a mock-heroic Poem, an Imitation of Horace, Ep. i, lib. i; Epigrams; a Fragment, etc. By C. W. Le Grice,

LE GRICE, REv. C. W. (Com.).

of Trinity College, Cambridge. Printed by B. Flower, for W. H. Lunn and J. Deighton, and for T. Shepherd, Bury, 1794, 180., pp. 47, 1/-.

A prize declamation spoken in Trinity College Chapel, May 28, 1794, on the following subject, Richard Cromwell, if he had possessed his father's abilities, might have retained the protectorate. To which is added A Speech delivered Dec. 18, [1794,] being the day of public commemoration to prove that the reign of Queen Anne has been improperly called the Augustan age of English genius. By C. W. Le Grice. Cambridge, printed by B. Flower, 1795, 89., pp. 43, 1/

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A Sonnet on Mount's Bay. Written in 1796. Signed C. W. L. 1796, 89. s. sh.

Analysis of Paley's Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy for the use of Students. By C. W. Le Grice. Cambridge, printed by B. Flower for G. G. and J. Robinson, 1795, 80., 1/-.—2nd ed. 1796, 89, 1/6.—3rd ed. Cambridge, printed by B. Flower for J. Deighton, 1799, 89., pp. 96, 2/-,-4th ed. Sold by Deighton, Cambridge and by Conder, Bucklersbury London, 89., 2/6.—5th ed. Harrow, 1807,89., pp. 104. —6th ed. Lond, printed for B. Flower, 1823, 89., pp. 91.—7th ed. Lond, printed by C. Teulon for R. Baynes, 1820, 80., pp. 96, 2/6.— 8th ed. Lond., printed for W. Baynes and Son, 1822, 80., pp. 96, 2/6.

Thoughts on the Harvest. A Sermon preached at the Chapel of St. Mary, Penzance, Sunday, Jan. 17, 1802, being the second Sunday after the Epiphany. By C. W. Le Grice, A.B., late Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge. Truro, printed and sold by J. Tregoning...1802, 8°., . pp. 32, 1/-.

Daphnis and Chloe. A Pastoral Novel now first selectly translated into English from the original Greek of Longus. Anon. Penzance,

rinted for the Editor by T. Vigurs. Sold by

W. and Hood, Poultry...1803, 8°., pp. 265, 4/-.

NoTE.—Dedicated to Robert Bloomfield, Author of the Farmer's Boy.

LE GRICE, REv. C. W. (Com.).

A Sermon preached at Christ Church before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, the Aldermen and Governors of the Royal Hospitals of the City of London, on St. Matthew's Day, Saturday, the 21st Sept., 1805. By C. W. Le Grice, M.A. Lond, printed (by command) in the year 1805, by Ann Rivington, printer to Christ's Hospital, 40., pp. 31, 1/6.-Reprinted. T. Vigurs, Penzance, 1835, 89., pp. 34.

Address to the veteran seamen from a sermon preached by the Rev. C. W. Le Grice, M.A., at the Royal Chapel, in Greenwich Hospital, on the day of General Thanksgiving for the Victory of Trafalgar, gained the 21 October, 1805. m.p. or d. [1805, 89., pp. 8.—Another ed. Penzance, printed by T. Vigurs, Bookseller, 1823, 8°., pp. 8

A Duet. Written for Mr. Randles and his amiable little Daughter, the Musical Prodigy. She exhibited her Talents at Penzance, 5 June, 1807, 89. s. sh—Reprinted with “The Petition.” 2nd ed. App., p. 34. The Petition of an Old Uninhabited House in Penzance to its Master in town. With hints to the Author of John Bull, a Comedy, §: George Colman, the Younger, q.v.] Anon. Penzance, T. Vigurs. n.d., [1811, 89., pp. 32, 1/-. —2nd ed. Embellished with a view of the Old House and an Appendix. 1823, 8°., pp. 46, 2/6. —3rd ed. Penzance, F. T. Vibert, 1858, 89., pp. 32. NotE.—Although the addition of the Appendix is mentioned on the title page of the third edition, it does not appear to have been stitched up with any of the copies. Indifference not Christian Charity. A Sermon preached in St. Mary's Chapel, Penzance, Wednesday, May 26, 1813, at the Annual Visitation of the Clergy, and Published at their Request, by C. Val. Le Grice, M.A. Penzance, printed and sold by T. Vigurs; sold also by F. C. and J. Rivington, London. n.d., [1813, 8°., 3/-. NoTE.—Sermon, pp. 1-33; Note, pp. 37-98. Dedicated to the Rev. Edmund Gilbert, June 9, 1813. Inscription for Lanyon Quoit in its fallen state, [19 Oct., 1816, 89. s. sh.-Reprinted with “The Petition.” 2nd ed. App., p. 37. Sonnet on cutting down an Old Arbour. [1817 |80.—Reprinted with “The Petition.” 2nd ed. App., p. 38. Woodcock Shooting, composed at intervals between the shots, on a Shooting Party at Trye, in Gulval, 21 Oct., 1817. 89. s. sh–Reprinted with “The Petition.” 2nd ed. App., p. 39. Sonnet, (written in the Album [of “The First and Last," 25 Oct., 1819), to visitors at the Land's End, 89. s. sh—Reprinted with “The Petition.” 2nd ed. App., p. 43.

LE GRICE, Rev. C. W. (Con.).

Honour the King. A Sermon preached at St. Mary's Chapel, Penzance, July 19, 1821, the day of His Majesty's Coronation. By C. Wal Le Grice, M.A., Chaplain of Penzance. Penzance, printed and sold by T. Vigurs, sold also by Rivington, London... 1821, 8°., pp. 24, 1/6.

NotE.—Dedicated to “John Jones Pearce, Esq., Mayor; E. C. Giddy, Esq., Justice, and to all my congregation.” Dated “Trereife, 30 July, 1831.”

Lines inscribed in the Album at the fall of Giesbach, in Switzerland. Signed C. W. L. G. July, 1823, 8°. s. sh. 14 lines.

A Letter to Sir Rose Price, Bart., on Religious Consistency. Penzance, 1824, 89.

Correspondence on a Charge of Heresy against Sir R. Price. (Reprinted from Royal Cornwall Gazette). Monthly Repository, xix, 88–92, 141– 50, 151–56, 216–17, 261–63, 286–88, 337–39, 401–404, (1824).

NotE.—This correspondence originated from a letter (which was published in the Cornwall Gaz., 17 Jan., 1824), addressed to Sir Rose Price, Bart., in which Mr. Le Grice informed him that he had been dismissed from the Presidency of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge at Penzance, on account of his holding Unitarian Doctrines.

An Autograph copy of the letter addressed by Sir Rose Price to Mr. Le Grice in reply, (dated Trengwainton, 8 Jan., 1824), is now penes Mr. G. C. Boase.

A Letter to the Author of “Unitarianism briefly stated.” By the Rev. C. W. Le Grice. Penzance, 1824, 89. A Reply to the Rev. C. W. Le Grice, by the Author of “The Unitarian Doctrine briefly stated.” | ". T. F. Barham, 1824, 89. A public call on the Rev. C. W. Le Grice respecting the Socinian Controversy in a letter to the Editor of the Cornwall Gazette. By Onesiphorus. Penzance, Thomas, printer, East St., 1824, 129. Sonnet to St. Clement's Isle, Mount's-Bay, Cornwall. (Written in Autumn). Signed C. W. L. G., Oct., 1825. s. sh., 89. 14 lines. Sonnet on visiting the school at Bristol in which the Poet Chatterton was bred. Bristol, July 22, 1826. cf. N. and Q., 4S., ix, 430, (1872). A Sermon preached in the Chapel of St. Michael's Mount, in 1826. By the Rev. C. W. Le Grice. Penzance, 1826, 120. A Hymn for the opening of the rebuilt Church, at Morvah, on the North West Coast of Cornwall, A.D. 1828. (The Words by the Rev. C. W. Le Grice). Tune “Cambridge New.” R. D. Rodda, printer, Penzance, n.d., [183–, 49.-Printed Gent. Mag., xcviii, pt. ii, 363, (1828); The Western Watchman and Christian Recorder, Deronport. No. i, p. 17, Jan. 31, 1834.

LE GRICE, Rev. C. v. (con.).

Lines written for the Ladies Charitable Bazaar, at Penzance, 1828. Penzance, T. Wigurs, 89.,—Reprinted Gent. Mag., xcviii, pt. ii, 8, (1828), v, 366, (1858). Inscription for the Rocks at Gulval, 1831, 129. 22 lines. Lines addressed to an old Pleasure House, 89., s, sh—Reprinted with “The Petition.” 2nd ed. App. p. 33. Hymn written for the Penzance Dispensary. 89.,—Reprinted with “The Petition.” 2nd ed. App. p. 46. Lines written for a Fête at Penzance, given in celebration of the Princess Charlotte's Birthday, [Nov..] 1814, 8", s. sh—Reprinted with “The Petition.” 2nd. ed. App. pp. 35–36; Gent. Mag., lxxxiv, pt. i, 167, (1814). Sonnet to an Old News Room at Penzance, established A.D. 1799. Signed an Original Member. pseud, i.e., C. W. Le Grice, 89., s. sh— Reprinted with “The Petition.” 2nd ed. App. p. 40. The Proofs of the Spirit, or Considerations on Revivalism: A Sermon preached at St. Mary's Chapel, Penzance, on Sunday, April 24, 1814. By § W. Le Grice, M.A., Perpetual Curate of Penzance. Penzance, printed and sold by T. Vigurs; sold also by F. C. and J. Rivington, London, n.d., [1814,] 8°., pp. 36, 1/-.

NoTE.—Dedicated to John Batten, Esq., Mayor, and George John, Esq., Justice, dated St. Mark's Day, 1814. cf. Methodist Mag., xxxvii, 844-51, (1814).

A Letter to the Rev. C. Wal. Le Grice, occasioned by his Sermon, entitled “Proofs of the Spirit or considerations on revivalism.” By R. Treffry. Penzance, printed and sold by G. Cock, a.d., [May, 1814,] 8°., pp. 34, 8d.—2nd ed. Penryn, 1814, 89., pp. 43. The studies and teaching of the clergy. A sermon preached at St. Mary's Chapel, Penzance, Wednesday, June 16, 1830, at the annual visitation of the clergy, and published at their request. By C. W. Le Grice, M.A., Chaplain of Penzance. Penzance, printed and sold by T. Vigurs, sold also by Mrs. Heard, Truro, and Hatchard, London, 1830, 89., pp. 16, 1/-, NotE.-Dedicated “to Very Rev. John Sheepshanks,

Archdeacon, and J. D. Coleridge, L.L.B., Rector of Lawhitton.”

Lines on hearing the Chimes of a Village Church. Signed “C. W. L. G. Gransden, Hunts, July, 1833.” n.d., 80., s. sh.

Sonnet to Sir R. Hussey Vivian, Bart. Signed “C. W. Le Grice, Nov. 4, 1839.” n.d., 80., s. sh. 14 lines.

A young lady five years old till then an only child to her brother newly born. Verses signed

LE GRICE, Rev. C. W. (Com.).

“C. W. L. G.” n.d., [1839?] 80., s_sh. Address delivered by the Rev. C. W. Le Grice, presiding as Chairman at a Meeting of the Western District Cottagers Gardening Society, held at Penzance, 23 June, 1840. Penzance, printed by R. D. Rodda, 1841, 89., pp. 8. College Reminiscences of Coleridge. Reprinted from the Gentleman's Magazine, New Series, December, 1834, by desire of some of the Author's Friends. Signed “C. W. Le Grice, Jan. 20, 1842.” Printed by R. D. Rodda, Penzance. n.d., [1842,] 8°., pp. 4.—Reprinted C. Carlyon's Early Years, (1843), ii, 279–83. Letters published under the signature of “Civis” by the Rev. C. W. Le Grice, on Church Subjects in the West of Cornwall, with a Letter to the Rev. William Carus Wilson. Truro, E. Heard, 1844, 89.—2nd ed. 1844, 89., pp. 45.

NoTE.—Some of these Letters were published separately. Letters on Church Questions. By Vigilans. o Rev. C. W. Le Grice.] E. Heard, printer, oscawen Street, Truro, 1845, 89., pp. 20.

NotE.--Title from the Cover. These Letters are

reprinted from the West Briton. Sonnet on Chas. Lamb leading his sister to the Asylum. By the Rev. C. W. Le Grice, dated “Trereife, Cornwall,” 1849, 8°., s. sh: [Reprinted Gent. Mag., xxxi, 496, (1849); and in Percy Fitzgerald's Charles Lamb and His Friends, (1866), pp. 125–26.] Tributary Lines in reminiscence of the Poet Coleridge, signed “C. W. Le Grice, Trereife, Cornwall.” 1852, 80., s. sh. Sonnet in reminiscence of the poet Coleridge. Signed “C. W. Le Grice, Trereife, Cornwall, 16 June, 1852,” 89., s. sh.-Reprinted Gent. Mag., xxxvii, 2, 52, (1852). Sonnet on a portrait of the Rev. Thomas Jones, M.A., formerly the beloved and respected Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge. Signed “C. Wal. Le Grice, Trereife, Cornwall, 28 May, 1855.” n.d., 8°., s. sh.-Reprinted Gent. Mag., xliv, 54, (1855). Tribute to the memory of Henry Revel Reynolds, Barrister, my college contemporary at Cambridge, signed “C. W. Le Grice, Trereife,” 1856, 89., s. sh. Sonnet (addressed to his picture in his bedroom), signed “C. W. L. G.,” 8°., s. sh.

On Cross Buns, etc. Gent. Mag., lxxxvi, pt. ii, 502–503, (1816). Lines on hearing of the recovery of the Rev. Dr. Wordsworth, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, from an alarming illness. ib., xxv, 264, (1846). O O

LE GRICE, REv. C. W. (Com.).

Sonnet on his first and only visit to Words. worth. ib., xxxix, 129, (1853). Sonnet Tributary to the Poet Wordsworth. ib., x], 578, (1854). Sonnet Tributary to the Poet Bernard Barton. ib., xli., 487, (1854). Thought is self converse. ib., xlv., 146, (1856). Here sacred silence reigns and all is peace. A Sonnet. ib., i, 419, (1856). Notice of an ancient smelting place for tin generally called a Jew's House, lately discovered at Trereife. Trans. R.G.S.C., vi, 43–46, (1840). Some Account of Lamb's School-days. In “Life and Letters of C. Lamb by Sir T. N. Talfourd,” (1850), i, 4–9. Account of the Sean. J. Couch's Hist, of British Fishes, (1860), ii, 90–92.

Lines to Mr. Le Grice, with a reply by him, on the subject of giving a Silver Cup and a Dinner to Lieut. Goldsmith. MS. copy, penes Mr. G. B. Millett, Penzance.

A Radical Rout. Lines written Nov., 1820, by Momus. [i.e., the Rev. C. W. Le Grice.] MS. ib.

Four Letters from the Rev. C. W. Le Grice to Mr. Henry Boase, Penzance, 1812–26, MSS. 80. penes Mr. G. C. Boase, London.

Letter from the Rev. C. W. Le Grice to Mr. Samuel John, at Penzance, dated Fore-Street, Stonehouse, August, 1815, [descriptive of his seeing the Emperor Napoleon on board the Bellerophon, in Plymouth Sound.] MS. 8°., pp. 4. penes Mr. G. C. Boase.—Printed Cor. Teleg., June, 1865.

Letter from the Rev. C. W. Le Grice to Lord Lyndhurst, dated 8 Mch., 1858, [giving a descriptive sketch of the writer's life and writings.] MS. 40., pp. 4, penes the Rev. Prebendary Hedgeland, o

NoTE.—With the letter, Mr. Le Grice sent Lord Lyndhurst a collection of his chief publications bound in one vol., 8°., with autograph annotations. This volume is also penes Mr. Hedgeland.

LEIFCHILD, John R., M.A. (son of Rev. John Leifchild, D.D., Minister of Craven Chapel, Regent St., London). b. Kensington, 1815.

Cornwall its Mines and Miners. With Sketches of Scenery. Designed as a popular Introduction to Metallic Mines. By the Author of “Our Coal and our Coal-pits.” (Nos. 74 and 75 of The Travellers Library). Lond, Longman, 1855, 80., pp. xii and 303, 2/-.

NotE.—Preface signed J. R. Leifchild.] This work was written after a personal inspection of the mines by the author.

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LEMON, SIR CHARLEs, 2nd Bart., M.A., F.R.S. (3rd son of Sir William Lemon). M.P. for Penryn, 1807–12, 1830–31; for Cornwall, 1831–32; for West Cornwall, (with a very short interval), 1832–57. b. Whitehall, London, 30 Sept., 1784. d. Carclew, 12 Feb., 1868, bur. Mylor. cf. Gent. Mag., v, 389–90, (1868); Journ. R.I.C., Apl., 1869, pp. ix, 134; Journ. Statistical Soc., i, 9, 51, 190; Journ. Roy. Geographical Soc., xxxviii, pp. cxlvi-cxlviii, (1868), Visions of the Western Railways. Dedicated to Sir C. Lemon, Bart., M.P. for the Western Division of Cornwall. Anon. Printed for private circulation. Lond., S. Bagster, 15, Paternoster Row, 1833, roy. 89. Visions, pp. 1–89. Fugitive Poems, pp. 1–36. A letter to the committee appointed to consider and report on the plans offered for the appropriation of the Dunstanville Fund. Signed C. L. Truro, E. Heard, n.d., [1837, 89., pp. 22. A letter to the Rev. Canon Rogers on the appropriation of the Dunstanville #. Signed C. Lemon. Lond, Ridgway, Piccadilly, 1838, 89., pp. 23 6d.

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