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The water-seller of Venice. ib., vi, 584–86. The Italian teacher of Rome. ib., vi, 746–48. The Christmas Tree. Verses. ib., vi, 832. How to see the English Lakes. ib., vi, 423–26, 439–43, 455–59, 470–74, 489–92. Studies in History. Tamerlane and his siege of Delhi. ib., vii, 7–11, (1858). The Story of Lighthouses. ib., vii, 135–39, 191–92. The Path-Finder. An evening with Dr. Livingstone. ib., vii, 269–71. The time of the singing of birds is come. Verses. ib., vii, 271. Our mountain sheep dogs. ib., viii, 363–65, (1859). The Story of Fountains. ib., viii, 454–57, 467–69. The death-bed of a lion. ib., ix, 5-6, (1860). Notes of a Westmorland Naturalist. ib., ix, 171–72, 301–303, 490–92, 557–58. Arthur and the Round Table. Illustrated. ib., ix, 790–94.

The Catacombs of St. Sebastian. Sunday at Home, iii, 380–81, (1856). Relics. ib., iii, 582–84. The school boy, the student, the missionary, [i.e. Rev. H. Martyn.] ib., iv, 491–94, (1857). The Wessels of the Jewish Temple; where are they now 1 ib., iv, 782–83. Water and salt; or, the Bible a book for all climes and for all times. ib., v, 125–26, (1858). Oil and Lamps; or, the Bible etc. ib., v, 155–56. The Shepherd; or, the Bible etc. 237–39. Honey; or, the Bible etc. ib., v, 283–84. The Bible etc. Gold. ib., v, 748–50. House and home; or, the Bible etc. ib., vi, 52–55, (1859). Bread cast upon the waters and found after many days. ib., vi, 293–95.

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LOBB, RICHARD. High Sheriff of Cornwall, 1652; M.P. for St. Michaels, 1659. Cf. Thos. Burton's Diary, (1828), iv, 457. NoTE.—The Rev. Stephen Lobb, son of the above, was Minister of Fetter Lane Chapel and Lecturer at Pinners' Hall, in 1694, the place and time of his birth is not known, but he died 3 June, 1699. He took an active part in the controversy on the Dispensing Power in the reign of James II, and published some works favourable to that Monarch's conduct. Theophilus Lobb, M.D., F.R.S., (son of the above Stephen Lobb), b. 17 Aug., 1678, and d. 19 May, 1763, was the author of numerous medical works.

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LOMBARD, REv. DANIEL, D.D. Rector of Lanteglosojuxta-Camelford, 24 Feb., 1744 to 1746. b. France 1 d. Camelford, 14 Dec., 1746. bur. 2 Jan., 174%. cf. Journ. R.I.C., 1871, p. xxxiii. A sermon preach'd at Hanover, before the late Princess Sophia and the rest of the Royal Famil on March 28, April 8, 1714. By D. i. D.D., and Fellow of St. John Baptist College, Oxon. Published by Her Royal Highnesses special command. Oxford, printed for Stephen Fletcher, Bookseller... 1714, 89., 4d. Dedication unpaged, 3 leaves, the sermon, pp. 1–24. Comparaison des deux Histoires de M. De Mezeray et du Père Daniel, en Deux Dissertations Avec une dissertation préliminaire sur l'Utilité de l’Histoire. Par D. Lombard, Docteur en Théologie et Chapelain de S. A. R. Madame la Princesse de Galles. Amsterdam, aux dépens de la Compagnie, 1723, 49. Dedication and Preface unpaged, 7 leaves, The Dissertation, pp. 1–48, The Comparaison, pp. 49–154. A Succinct History of ancient and modern persecution, Together with a short Essay on Assassinations and Civil Wars. By D. Lombard, D.D., Late Fellow of St. John's College, Oxon., now Rector of Lanteglos and Advent in the county of Cornwall. Lond., printed for S. Birt, at the Bible and Ball, in Ave Mary Lane, 1747, 89., pp. 192. Stricture upon St. Thomas Aquinas. In F. Gregor's ed. of Sir John Fortescue's “De laudibus legum Angliae,” (1737, fol.), pp. 18, 84, 86. Observations on the Israelites making a king, ib., pp. 18, 19, 21, and Addenda, p. 3. Correspondence with Mr. Gregor, of Trewar. thenick. MSS.

LONG, EDWARD (4th son of Capt. Samuel Long, of Queen Caroline's Dragoons, who d. 1757). Secretary to Sir Hen. Moore, Lieut.-Governor of Jamaica; Judge of Vice Admiralty Court, Jamaica. b. Rosilian, in St. Blazey, 23 Aug., 1734. d. Arundel Park, Sussex, 13 Mch., 1813. bur. Slindon, Sussex, 20 Mch. cf. Bryan Edwards' Proceedings of Assembly of Jamaica

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Candid Reflections upon the judgment lately awarded by the Court of King's Bench...on what is commonly called the Negroe-Cause. By a Planter, [i.e., E. Long..] Lond, printed for T. Lowndes, No. 77, Fleet Street, 1772, 89., pp. iv and 76, 1/6. The History of Jamaica, or general survey of the antient and modern state of that island...Illustrated with copper plates. Anon. Lond., printed for T. Lowndes, in Fleet-steet, 1774, 3 vols., 4°., 63/-. The Sentimental Exhibition; or portraits and sketches of the times. Anon. Lond., T. Lowndes, 1774, 129, 2/6. , Letters on the Colonies. 1775, 89. English Humanity no paradox; or an attempt to prove that the English are not a nation of Savages. Anon. Lond, printed for T. Lowndes, No. 77, Fleet Street, 1778, 89., pp. viii and 87, 16. Br. Museum. The Sugar Trade. 1782, 89. Memoirs of the reign of Boussa Ahādee, King of Dahomy, an inland country of Guiney; to which are added the Author's Journey to Abomey, the Capital, and a short Account of the African Slave Trade. By Robert Norris. [Edited by E. Long.] Illustrated with a new map. Lond, printed for W. Lowndes, 77, Fleet St., 1789, 80., pp. xvi and 184.

Note.—“An Extract of a Letter from the Author to the Editor" occupies pp. v-xii.

LONG, Edward. (Con.).

Collections and memoranda, by Edward Long, relating to the History of Jamaica and the West Indian Islands: with the printed sheets of “The History of Jamaica,” with considerable additions and alterations. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 12,402–14; 12,429–32; 12,435; 12,438. cf. also 18,270–75; 18,959–63.


A Chronology of years from the creation to the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus. By J. Longesford, Preacher of the Gospel in Cornwall. Sloane MSS., 1022, fol., 25–27.


Order for money to be paid to W. Longford as farmer of the harbour dues of Catwater and Hamoaze at 2d. per ton and 2/- per ship to Saltash, 22 Dec., 1668. Harl. MSS., 1510, art. 171, pp. 811–813.

LONGLANDS, Miss E. D. See Drewe, E. D.

LONGLANDS, Rev. WILLIAM DAVID, M.A.; F.G.S. Fellow of Balliol Coll., 1816; R. of Gerrans, 29 Apl., 1844 to 1861, b. 1791. d. Winchester, 27 Dec., 1866, cf. Gent. Mag., iii, 258, (1867).

A Letter from the Rev. W. D. Longlands to Dr. Winn giving account of extraordinary optical phoenomena witnessed by him at Perranporth. Rep. R.I.C., 1841, pp. 32–33.


Order to the King's Escheator in the Counties of Devonshire and Cornwall to pay to A. Longwith twenty marks of the goods and chattels of Richard Atte Welle, of Tavystoke, an outlaw. MSS. Camb. Univ. Lib., D.D., iii, 53, art. 413.

LORD, REv. ALFRED (son of Rev. Hen. Lord, D.D., R. of Northiam, Susser). Curate of Tresco and Bryher, Isles of Scilly, 1841–44; Curate of Mithian, 1844–47; Incumb. of Mithian, 1847. b. Barfreystone, Kent, 2 Sept., 1812.

Luther, or Rome and the Reformation. A Poem. By Alfred Lord, Lond, Seeley, and Burnside, Fleet Street, 1841; 12", pp., 193, 3/-.

The Operations of the Holy Spirit. A sermon, by the Rev. A. Lord. Lond, Parker; Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1852, 8°., pp. 24, 1/-.

The Grace of God and the danger of receiving it in vain. A Sermon, by the Rev. A. Lord, Incumbent of Mithian. Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1859, 80., pp. 12, 6d.

LORD, Rev. ALFRED. (Com.).

Church for the new parish of St. Mithian, Cornwall. Incumbent, the Rev. A. Lord. n.d., [Nov., 1863, 49., pp. 4.

NotE.—An appeal for subscriptions towards the building of the church parsonage and schools.

LOVETT, WILLIAM. b. Church Lane, Newlyn, Penzance, circa 1800. cf. Life of Thos. Cooper, (1872), pp. 220, 223–24, 227, 297. Address and Rules of the Working Men's Association for benefiting politically, socially and morally the useful classes. “Signed by the Committee on behalf of the Association. H. Hetherington, Printer, Treasurer, 126, Strand, William Lovett, Cabinet-Maker, Secretary, 6, Upper North-place, Gray's Inn-road.” Lond., Cleave, Shoe Lane, Fleet St. n.d., [1837, 89., pp. 8, 1d. NotE.—A volume in the Br. Museum, marked 8138a, which apparently once belonged to Mr. Lovett, contains 32 pamphlets relating to “The London Working Men's Association,” many being signed “W. Lovett, Secretary.” The Trial of W. Lovett, Journeyman Cabinetmaker, for a seditious libel, before Mr. Justice Littledale, at the Assizes, at Warwick, on Tuesday, the 6th of August, 1839. 2nd ed. Lond, rinted and published by H. Hetherington, 126, trand. n.d., [1839, pp. 20, 3d. [An o To the Political and Social Reformers of the United Kingdom, from The National Association of the United Kingdom. Signed “W. Lovett, London; John Collins, Birmingham, etc., etc.” Printed by R. E. Lee, George Yard, 92, Drury Lane, n.d., [1841, 89., p. 4. Chartism; a new organization of the people, embracing a plan for the education and improvement of the people, politically and socially;... Written in Warwick Gaol by W. Lovett, CabinetMaker, and John Collins, Tool-Maker. 2nd ed. Lond., J. Watson, 15, City Road, Finsbury,... and W. Lovett, 183, Tottenham Court Road, 1841, 89., pp. 132, 1/-. A Letter to William Lovett, sometime resident in Warwick Gaol. Lond., 1841, 89., pp. 31. Letter from Mr. Lovett to Messrs. Donaldson and Mason, containing his reasons for refusing to be nominated Secretary of the National Charter Association, Signed “W. Lovett, 52, Gloucester St., Queen Square, 8 Sept., 1843.” m.p. or printer's name. 1843, 8°., pp. 4. A Letter to Daniel O'Connell, Esq., M.P. In reply to the calumnies he put forth in the Corn Exchange, August 8th, in answer to the address of the National Association of the people of Ireland. By W. Lovett. Lond, printed and published by H. Hetherington, 40, Holywell St., Strand, 1843, 89., pp. 8, 1d.

LOVETT, WILLIAM. (Com.). All men are brethren. An Address to the

friends of humanity and justice among all nations by the democratic friends of all nations. Signed “L. Oborski, Chairman.”[Written by W. Lovett.] Lond, published by J. Cleave, 1, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street, 1845, 89., pp. 8. A Proposal for the consideration of the Friends of Progress. By Wm. Lovett. Lond, published by John Cleave, 1, Shoe Lane. n.d., [1847, 89., pp. 8, 1d. Justice safer than expediency. An appeal to the middle classes on the question of the suffrage. By W. Lovett. Lond., C. H. Elt, 18, High Street, Islington, 1848, 89., pp. 8, 1d. Elementary Anatomy and Physiology, for schools and private instruction: with lessons on diet, intoxicating drinks, tobacco, and disease. By W. Lovett. Illustrated with ten coloured plates. Lond, Darton and Co., 1851, 89., pp. xx and 159.-2nd ed. Lond, Simpkin, Mar. shall, and Co., 1853, 89., 7/6. Social and Political Morality. By W. Lovett. Lond, published by Simpkin, Marshall and Co., 1853, 8°., pp. viii and 204, 4/-. Woman's Mission; by W. Lovett. [A Poem.] Lond., published by Simpkin, Marshall and Co., 1856, 89., pp. 21, 6d.


Catalogue of land and fresh-water shells found in the neighbourhood of Nottingham. Trans. P.N.H. and A. Soc., i, 390–95, (1850).


Pedigree of Lower family from the Visitation of the County of Cornwall, 1620. J. J. Howard's Miscell. Geneal. et Herald, i, 13, 266; ii, 18.

LOWER, MARKANTHONY, F.S.A. (son of Rich. ard Lower). b. Chiddingly, Sussex, 1813.

Patronymica Britannica. A Dictionary of the family names of the United Kingdom; endeavoured by M. A. Lower, M.A., F.S.A. Lond, J. R. Smith; Lewes, G. P. Bacon, 1860, 40., pp. xxxix and 443.

NoTE.—Contains useful information about Cornish names of persons and places.

LOWER, NICHOLAS (son of John Lower, of Polscoe, in St. Winnow).

Indenture between Margaret, Lady Hunger. ford, and Nicholas Loure, relative to an annuity paid to him by her out of the Manor of Lanante as security for quiet possession of the Manor of St. Winnowe. Deed anno 1469.

Receipt by Margaret, Lady Hungerford, to Nicholas Loure for 100 marks in part payment

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