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yards. From James Manderson, Esq., Captain in the Royal Navy. Lond, printed for Thomas Underwood, No. 40, West Smithfield, 1812, 89., pp. viii and 151. Grenville Lib., Br. Museum.

NotE.-The chief aim of these letters is to advocate the making of Falmouth Harbour a Naval Station.

MANN, REv. GERARD (son of Rev. Horace

Mann). R. of Mawgan, 1851 to 1856. b. Maw

§o. Rectory, 20 Mch., 1821. d. awgan, 21 Oct., 1855. bur. 29 Oct.

Asermon, preached at Mawgan Church, November 4th, 1855, on the occasion of the death of the Rev. Gerard Mann. By the Rev. Saltren Rogers. Penheale-Press, Rev. H. A. Simcoe, Launceston, Cornwall, 1855, 12°., pp. 21.

A sermon, preached at Mawgan Church, October 28th, 1855, on the occasion of the death of the Rev. Gerard Mann. By the Rev. J. P. Mayne. Penheale Press, Rev. H. A. Simcoe, Launceston, Cornwall, 1855, 12°., pp. 20.

MANNING, JAMEs (son of Rev. Jas. Manning). Her Majesty's Ancient Serjeant-at-law. b. Exeter 1781. d. 44, Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, 29 Aug., 1866. A Digest of the Nisi Prius Reports with notes and references and some original cases chiefly collected on the Western Circuit. By James Manning, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-law. 2nd ed. with considerable additions. Lond., printed for J. and W. T. Clarke, 1820, 80. Index and contents unpaged, the digest, pp. 1–376, names of cases unpaged. The Practice of the Court of Exchequer, Revenue Branch. By James Manning, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-law. 2nd ed. corrected and enlarged. With an Appendix, containing An Inquiry into the tenure of the conventionary estates in the assessionable manors, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall. Lond, printed by A. Strahan for H. Butterworth, 1827, 89., pp. xlviii and 516, 31/6.

NoTE.—The Inquiry occupies pp. 356-94.


To G. Manors, divers Manors, &c., in Cornwall. Harl. MSS., 433, art. 867.

MANORS, SIR Robert, Knt.

To Sir R. Manors, several Manors; whereof that of Tremwelle, in Cornwall, was late of Thomas Grey, Marquis of Dorset. Harl. MSS., 433, art. 825.

MARRYAT, CAPT. FREDERick (son of Joseph Marryat, of Jimbledon). b. Westminster, 10 July, 1792. d. Langham, Norfolk, 9 Aug., 1848.

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Wilson and Sons for Longman, London, 1817, 89, pp. xii and 612.

NotE.-Robert Fraser's Report occupies pp. 515-26, and G. B. Worgan's Report, pp. 527-48.

MARSTON, JoHN WESTLAND, LL.D. b. Boston, Lincolnshire, 30 Jan., 1820.

Trevanion, or the false position. A play in three acts, by Westland Marston and Bayle Bernard. First represented at the Royal Surrey Theatre, Monday, Oct. 22, 1849, under the joint lesseeship of Messrs. Shepherd and Creswick. Lond., C. Mitchell, Red Lion Court, Fleet St. n.d., [1849, 8°., pp. 36, 1/-. NoTE.—The hero of this play who gives his name to the piece is represented to be a Cornishman.

MARTEN, Edward BINDoN, C.E. (son of Roll. Giles Marten, of Plaistow). b. Vauxhall, London, 4 Apl., 1832.

Records of Steam Boiler Explosions by E. B. Marten...Chief Engineer to the Midland Steam Boiler Inspection and Assurance Co. Lond, E. and F. N. Spon; Stourbridge, B. Broomhall, 148, High Street, 1872, 89., partly unpaged.

NoTE.—Contains information respecting Cornish Boiler Explosions.

On boiler explosions in Cornwall. Itep. R.C.P. S., 1870, pp. 87–97.

MARTIN, ALFRED TOBIAs JoHN (son of Cusworth Martin and grandson of Tobias Martin). b. Helston, Jan., 1802. d. Russell St., Adelaide, South Australia, 8 Jan., 1850. bur. Adelaide Cemetery.

The Remains of the late Tobias Martin, (1831) |t. A plan for converting parallel into rotatory motion. By Alfred Martin. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1842, pt. ii, pp. 73–74.

MARTIN, BENJAMIN. b. Worplesdon, Surrey, 1704. d. London, 9 Feb., 1782.

The General Magazine of Arts and Sciences ...By B. Martin. Lond, printed for W. Owen, at Homer's Head, in Fleet St., 1755–65, 89.

NoTE.–In the portion containing “The Natural History of England,” 1759-63, 2 vols, 89., is found "The Natural History of Cornwall,” with two illustrations, i, 1-21.

MARTIN, HUGH (eld. son of Hugh Martin). Adm. Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, 9 May, 1668, Fellow, 14 Dec., 1674, vacated by marriage, 6 Feb., 1633. b. Helston, 1651. cf. Hawes' Hist. of Framlingham, (1798), p. 275.

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pp. 32. R. R.

MARTIN, REv. THoMAs. (Con.).

A Sunday School Hymn Book; designed for the use of both Teachers and Children ; including hymns adapted to the regular or occasional devotions of young people in general. By the Rev. T. Martin. Bristol, printed by Wansbrough and Saunders, Albion Office, 142, Redcliff-St., sold by T. Blanchard, 14, City Road, London, 1821, 160., pp. 276. Index unpaged, 7 leaves. The Stranger at Home, a Poem; to which are added other Poems and Pieces. By T. Martin. Devonport, Johns, 1824, 12°., pp. 106. A Course of Lectures on the truth and value of revealed Religion, delivered in Ebenezer Chapel, Plymouth. By T. Martin. Plymouth, [printed, 1835, 12°., pp. xi and 179. The Centenary; a commemorative poem, including occasional sketches of men and events in the history of Methodism. In four books. By T. Martin. Lond, sold by John Mason, 14, City Road, 1839, 80., 3/-. NotE.—Preface dated “The Grove, Hackney, Dec., 1839,” pp. i-viii, The Poem, etc., pp. 1-160. Historical Notices of Spitalfields Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Lond., 1842, 12°., pp. 8.

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MARTIN, WILLIAM, Mine-captain. b. 1789. d. Crellow House, Stithians, 3 July, 1861. bur. 7 July, cf. Gent. Mag., xi, 333–34, (1861).

NoTE.—He constructed at Tresavean an improved Mine Ladder, for an account of which cf. Trans. R.G.S.C., v, 88", note, (1843).

MARTYN, REv. HENRY, B.D. (son of John Martyn, of Gwennap). Senior Wrangler, Jan., 1801; Fellow of St. John's Coll., Camb., 5 Apl., T802 to 1812; Assistant Curate of Holy Trinity, Cambridge, Oct., 1803; Curate of Lolworth, Oct., 1803; Chaplain to the E. I. Company, Jan., 1805. b. Truro, 18 Feb., 1781. d. Tocat, Persia, 16 Oct., 1812. cf. Rev. Claudius Buchanan's Christian Researches in Asia, (1811), p. 100; Rev. C. Buchanan's Christian Obserrations, p. 290; Rev. John Owen's Hist. of Bible Society, (1816), i, 307, ii, 9, 19, 108, 252, 256, 261–66; Geo. Dyer’s Hist, of University of Cambridge, (1814), Supp., pp. 71–73; R. Southey's Remains of H. Kirke White, (1816), i, 95, 104, 116; Jas. Morier's A Second Journey through Persia, (1818), pp. 97, 223–24; Lives of Missionaries, India, ii Series. (Lond, Soc. Prom. Christ. Know.), 1865, pp. 44–118; Rev. James Hough's Hist. of Christianity in India, (1839– 45), iv, 336–57; John Tillotson's Our Untitled Nobility, (1863), pp. 117–32; Rev. Jas. Gardmer's Mems. of Christian Missionaries, (1843), pp. 1–32; Rev. Will. Carus' Mems of Rev. Chas. Simeon, (1847), pp. 196–204, 225–27,305,348– 64; Rev. Hen. Clissold's Lamps of the Church, (1863), pp. 81–88, with portrait; J. W. Kaye's Christianity in India, (1859), pp. 181—214; Our Indian Heroes. By J. W. Kaye. No. iv. The Rev. H. Martyn. Good Words, 1865, pp. 327– 36; J. W. Kaye's Lives of Indian Officers, (1867), i, 321–74; Will. Cooke Taylor's Modern British Plutarch, (1846), pp. 263–67; Sophia Kelly's Life of Mrs. Sherwood, (1854), pp. 337–42, 356– 81, 406–24, 450; Clement Carlyon's Early Years, (1856), iii, 1–137; Mrs. W. R. Lloyd's Flowers of Christian Chivalry, (1863), pp. 292–314; H. J. Van Lennep's Travels in Asia Minor, (1870), i, 166–172, (with two ricus of H. Martyn's grave); Miss Charlotte M. Yonge's Pioneers and Founders, (1871), pp. 71–95; Polwhele's Biog. Sketches, i, 89–96; Gent. Maq., lxxxiii, pt. i, 595, (1813); Evangelical Mag., xxviii, 1–5, 49–52, (1820); Imperial Mag., (with portrait), vi, col., 306–18, (1824); Once A Week, ii, 26– 28, (1860); Sunday at Home, iv,491–94, (1857); y, 106–108, (1858); Wesleyan Methodist Mag., lxxxv, 334–36, (1862); Sir R. Ker Porter's Travels in Georgia, Persia, etc., (1821), i, 687, 689, ii, 23, 660, 703; Memoirs of Life of Sir James Mackintosh, (1835), ii,89, 95; Encyclop. Brit: ; Penny Cyclop. ; Rose; Didot Nouvel Biog. Univ.; Biog. Univ.; English Cyclop.


A Memoir of the Rev. Henry Martyn, B.D., Late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Chaplain to the Hon. East India Company. É. Rev. John Sargent.] Lond, printed for J.

atchard, Piccadilly, by W. Mason, Chichester, 1819, 80., pp. vii and 537, 6/-.—2nd ed. Lond., printed for J. Hatchard and Son, 190, Piccadilly, 1819, 89., pp. xiv and 509.--3rd ed. Lond, Hatchard, 1819, 80., pp. xv and 508.-7th ed. Lond., J. Hatchard and Son, 1822, cr. 8°., pp. xvii and 484.—9th ed. Lond., 1828, 12°., pp. xvii and 484.—10th ed. Lond., 1830, 89.—11th ed., corrected and enlarged. Lond, Seeley and Sons, 1831, 89., pp. xii and 507.-18th ed. Lond., Seeley, Jackson, and Halliday, 1855, 8°., pp. vi and 448, 5/-.

NotE.—Until the 16th ed., the Letters and Journals of H. Martyn were published as one work; the 17th [forming Vol. 45 of The Christian's Family Library, ed. by the Rev. E. Bickersteth and published Lond., Seeley, Fleet St.] only included his Journals, the Letters being brought out in a distinct work and forming No. 46 of the same series.

An Abridged Memoir of the Rev. H. Martyn, B.D...Cork, printed by Richard Tivy, No. 20, George's-Street, 1821, 8°., pp. 34, 3d. Memoir of the Rev. H. Martyn...By John Sargent, Jun. 4th American edition. Hartford, G. Goodwin and Sons, printers, 1822, 12°., pp. 375. An Elegy to the memory of the late Rev. H. Martyn; with smaller pieces. Portrait. By John Lawson, Missionary in India. 1823, fcp. 8", 2/-. Labourers in the East, or Memoirs of Eminent Men...By the author of “Pierre and his family.” American Sunday School Union, Philadelphia, No. 146, Chesnut St., 1827, 129.

Note.—Each Memoir has distinct pagination. Memoirs of the Rev. Henry Martyn, pp. 1-142.

Journals and letters of the Rev. H. Martyn, B.D., late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Chaplain to the Honourable East India Co. Ed. by the Rev. S. Wilberforce, M.A., Rector of Brighstone. Lond, Seeley and Burnside, 1837, 2 vols., 89.

The Letters of the Rev. H. Martyn, B.D. 6 engravings. Lond, Seeley, Burnside and Seeley, Fleet St., 1844, 8°., pp. x and 418, 6/-.

NotE.—This forms Vol. 46 of the Christian's Family Library.

The Miners' Sons: Martin Luther and Henry Martyn. By the Rev. C. D. Bell, M.A. Lond, Sampson, Low and Son, 1853, 8°., pp. 101.

NoTE.—The account of H. Martyn is contained in pp. 43-101.


Henry Martyn, or the living sacrifice. Select Series of Christian Tracts and Books. Dublin Tract Repository, 10, D'Olier St., Dublin, and 9, Paternoster Row, London. n.d., [1863, 129., pp. 36, 1d.

Her title of honour. By Holme Lee [i.e., Miss Harriet Parr..] Lond, H. S. King and Co., 1871, 89., pp. 282.

NotE.—A religious novel, being the life of the Rev. H. Martyn, who is described under the name of Francis Gwynne.

Henry Martyn. Lond., Religious Tract Soc. No. 989, n.d., [18––.] 8°., pp. 24, 6/- per 100.

Recollections of Henry Martyn, [Verses, signed Alec. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., xlviii, 791, (1825).

Christian India; or an Appeal on behalf of 900,000 Christians in India who want the Bible. A sermon preached at Calcutta, on Tuesday, Jan. 1, 1811, for promoting the objects of the British and Foreign Bible Society. By H. Martyn, B.D... Published by request. With a List of Benefactors. Calcutta; printed by P. Ferris, 1811, 89., pp. 47 and iv.

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated into the Hindoostanee language from the original Greek. By the Rev. H. Martyn, A.B., Late Fellow of St. John's College, and Chaplain on the Bengal Establishment. And afterwards carefully revised with the assistance of Mirza Fitrit, and other learned natives. For the British and Foreign Bible Society. Serampore, printed at the Missionary Press, 1814, 89.—Another ed. Lond, printed by Richard Watts for The British and Foreign Bible Society, 1819, 80., pp. 650.

Novum Testamentum Domini et Salvatoris nostri Jesu Christi, e Graeca in Persicam linguam a viro reverendo Henrico Martyno translatum in urbe Schiraz, nunc vero cura et sumptibus Societatis Biblicae Ruthenicae typis datum. Petropoli apud Jos. Joannem, 1815, 49., pp. 453.

The New Testament...translated...into Persian at Sheeraz. By the Rev. H. Martyn...with the assistance of Meerza Sueyid Ulee, of Sheeraz. Calcutta, printed by P. Pereira, at HindoostaneePress, 1816, 89.—3rd ed. Lond, printed by R. Watts for the British and Foreign Bible Society, 1827, 89., pp. 520. — Another ed. Calcutta, printed at the Baptist Mission Press for the American and Foreign Bible Society, 1841, 89., pp. 584.—5th ed. Edinburgh, printed for t.v. British and Foreign Bible Society by Thos. Constable, 1846, corresponding to 1262 of the Hijrah, 49., 67 sheets.

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