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Political Pamphlets. By J. H. Murchinson. Originally publishedunderthe signature of “Plain Facts,” and reprinted for presentation to the Electors of Truro. Lond, Mann Nephews, 39, Cornhill. Truro, J. R.Netherton, 1859,80., pp. 172.

British Mines considered as a means of investment with particulars of the principal dividend and progressive mines in England and Wales. By J. H. Murchison, Esq., F.G.S. Lond, Mann Nephews, 39, Cornhill, 1854, 8°., pp. 200, 3/6. —2nd ed. 1855, 89., pp. 205, 3/6.—3rd ed. 1855, 89., pp. 240, 3/6.-4th ed. 1856, 8°., pp. 358, 3/6.

Review of the progress of British Mining for the quarter ending 30 June, 1858, with particulars of the position and prospects of the principal dividend and progressive mines, some special reports and several plans of underground workings and tables of the dividends paid in 1855, 1856 and 1857. By J. H. Murchison, Esq., F.G.S. Lond., may be had at the Office of the Author, 117, Bishopsgate Street Within. [Varty, Printer, Camomile St.,] 1858, 8°., pp. 97, 1/-.

MURCHISON, SIR RodeRick IMPEy, Bart., F.R.S. b. Tarradaile, Ross-shire, 19 Feb., 1792. d. 16, Belgrave Sq., London, 22 Oct., 1871.

A brief review of the classification of the sedimentary rocks of Cornwall, (1838). Trans. R.G.S.C., vi, 317–26, (1846); Edinb. New Philos. Journ., xliii, 33–41, (1847).

On the discovery of silurian rocks in Cornwall. Philos. Mag., xxx, 336–44, (1847); Ann. Nat. Hist., xix, 326–34, (1847).

On the classification of the older rocks of Devonshire and Cornwall. By Rev. Adam Sedgwick and Sir R. I. Murchison, (1839). Proc. Geol. Soc., iii, 121–23, (1838–42).

Classification of the older stratified rocks of Cornwall and Devonshire. By Rev. A. Sedgwick and Sir R. I. Murchison. Philos. Mag., xiv, 242–60, (1839).

MURDOCK, WILLIAM. Resident in Cornwall from 1779 to 1798. b. Bellow Mill, Old Cumnock, Ayrshire, 1754. d. Sycamore House, Handsworth, Soho, 15 Nov., 1839.

A.D. 1791, May 30. No. 1802. Specification of William Murdock, of Redruth, in the county


of Cornwall, Gentleman, for “The art or method of making (from the same materials and by processes entirely new) copperas, vitriol and different sorts of dye or dyeing stuff, paints and colours, and also a composition for preserving the bottoms of all kinds of vessels and all wood requiring to be immersed in water, from worms, weeds, barnacles and every other foulness which usually does or may adhere thereto." Lond, 1791, fol.-Reprinted. Lond, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1856, fol., pp. 4, 3d. A.D. 1799, Aug. 29. No. 2340. Specification of William Murdock, of Redruth, in the county of Cornwall, Engineer, for “Certain new me. thods of manufacturing and constructing steam engines." With drawing annexed. Lond, 1799, fol—Reprinted. Lond, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1855, fol., pp. 6, 10d. An account of the application of the gas from coal to oeconomical purposes by Mr. W. Murdock; read before the Royal Society on the 25 Feb., 1808, and printed in the Philosophical Transactions for that year. [Abraham, Printer, Clement's Lane, London.] n.d., [1808,18°., pp. 8.

NotE.-W. Murdock first came into Cornwall in Sept., 1779, in the employment of Boulton and Watt. In 1784 he made a small locomotive and tried it in the avenue of the Redruth Parsonage. In 1792 he made the first experiments in lighting with coal and used it in his own house and offices at Redruth. In 1785 Murdock married the daughter of Captain Paynter, of Redruth, by whom he had four children. His wife died in 1790 at the early age of 24. cf. Philos. Trans., xcviii, 124-32, (1808); Nicholson's Journ., xxi, 94-103, (1808); Smiles Lives of Boulton and Watt, (1865), pp. 253-57, 321-23, 336-38, 356,422; Smiles' Lives of the Engineers, (1862, iii, 77-78, (where is a section view of the Redruth model locomotive); F. Trevithick's Life of Rich. Trerithick, (1872), i, 64, 69, 108, 124, 146-51, ii, 105, 118, 125-26; Once a Week, x, 362-63, (1872); The Inrentions and Life of W. Murdock. By William Buckle. With Discussion thereon. Proc. of Instit. of Mechanical Engineers, Qct. 1850, pp. 16-26; Will. Matthews' Historical Sketch of the origin, etc., of Gas-Lighting, (1827), pp. 21-22, 44. 235-37, 312.

MURLIN, REv. John (2nd son of Richard and Elizabeth Murlin or Morlen). Wesleyan Minis. ter, 1754–99. b. St. Stephen Branwell, August, 1722. d. High Wycombe, 7 July, 1799, bur, Rev. John Wesley's Vault, City Road Chapel Graveyard. cf. Arminian Mag., ix, 422, (1786); Methodist Mag., xxii, 511, (1799), xxiii, 64–68, (1800); T. Jackson's Lives of Early Methodist

Preachers, (1837–38), ii, 415–28; Tyerman's Life and Times of Wesley, ii, 382, iii, 70,292; G. J. Stevenson's City Road Chapel, (1872), pp. 246, 352, 369–70, 376; C. Atmore's Methodist Memorial, (1871), pp. 156–58.

A Short Account of J. Murlin, written by himself. Portrait actatis 56. Arminian Mag., ii, 530–36, (1779).

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Gerennius. A Letter from the Rev. J. W. Murray, M.A., Curate of St. Mary's, Truro, to the Rev. Samuel Trist, Vicar of Veryan. Truro, printed and published by J. R. Netherton, 1855, 129. Title and contents 2 leaves, then pp. 1–10. A Letter from the Rev. J. W. Murray to the Rev. Samuel Trist, Vicar of Veryan, on Gerennius and his supposed place of burial at Veryan. Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1859, 129., pp. 16, 1/-. Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion. A Letter addressed chiefly to young persons, before and after confirmation. By the Rev. J. W. Murray. Truro, printed by J. R. Netherton, 1857, 12°., pp. 29.-2nd ed. 1858, 12°., pp. 29, 4d. A comparative scale of creation, according to Mosaic Records and Geological Facts. Anon. Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1861, pp. 15, 6d.

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NoTE.—In this edition the portion relating to Cornwall, Devonshire and Somersetshire, was enlarged from abservations communicated by Dr. Musgrave.

N. Wadebridge. The Mariner's Return. Cornish Mag., iv, 288, (1829).

N. A.F.N.

Time is short. Verses. Rev. H. A. Simcoe's Light from the West, i, 286, (1832).

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NANCE, JAMEs. Superintendent of Mining Works in France. b. 1802. d. Liskeard, 4 Sept., 1869. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., xciii, 767, (1870).

NANCE, REv. JAMES. Wesleyan Minister (son of John Nance). b. St. Columb, 16 Apl., 1820. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., lxxxviii,96,(1865); xci, 765–66, (1868). All for Jesus, by the Rev. J. Nance, Wesleyan Minister. Redruth, J. S. Doidge. n.d., [1859, roy. 32°.--An entirely new edition, greatly enlarged. Redruth, J. S. Doidge, Fore St. ; Lond, H. J. Tresidder, 17, Ave Maria Lane. n.d., [1862,] roy. 32"., pp. 32, 2d. Trust the Pilot. By the Rev. J. Nance. Redruth, printed and published by J. S. Doidge, 1861, roy. 32"., pp. 36, 3d.-4th ed. n.d., [1862,] 12°., pp. 36, 3d. Cornwall as it was before visited by the Wes. leys. Signed N.J. Christian Miscellany, ix, 101– 103, 133–35, (1863). The Wesleys in Cornwall. ib., ix, 203–206, 231–34. The progress of methodism in Cornwall. ib., ix, 292–95, 326–28, 357–64. Cornish Methodist Worthies. A Skilful Pilot [Richard Trewavas...] ib., x, 11–12, 41–46, (1864). Cornish Methodist Worthies. A poetic fisher. man [Richard Trewavas, Junr.] ib., x, 136–40, 170–75. Cornish Methodist Worthies. A conscientious accountant J. E. Trezise.] ib., x, 198–202,233–38. Cornish Methodist Worthies. A devout philosopher [Samuel Drew.] ib., xi, 37–41, 71–76, (1865). Cornish Methodist Worthies. A distinguished christian minister [Francis Truscott.] ib., xi, 166–70, 202–206. The Hearing Ear. ib., x, 306–308.

NANFAN FAMILY, cf. For Treadway Nash's History and Antiquities of JP'orcestershire, i, 84– S6.

NANFAN, JOHN. b. Cornwall. Lieut.-Governor of New York, 1697–1701; Governor of New York, 1701–2. cf. J. Smith's Hist, of Province of New York, (1757), pp. 90, 92, 97–103.

NANKIVELL, ARTHUR W., F.R.C.S. (son of the succeeding). Resident Surgeon, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Chatham. b. Coventry, 1837, Excision of knee joint for injury. Brit. Med. Journ., i, 30, (1868). Case of urinary calculus that had ulcerated its way into the vagina. ib., i, 479–80. The working of the “Contagious Diseases Act, 1866,” at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. ib., i, 564– 65, (1869).

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NANKIWELL, John, M.D. (son of Thos. Nankivell). b. Truro.

Dissertatio medica inauguralis de catarrho... Pro gradu doctoratus summisque in medicina honoribus ac privilegiis rite et legitime consequendis, Eruditorum examini subjicit Joannes Nankivell, Britannus, Societatis Medicae Edinensis Socius... Edinburgi apud Balfour et Smellie, Academiae typographos, 1778, sm. 4°., pp. 33.

NANKIWELL, John Hicks, M.R.C.S. (son of Samuel Nicholls Nankirell, who was b. Wadebridge, 1785, and d. St. Columb, 1816). b. St. Columb Major, 23 Feb., 1809.

Westiges of the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Tongues.—[No.] 1. By J. H. Nankivell, M.R.C.S., etc., Penzance. From the “Gentleman's Magazine,” [xviii, 674, 1865, September, 1865. m.p. or d. or printer's name, [1865, 8°., pp. 4.

Lines on a Crystal Felspar Cross, found in a piece of Cornish Granite 1866. Anon. m.p. or d. or printer's name, [1866, 12°.,

Brief notes of cases of disease treated homoeopathically. The Monthly Homalopathic Rev., iii, 503–512, (1859). Hydrastis canadensis in chronic tumour of the breast. ib., iv, 71–74, (1860). A few cases of disease treated at the Penzance Homoeopathic Dispensary. ib., v, 326–32, (1861). Allopathic Drug-provings. ib., v, 174–77. A Calendar of cases treated at the Penzance Homoeopathic Dispensary. ib., vii. 172–77, 206– 12, 294–306, 502–507, 537–44, 595-600, (1863). Two cases of spinal disease. ib., vii, 411–19. Effects of glonoine in neuralgia. ib., vii, 90–98. Apis mellifica in scarlatina maligna. ib., viii, 30–36, (1864). Brief notes on cases of disease. ib., viii, 216– 19, 342–48, 485–89, 544–52. Cases from my dispensary notebook. ib., ix,344– 48, (1865). A case of traumatic iritis with hypopion. ib., ix, 609–12. A case of chronic bronchitis and traumatic corneitis. ib., ix, 687–89. Annual Report of the Penzance Homoeopathic Dispensary, for the year 1866. Signed J. H. Nankivell. ib., xi, 190–91, (1867). Notes from dispensary practice. ib., xi, 206– 217, 269–78, 331–43. Case with remarks. ib., xi, 698–702. A case of rectal haemorrhage. ib., xii, 757–58,

(1868). Modern antique prescriptions. ib., xiii, 190–92, (1869).

Clinical reports. ib., xiii, 357–60.

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NELSON, REv. John. Wesleyan Minister, b. Birstal, near Leeds, Oct., 1707. d. Leeds, 18 July, 1774. bur. Birstal.

An extract of John Nelson's Journal being an account of God's dealing with his soul from his youth to the forty-second year of his age... Written by himself. Bristol, printed by E. Farley and Co., 1767, 12°., pp. iv and 169, 2/-, Memoirs of the late Mr. John Nelson of Birstal...Written by himself. Birmingham, R. Peart, Bull St., n.d., [1807, 12°., pp. vi and 214, 2/6. Note.—J. Nelson accompanied the Rev. J. Wesley and Mr. Downs in a preaching tour through Cornwall, in Aug. and Sept., 1743, the account is in pp. 73-76 in the first work, and in pp. 87-91 in the latter.

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