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NELSON, Rev. John. (Com.).

Diary of Mrs. Kitty Trevylyan. A Story of the Times of Whitfield and the Wesleys. By the Author of “Chronicles of the Schönberg-Cotta Family, etc., etc.” [i.e., Elizabeth Charles.] Lond., T. Nelson and Sons, 1865, 80., pp. 304. * Note.—The account of J. Nelson's visit to Cormwall is contained in pp. 90, 124, 130, 139, 140-46, 161, 164, 171, 173, 175, 304.

NEOT, St., a near relative of Alfred the Great. b. former part of IX Century. d. Ham-Stoke, i.e., St. Neot's, 31 July, 877 ? bur. St. Neot's. cf. F. Wise's Asser., (1722); sub annis, 878, 884; Hardy's Cat. of Materials, (1862), i, 538– 49, 557; Thos. Wright's Biog. Brit., (1842), i, 381–83, and Essays on Archaeological Subjects, 1861), pp. 177, 262; J. Leland's Collectanea, 1770), iii, 214, iv, 13; J. Leland's De Scriptoribus, (1709), c, 113, 115; Ordericus Vitalis, ii, 99; William of Malmesbury's Gesta Pontiftcum, (1870), Book iv., 182; John de Glastonbury (Hearne's ed., 1726), pp. 110–12; Ingulfi Croylandensis Historia in Will. Fulman's Rerum Anglicarum scriptorum veterum, (1684), i, 27; Life of St. Neot, by J. A. Froude, in J. H. Newman's Lives of the Saints, (1844), The Hermit Saints; Chronica Joannis Wallingford in Thos. Gale's Scriptores, (1691), i, p. 536.

The Life of Saint Neot, the oldest of all the brothers to King Alfred. By Rev. J. Whitaker, D.D., Rector of Ruan Lanyhorne, Cornwall. Lond, 1809, 80. The History and Antiquities of Eynesbury and St. Neot's, in Huntingdonshire, and of St. Neot's in the county of Cornwall. By G. C. Gorham, (1820), #. Anglo Saxon Homily on St. Neot. Cotton. MSS. Vesp. D., 14 ft, 142 b–148 a. Life of St. Neot. MSS. Bod. Lib.,535; Cotton. MSS. Claud. A 5; MSS. Magd., liii, 199–207. NotE.—The Cotton. MS. Vesp., D. iv, (printed in Gorham, pp. 256-61), which is not later than the 11th cent. is the most ancient life of St. Neot extant, as it does not mention the translation to Huntingdonshire; it was probably written for the church service at St.

Neot's in Cornwall. Asser who d. 883 must refer to a previous life.

NETHERTON, Edwin (son of James Netherton, who d. Truro, 3 June, 1840). b. Truro, 17 May, 1828. Drowned in St. Clement's River, near Truro, 4 Jan., 1870. The Song of Solomon in the Living Cornish Dialect. From the Authorised English Version. Anon. 1859, 12°., pp. 20. Nore.—“Th' Song of Solamun” was translated by E. Netherton, at the request of Prince L. L. Bonaparte. On the last page is the following notice “I certify that only 250 copies of this work have been printed, of which one is on thick paper.” “George Barclay, 28, Castle St., Leicester Square.”

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Some account of the residence of the inventor of the steam-engine. By Thomas Lidstone, of Dartmouth. Illustrated by wood engravings (a note to be appended to any future history of steam-power). 2nd ed. Lond., Imprinted b Whittingham and Wilkins, at the §o. Press, Took's Court, in Chancery Lane, for T. L., and published by Longmans... 1869,4°., pp. 8,3/-. A fevv notes and queries about Nevvcomin (who made ye first steam-engine) and a dravving of his engine, his house, (and fireplace) and something about his kettle, his monument, etc., etc. Lond, imprinted by Pardon and Son for Thomas Lidstone, of Dartmouth, and sold by J. C. Hotten, 74 and 75, Piccadilly, A.D. 1871, 49., pp. 16, 8d. Half-famous men and places. 1. Newcomin's House, Dartmouth. The Churchman's Family Mag., xvi, 47–51, (1870). NotE.—Newcomen came into Cornwall and erected an atmospheric-engine at Mr. Will. Lemon's mine, Wheal Fortune, in Ludgvan, in 1720, another engine on the same model was put up at Pool Mine, in 1746. cf. S. Smiles' Lives of Boulton and Watt, (1865), p. 69; . Trevithick's Life of Rich. Trevithick, (1872), i, 3-8, 23-27; ii, 114-15, 121. Newcomen is stated in some publications to have obtained a patent for his engine

in 1705, but the Patent Office has no record of such a circumstance.

A Comparative Statement of the Effects of Messrs. Boulton and Watt's Steam Engines, with Newcommen's and Mr. Hornblower's. By Mr. Wilson. Truro, W. Harry, 1792, 80.

NEWLING, REv. WILLIAM (son of Thos. Newling). P.C. of Herodsfoot, Cornwall, 1851. b. Shrewsbury, 1820.

Prayers for every morning and evening in the year, collected from the daily lessons. By W. Newling, B.A., of St. John's Coll., Camb., and Perpetual Curate of Herodsfoot, Cornwall. Lond., J. Masters, 1862, 12°., pp. 68, 1/-. NoTE.—Announced as intended to be in 12 parts, but Part I, containing January the only portion issued. The Lord's Presence with his Church. A sermon preached at the visitation of the Venerable the Archdeacon of Cornwall, held at Liskeard, June 17, 1867. By W. Newling, Perpetual Curate of Herodsfoot. Lond., J. Masters; Liskeard, J. Philp, Fore St., [printed, 1867, 89., pp. 19, 6d.

NEWMAN, ARTHUR (son of Will. Newman, of Ludgvan), cf. Bliss' JVood, ii, 268. The Bible-bearer. By A. Newman?] sometimes of Trinity Colledge, in Oxford. Printed at London by W. I. for I. C., and are to be sold at the north doore of Paules, 1607, 49., unpaged. Bod. Lib.

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University of Oxford; Gulstonian Reader of
Pathology, 1732 and 1736; One of the Phy-
sicians to Geo. II, 1753–60. b. London, 1699.
d. Epsom, Surrey, 14 Jan., 1778. cf. Manning
and Bray's Surrey, i, 163; Censura Literaria,
(1805), i, 192–98; Ben. Hutchinson's Biog.
Medica, (1799), ii, 182–85; Munk's Roll of
Physicians, ii, 109–11; Rev. Job Orton's Letters,
(1800), ii, 261–62; Boswell's Johnson, (1835),
vi, 365; Aikin's Gen. Biog.; Rose; Nichols' Lit.
Anecdotes, vi, 215, 217,642; Nichols' Illustra-

tions of Lit. Hist., ii, 802, iv, 760–61; Albert
Haller's Bibl. Anatomica, (1774), ii, 223–24;
Gent. Mag., xlviii, 46, (1778), lv, pt. i, 13–15,
(1785), lxxiii, pt. ii, 1255, (1803), lxxvii, pt.
ii, 990, (1807).

Franci Nichollsii, M.D., Georgii Secundi
magnæ Britanniae regis Medici Ordinarii Vita;
cum conjecturis ejusdem de Natura et usu
partium humani corporis similarium. Scriptore
Thoma Lawrence, M.D. Portrait. Londini, 1780,
40., pp. 106. Grenville Lib. Br. Museum.

NoTE.—Privately printed and only forty copies
struck off.

Compendium Anatomicum ea omnia com-
plectens quae ad cognitam humani corporis
Oeconomiam spectant. Cui, quo clarius elucescat,
quanti sit anatomia in medeciná tam diagnostică
et prognostică quam practică, adjiciuntur prae-
lectiones artem obstetricariam actiones medica-
mentorum et proximas mortis causas anatomicis
principiis exponentes. In usum Academiae Oxon-
iensis. Constructum a F. Nicholls, e Coll. Exon.
M.D. Prael-Anat., Oxon., C.M.L.S. et F.R.S. 5
Plates. Londini, impensis Johannis Clark, apud
Biblium juxta Excambium Regium, 1733, 49.
Preface 1 leaf, then pp. 1–64.
Compendium Anatomico-Oeconomicum,
Londini, impensis Johannis Clark, 1736,
Preface 1 leaf, then pp. 1–78.
Compendium Anatomico-Oeconomicum, etc.
Londini, impensis Johannis Clark, 1738, 49.
Preface, 1 leaf, Ordo Praelectionum and Appendix,
1 leaf, then pp. 1–78.
Compendium Anatomico-Oeconomicum, etc.
Londini, impensis Johannis Clark, 1742, 40. Pre-
face, I leaf, Compendium, pp. 1–60, Appendix,
pp. 1–20, Oratio Anniversaria, pp. 22–28.


NoTE.—There are slight differences in the title pages
of the 1733 and 1736 editions.

Syllabus partium corporis quae urinae excre-
tioni, generationi, sanguinis circulationi, respir-
ationi, vocificationi, visui, auditui, nervis et
olfactui inserviunt, Praelectionibus aptatus mox
habendis in Theatro Anatomico Chirurgorum


Londinensium Anno 1733. Anon. Londini, Anno 1733, 49., pp. 9–20. Oratio Anniversaria in Theatro Collegii Medicorvm Londinensivm, decimo quinto calend. Novembris, ex Harveii instituto, ad socios habita Anno 1739. A Fr. Nicholls, M.D. Londini, impensis Tho. Woodward ad insigne Lunae Crescentis inter Templi Portas Illustrissimae Regiae Societati Typographi, 1740, 40., pp. 24. NotE.—This Oration is also found in pp. 22-28 of the 1742 edition of the Compendium Anatomico-Oeconomicum although not mentioned on the title page of that work. De Anima Medica praelectio ex Lumleii et Caldwaldi instituto in Theatro Collegii Regalis Medicorum Londinensium ad socios habita, die Decembris 16” Anno 1748* A Fran. Nicholls, M.D. Reg. Societatis Sodali et Medico Regio extraordinario. Cui, quo clarius eluceant, quae in ipsá prælectione figurate explicantur, accesserunt notae. Londini apud Paulum Vaillant, 1750, 40., pp. 41. De Anima Medica prælectio...Editio altera, notis amplioribus aucta, et appendice ad motum cordis et arteriarum spectante. Londini, 1771, 4°., pp. 49. De Anima Medica prælectio...Editio altera, notis amplioribus aucta cui accessit Disquisitio de Motu cordis et sanguinis in homine nato et non nato, tabulis acneis illustrata. Londini excudebat H. Hughs, prostat venalis apud J. Walter, juxta Charing Cross, 1773, 49., pp. 104, 7/6. The Petition of the Unborn Babes to the Censors of the Royal College of Physicians of London. Anon. Lond., 1751.

NotE.—In this work Pocus stands for Dr. Nesbit, Maulus for Dr. Maule, and Barehone for Dr. Barrowby. It was answered by “Vindication of Man Midwifery, being an answer to The Petition of the Unborn Babes.” Lond., 1752, 89.

Some observations towards composing a natural history of mines and metals. Philos. Trans., xxxv, 402–407, 480–85, 1728. [Abr. vii, 224, 1729..] Some observations on aneurysms in general, and in particular on the foregoing. ib., xxxv, 440–44. [Abr. vii, 231, 24S.] Observation on a treatise wrote by Mons, Helvetius, of Paris, designed to prove that the lungs do not divide and expand the blood, but that on the contrary they cool and condense it. ib., xxxvi, 163–69, 1731. [Alr. vii, 361.] An account of the hermaphrodite lobster presented to the Royal Society, on Thursday, May the 7th, by Mr. Fisher, of Newgate Market, and dissected pursuant to an order of the Society. ib., xxxvi, 290–94. [Abr. xi, 398, 1730.]


An account of the veins and arteries of leaves, (1730). ib., xxxvi, 371–72, [Abr. xi, 419.] An account of a polypus, resembling a branch of the pulmonary vein, coughed up by an asthmatic person, (1731). ib., xxxvii, 123–25, 1733. [Alr. vii, 481, 1731.] An account of worms in animal bodies, (1755). il.., xlix, 246–48, 1756. [Abr. x, 616, 1755.] Observations concerning the body of his late Majesty, Oct. 26, 1760. ib., lii, 265–75, (1762). [Abr. xi, 571, 1761.] Nachrichten von wurmen in thierischen körpern. Hamburgisches Magazin, xix, 219–21.

Anatomical Lectures, (imperf.) Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 4018, art. 8.

Letter of Dr. F. Nicholls to the President and Council of the Royal Society concerning his arrears, 11 Dec., 1741. ib., 6,180, f 140.

NICHOLLS, SIR GEORGE, K.C.B. (eld. son of Solomon Nicholls). Entered H.E.I.C. Service, 1796; Obtained command of a ship, 1809; Quitted the service, 1815; Superintendent of Birmingham Branch of Bank of England, 1827–34; Poor Law Commissioner, 1834; Secretary to Poor Law Board, 1847–51. b. St. Keverne, 31 Dec., 1781. d. 17, Hyde Park Street, London, 24 Mch, 1865. bur. Willesden Cemetery, 30 Mch. cf. English Cyclop. ; Gent. Mag., xix, 380, (1865); Men of the Time, 1862; Didot Nouvel. Biog. Univ.; Biog. Univ. Eight Letters on the Management of our Poor and the general administration of the poor laws, in which it is shewn the system that has been adopted and the saving in the poor rates which has recently been effected in the two parishes of Southwell and Bingham, in the county of Nottingham, respectfully offered to the consideration of magistrates, and earnestly recommended to the attention of all parish officers. By An Overseer, [i.e., G. Nicholls.] Prefixed is An Address to James Scarlett, Esq., M.P. Newark, printed by S. and J. Ridge, and sold by Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, London, 1822, 89., pp. xii and 70, 2/-. NoTE.—These Letters originally appeared in the

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Poor Law Commissioners. Copy of a Letter to the Secretary of State for the Home Department from the Poor Law Commissioners, relating to the petition recently presented to the House of Commons from Bury, in Lancashire. Signed T. F. Lewis, J. G. S. Lefevre, G. Nicholls, 6 May, 1837. m.p. or d. or printer's name. [1837, fol., pp. 4. Report of Geo. Nicholls, Esq., to Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home De§o on Poor Laws, Ireland. Lond., printed y W. Clowes and Sons, 1837, fol., pp. 37. Second Report of Geo. Nicholls, Esq...on Poor Laws, Ireland. Lond, printed by W. Clowes and Sons, 1837, fol., pp. 56. Poor Laws, Ireland. Third Report of Geo. Nicholls, Esq...containing the result of an enquiry into the condition of the labouring classes and the provision for the relief of the Poor in Holland and Belgium. Lond, printed by W. Clowes and Sons, 1838, fol., pp. 13. Strictures on the proposed Poor Law for Ireland, as recommended in the Report of George Nicholls, Esq. Lond., J. Ridgway and Sons, Piccadilly, 1837, 89., pp. 80. Analysis of projects proposed for the relief of the poor of Ireland ; more especially that of Mr. George Nicholls, embodied in a bill now before Parliament...By John Pitt Kennedy. Lond., printed for T. and W. Boone, 1837, 89., pp. 56. The Poor-Law Bill for Ireland examined, its provisions and the report of Mr. Nicholls contrasted with the facts proved by the Poor Inquiry Commission, in a letter to Lord Viscount Morpeth, M.P., his Majesty's principal Secretary of State for Ireland. By Isaac Butt, LL.B., M.R.I.A., Professor of Political Economy in the University of Dublin. Lond., B. Fellowes, Ludgate Street; and W. Curry, Jun and Co., Dublin, 1837, 8°., pp. 44. Poor Laws, Ireland. Observations upon the report of G. Nicholls, Esq. By Sir F. W. Macnaghten, of Bushmills House, County of Antrim, Bart. Lond., Longman; W. Curry, Jun and Co., Dublin... 1838, 89., pp. 58. The Farmer. Compiled by G. Nicholls, Esq. Lond., C. Knight and Co., [Guides to Trades, 1844, 12°., pp. viii and 218. On the condition of the agricultural labourer with suggestions for its improvement. By G. Nicholls, Esq. Dated “London, Nov. 26, 1844.” Lond., 1844, 129.-2nd ed. With additions. Lond., C. Knight, 1847, 129. Title, dedications and contents, 3 leaves, then pp. 1–76. Y Ffermwr neu Hyfforddiadau yn Egwyddorion Amaethyddiaeth [Cyfieithedig o'r saesonaeg) Caerfyrddin W. Spurrell; Llundain H.


Hughes, St. Martin's-Le-Grand, 1848, 12°., pp. viii and 234.

NoTE.—The Preface is signed “Y Cyhoeddwr.”

The Flax Grower, containing directions for the cultivation of the plant, the preparation of the fibre, and the preservation and use of the seed; with particular instructions for stall or box feeding cattle with linseed compounds. By G. Nicholls, Esq. Lond., 1848, 120.-2nd ed. Reprinted with additions from vol. viii of The Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society. Lond., C. Knight, 1848, 12°., pp. 98, 1/-, A History of the English Poor Law in connexion with the legislation and other circumstances affecting the condition of the people. By Sir G. Nicholls, K.C.B. Lond, J. Murray, 1854, 2 vols., 80., 28/-. A History of the Scotch Poor Law in connexion with the condition of the people. By Sir G. Nicholls, K.C.B. Lond, J. Murray, [Sept.,] 1856, 89., pp. x and 288, 12/-. A History of the Irish Poor Law in connexion with the condition of the people. By Sir G. Nicholls, K.C.B. Lond, J. Murray, [Nov.,] 1856, 89., pp. x and 424, 14/-.

On the cultivation of flax. Journ. Roy. Agric. Soc. of England, v, 547, (1844), viii, 438–73, 1847). ( On the condition of the agricultural labourer with suggestions for its improvement. ib., vii, 1–30, (1846). On box feeding with linseed compounds. ib., viii, 473–87, (1847).

Lines on Cornwall. Addressed to Mrs. Nicholls by her son G. Nicholls, in 1803 or 1804. MS. pemes Mr. G. B. Millett, Penzance.

To the Crysanthemum. A Sonnet. MS., ib.

NoTE.—This was the last thing Sir G. Nicholls wrote.

NICHOLLS, REv. HENRY GEORGE, M.A. (only son of the preceding). P.C. of Holy Trinity, I)ean Forest, 1847–67. b. 1825. d. 26, Porchester Terrace, Hyde Park, London, 1 Jan., 1867. cf. Gent. Mag., iii, 260, (1867). The Forest of Dean; an historical and descriptive account derived from personal observation and other sources, public, private, legendary and local. Engravings. By Rev. H. G. Nicholls... Lond, J. Murray, 1858, 89., pp. xii and 286, 10/6. he personalities of the Forest of Dean, "...i a relation of its successive officials, gentry an

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