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Note.—This treatise was printed in “Cottoni Posthuma; divers choice pieces of that renowned Antiquary Sir Robert Cottom... preserved from the injury of Time ...By James] HIowell,] Esq. Lond., 1651, 8°., pp. 163-202, and is there attributed to Sir R. Cotton.”

Extracts by Mr. Serjeant Maynard from certain autograph books of W. Noy relative to cases in 2 and 3, James I. ib., 79, pp. 1–87. Reports-of different cases, out of Mr. Noy's book, temp. Eliz. 40, 45 and Jac. I, 15. MSS. Exeter Coll., 189, fol. 94–114. Opinions on legal subjects by Jeff Palmer, 1638, Edw. Littleton and Attorney W. Noy on the charter of St. Paul's Church, 1633. MSS. Queen's Coll. Oxford, 155, pp. 272–78. A collection of the proceedings in the House of Commons upon the impeachment of one Lloyd for scandalizing the King's children, with the speeches made by Sir Edw. Cook, Mr. Noy, etc., 1621. Lambeth MSS., 642, pp. 49–141. Mr. Attorney's Letter to Bp. Laud, 1631, concerning the recovery of the Rectories and Tithes in Ireland. ib., 943, p. 529. Legum Angliae Analysis per W. Noy. Evelyns MSS. cf. Bernard's Cat. MSS., (1696), ii, 94. William Noy, Attorney General, on the Increase of the King's revenues, 10 Car. I. Sir T. Phillipps' MSS., No. 4847. Letters concerning the sickness of Attorney General Noy, dated 29 July and 2 Aug., 1634. MSS. at Montacute House, Somersetshire. Noy's projects, 1634; Extracts from the Rolls [About ship money..] MSS. penes Countess Cowper, at Wrest Park, Bedfordshire. Letter from W. Noye to Mr. Bowyer, Clerk of the Parliament, 29 June, 1610. MSS. penes House of Lords. Report of Attorney General Noy on the petition of the inhabitants of Kidderminster for a charter, 1633. MSS. penes Marquis of Bath, Longleat. Report by Lord Keeper Cottington and Attorney General Noy on an Engine invented for taking up gravel from the Thames, 15 Oct., 1633. MSS. ib. Collections out of the Tower Records concerning the privileges and jurisdictions of the Ecclesiastical Courts. MSS. Note.—cf. W. Nicolson's English, Scotch and Irish Hist. Lib., (1776), p. 132; Dr. Thomas James' A Manvduction or Introduction winto Divinitie, (1625), [where these

Extracts are mentioned in the “Table of the Manuscript bookes vrged in this Booke.”]

NOY, CAPT. WILLIAM (2nd son of Philip Noy, of Pendrea, and nephew of the Attorney General). Capt. Will. Noy, Executor of Honour Noy, Plaint., in one Bill, Humphrey, Sarah, Honour, Prudence, Children and Administrators of Francis


Noy, in the other Bill are Plaintiffs. The Plaintiffs Case upon an appeal brought into the House of Lords against Sir Peter Fortescue, Baronet, and Dame Amy, his wife, relict and executrix of Sir Peter Courtney, Defendants. m.p. or d. or printer's name, [1680, fol.

NotE.—Relates to lands in Cornwall.

NOY, WILLIAM (son of Henry Noy). b. Penzance, 19 Jan., 1842.

The Polkinghorns. Signed W. Noy, London. One and All, A Cornish Monthly Illustrated Journal, May, 1868. Mousehole Wreckers in [1634] 1869, (sic). Signed W. N. ib., Dec., 1868. Noy, of Cornwall. By W. Pendrea, [i.e., W. Noy.] N. and Q., 3 S., viii, 190, 465, (1865). Noy and Noyes. Signed W. N. ib., 4 S., i, 566, ii, 13, 587, (1868). Hale. Signed W. N. ib., 4 S., ii, 404. Cornish and Welsh. Signed W. N. ib., 4 S., iv, 457, (1869). Shard or Sharn. Signed W. N. ib., 4 S., vii, 199–200, (1871). Bear and Beer. Signed W. N. ib., 4S., viii, 233. On the spelling of the name Market jew.— Reprinted in F. Max Müller's Chips from a German Workshop, (1870), iii, Note, pp. 310–311.

NOYE, WILLIAM (son of Ephraim Noye). b. Paul, 19 July, 1814. d. Australia, 6 Nov., 1872.

List of insects (lepidoptera) found in the district of the Land's-end, [1846.] Trans. P.N.H. and A.S., i, 90–94, (1851).

Observations, etc., on the deaths head moth (Acherontia atropos). [1847]. ib., i, 122–25.

NUNN, John HoPKINS, A.R.A. (son of Robert Nunn). Organist at St. Mary's, Penzance, Sept., 1859. b. Bury, St. Edmunds, 10 Nov., 1827.

Song. Angry Words. Composed and dedicated to his #. and pupils by J. H. Nunn, A.R.A., Organist at St. Mary's, Penzance. Lond, Addison and Lucas, 210, Regent St., [1861, fol., pp. 5, 2/6. on Fading Clouds. Song written by a Lady, [i.e., Miss Rutherfurd.] Composed and dedicated to Charles Lucas, Esq., by J. H. Nunn, R.A.M... Lond., Lamborn, Cock, Addison and Co., [1861,1 fol., pp. 5, 3/-. They sleep. Four part song. Words by Barry Cornwall. Music composed and dedicated to the Penzance Choral Society by the Conductor, J. H. Nunn...Lond, Addison and Lucas, [1862,] fol., pp. 4, 2/-. Separate parts 3d. per page.

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The rules of Society, or a guide to conduct for those who desire to be Armenian Bible Christians, with a preface, stating the causes of separation between William O'Bryan and the people called Methodists. 2nd ed. Launceston, 1818, 120. A collection of hymns for the use of the people called Arminian Bible Christians. By W. O' Bryan, Minister of the Gospel. Devon, printed at the Office of the Arminian Bible Christians, 5, Mill-Pleasant, Stoke-Damerel, by S. Thorne, Agent, 1825, 12°., pp. 574. On the Millennium, a sermon on Revelations, xx, 6. By Wm. O'Bryan, Minister of the Gospel. 3rd ed. New York, 1832, 80.—4th ed. Printed for the Author, [S. Thorne, printer, Prospect place, Shebbear, Devon,] 1850, 89., pp. 48. [A Narrative of Travels in the United States of America. By W. O'Bryan, Minister of the Gospel. Lond, Stephens; Shebbear, S. Thorne, [printed, 1836, demy 12°., pp. 350.

Note.—A portion of the edition was lost during a fire at the printers.


A Jubilee Memorial of incidents in the rise and progress of the Bible Christian Connexion. Shebbear, Devon, published for the Bible Christian Book Committee, by James Thorne. Sold by all the Itinerant Preachers. Lond., G. J. Stevenson, 54, Paternoster Row, 1865, post 80., pp. vi and 292-2nd ed. 1866, 80., pp. vi and 300. NotE.—Contains sketch of the life of Mr. William O'Bryan, p. 15, et seq.

Obedience to the call of God, a funeral sermon on the death of William O'Bryan. By S. L. Thorne. Sold by S. Thorne, 52, Union Street, Plymouth, 1868, 89., pp. 31, 3d.

NotE.—Contains a memoir of W. O'Bryan.


Turn the wallet. Signed “An Observer.” Rev. H. A. Simcoe's Light from the West, ii, 161–62, (1833).

A Visit to a Church Sunday School. With view of Bridgerule School House. ib., ii, 252–55.

ODGERS, JAcoB (son of Nicholas Odgers). b. Sewrah Moor, Stithians, 24 May, 1841.

The existence of God. By J. Odgers. Lond., G. J. Stevenson, 1867, 12°., pp. 132, 1/6. The Ghost of John Wesley. By J. Odgers, The Observator, [No. 1.] m.p. or d. or printers name. [Printed and published by the Author, Stithians, 1870,) 12°., pp. 20, 2d.—2nd ed. n.d., [1870,) 1.2”., pp. 20, 2d.-3rd ed., revised and considerably improved. m.p. or d. or printer's name. rinted and published for the Author by N. dgers, Redruth, 1871, 12°., pp. 20, 2d. The Philosophy of War. By J. Odgers. The Observator, No. 2. m.p. or printer's name. [Printed and published by the Author, Stithians,] 1870, 12°., pp. 20, 2d. The Devil's Claw. By J. Odgers. The Observator, No. 3, n.p. or printer's name. [Printed and published by the Author, Stithians,] 1870, 12°., pp. 20, 2d. A sermon on the death of George Smith, LL.D., late of Camborne. By J. Odgers. The Observator, No. 4. m.p. or printer's name. [Printed and published by the Author, Stithians,] 1871, 129., pp. 20, 2d. The Farmer, B.A., or no royal path to fame. A poem, by J. Odgers. The Observator, No. 5. m.p. or d. or printer's name. [Printed and published by the Author, Stithians, 1872,] 12°., pp.

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The Methodist Class Meeting. By N. Odgers. Lond, Kent and Co.; Redruth, J. S. Doidge, n.d., |. demy, 18°., pp. 192, 1/6.

A Bible Catechism for Sunday Schools. Anon. Redruth, printed by J. S. Doidge, n.d., [1865, roy. 32°., pp. 32, 2d.

Useful Tables for the use of Schools. Anon. Redruth, J. S. Doidge, printer, n.d., [1865, roy. 320., pp. 16, 1d.

The Dissolution of the Stithians Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School. By N. Odgers. Redruth, J. Jenkin, printer, Times Office, Fore St. n.d., [1866, post 8°., pp. 56, 6d.

The Resurrection Body. By N. Odgers. Lond, S. W. Partridge and Co. n.d., [1870, fep. 89., pp. 32, 4d.

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Blake Odgers, B.A., Of the Middle Temple, Law

Student of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Frontisiece. Lond, Longman; Bath, Will. Lewis, printed, n.d., [1872,] 8°., pp. 64.

ODGERS, REv. WILLIAM JAMES (son of James Odgers, d. Flushing, 1842.) Now (1873) Unitarian Minister at Bath. b. Flushing, near Falmouth, 29 Apl., 1810.

The claims of the suffering poor on Christian Benevolence. A sermon preached at Plymouth on behalf of the widows and orphans of those who died of Cholera. By the Rev. W. J. Odgers. Plymouth, printed and published by G. Hearder and T. Browne, Buckwell St., 1832, 8°., 6d. The claims of the orphan. A sermon preached at Plymouth on behalf of the surviving relatives of Fort Major Watson, who lost his life by an awful fire in the Citadel. By the Rev. W. J. Odgers. Plymouth, printed and published by J. Bartlett, 1836, 89., 6d. Unitarians entitled to the name of Christian. A sermon preached at the Unitarian Chapel, Plymouth. By the Rev. W. J. Odgers. Plymouth, published by G. Hearder, 1836, 89., 6d. The tendency of free trade to promote permanent and universal peace. A Lecture delivered at Plymouth, 26 Feb., 1846, at a meeting of the Plymouth Free Trade Association. By the Rev. W. J. Odgers. Plymouth, N. H. Haydon, Tavistock St. ; Lond, J. Mardon, Farringdon St., 1846, 80. A Report on the sanitary condition of Plymouth. By Rev. W. J. Odgers. Plymouth, I. W. N. Keys, printer, 9, Bilbury St., 1847, 40., pp. viii and 58. NoTE.—This is “The Plymouth Health of Towns Advocate, published under the sanction of The Plymouth Health of Towns Association.” It consists of 7 num

bers, the pagination of which is continuous and extends from 1 to 58.

A brief history of the Plymouth Unitarian Congregation, and of the Institutions connected with it, to which are added a chronological table of important events and a catalogue of books in the Chapel library. By W. J. Odgers, Pastor of the Congregation. Lond., E. Whitfield, 2, Essex St., Strand ; Plymouth and Devonport, R. Lidstone, 1850, 12°., pp. 40.

Report to the General Board of Health on a preliminary enquiry into the sewerage, etc., of the borough of Plymouth. By Robert Rawlinson, Esq. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1853, fol.

NotE.—Appendix G., “Cholera Statistics of Plymouth in connection with the actual sanitary condition of the town" is by the Rev. W. J. Odgers.

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The Synopsis of Summary Convictions, show. ing at one view the penalties, etc., for 1300 offences, when proceedings must be commenced, what justices to convict in each case, etc., etc., etc., with an introduction, practical observations, forms and notes, embodying the entire law and practice relating thereto, an epitome of other matters usually coming before Justices out of sessions, comprising a full list of indictable offences and where triable, and an abstract of the Juvenile Offenders Act, with explanatory notes, etc., etc., etc. By G. C. Oke, Assistant Clerk to the Newmarket Benches of Justices, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk; Lond, H. Butterworth, [Jan.,] 1848, 8°., pp. xiii and 397, 14/-.

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OKE, GEoRGE Colwell. (Com.).

An improved system of solicitor's book-keeping, with forms of the several books and a practical exemplification of their working and division of profits or losses in cases of partnership, directions for posting, balancing, etc. By G. C. Oke. Lond., H. Butterworth, 1849, 89., pp. viii and 80, 5/-. The Magisterial Formulist, being a complete collection of forms and precedents for practical use in all matters out of Quarter Sessions, adapted to the outlines of forms in Jervis's Act (11 and 12 Vict., c.c. 42, 43). With an introduction, explanatory directions, variations and notes, (Brought down to 12 and 13 Vict.). By George C. Oke. Lond., H. Butterworth, [Feb.,] 1850, 8°., pp. xviii and 543, 21/-.—2nd ed. With considerable additions. Lond, [Sept.,] 1856, 89., pp. xxx and 601, 21/-.—3rd ed. Enlarged and revised. Lond., 1861, 89., pp. xxxiv. and goi, 35. Addenda to the third edition of Oke's Magisterial Formulist, containing forms in respect of the new matters in the Criminal Law consolidation Acts and other statutes of the session, 1861. By G. C. Oke, Assistant Clerk to the Lord Mayor of London. Lond., Butterworths, 1862, 89., pp. iv and 965–1007, 2/6. The Magisterial Formulist, etc. By. G. C. Oke. 4th ed. Lond., Butterworths, 1868, 89., pp. xxiv and 1033, 38/-. The Laws of Turnpike Roads, comprising the whole of the general acts now in force, the acts as to union of trusts for facilitating arrangement with their creditors, as to the interference by railways with roads, their non-repair and enforcing contributions from parishes, etc., etc., practically arranged. With cases, copious notes, and the necessary forms and an elaborate index. By G. C. Oke. Lond, Butterworths, 1854, 129., pp. 500, 12/-,-2nd ed. With cases and statutes to Nov., 1861. Lond., 1861, 129., pp. 1 and 700,


i. Friendly Societies' Manual, comprising the New Consolidation Act, 18 and 19 Vict, cap. 63, and other statutes affecting old and new societies as well as industrial societies, methodically arranged, with an exemplification of the official system of book-keeping, rules, tables of contributions, cases, forms, etc., etc., etc. By G. C. Oke. Lond, Butterworth, 1855, 129., pp. xvii and 221, 6/-.

A handy book of the game and fishery laws, containing all the acts in force as to game, rabbits, deer, private and salmon-fisheries, dogs, birds, etc., and the new licenses to kill game, deer, etc., systematically arranged with useful forms, notes, decisions, etc., etc. By G. C. Oke. Lond, Butterworth, 1861, 129., pp. xiv and


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