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BUDGE, REv. Edward, B.A. V. of Manaccan, 1839–46. d. Bratton Clovelly, 3rd Aug., 1865, aged 65. cf. Gent. Mag., xix, 391,651.

The Christian Naturalist. By the Rev. E. Budge. Launceston, Cater and Maddox o fo Simpkin; 1838, 89., pp. vi and 215, 3/-. NotE.-A considerable portion of this work, which was for the most part written in Southill Parsonage, appeared in the Periodical called “Light from the West.” Printed by the Rev. H. A. Simcoe, at the Penheale Press. The Unity of the Christian Church. A Sermon preached at the Triennial Visitation of the Lord Bishop of Exeter at Helston, July 12th, 1845, by the Rev. E. Budge, M.A., Vicar of Manaccan and Dean Rural of Kirrier, Cornwall. Published by command of his Lordship, and at the unanimous request of the Deanery of Kirrier. Lond, J. Murray, 1845, 12°., pp. 69, 1/-. The Homilies of St. John Chrysostom on the Statues. Translated by Rev. E. Budge. The Library of the Fathers, ed. by Rev. E. B. Pusey... vol. ix. Oxford, J. H. Parker, 1849, 8°., pp.

xxxi and 399, 9/-. Lond., Parker,

The City of God. A Vision. 1850, post 89., 8/6. The Mirror of History. Lives of Men of Great Eras, etc. Lond, Baldwin, 1851, 12°., 5/-. * Gleanings from a Country Rector's Study, etc. Ed. by Rev. R. B. Kinsman, M.A. Lond, Rivington, 1866, 89., pp. vi and 380. On the Conglomerate and Raised Beaches of the Lizard District. Trans. R.G.S.C., vi, 1–11 (1841). On the Tract of Land called the Lowlands, in the Parish of St. Keverne. ib., vi, 59–63 (1842). On Diluvial Action, as exemplified in the Gravel Beds and Sienitic Formation of Crousa Down, in St. Keverne. ib., vi, 91–98. On the Hornblende Slate of the Associated Rocks of the Meneage District. ib., vi., 173–180. On the Granitic and other Associated Rocks of Cornwall and Devon. ib., vi, 288–293.

On Petrified Moss or Tufa. Rep. R.I.C., 1842, p. 28.

On an Electrical appearance in Helford Creek. ib., 1843, p. 37.

On an Anglo-Norman Doorway in Manaccan Church. ib., 1845, p. 24.

BUDGE, JANE. b. Camborne, 1832.

English History in question and answer...from the conquest to the present time...By a Lady o: J. Budge]... New ed., revised and enlarged,

nd., Marshall and Laurie, 1860, 8°.

Manual of English History simplified; or our

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A Testimony from West Division of Cornwall Monthly Meeting concerning John Budge. Test concerning Deceased Ministers, 1865, pp. 3–5.

Some Observations on Important Subjects, offered especially to the consideration of the more thoughtful amongst Professors of Religion. [Anon]. Camborne, Printed by L. Newton, 1845, 120., 1 sheet.

Some Observations, principally on the subject of Religious Worship, affectionately submitted to the consideration of the Professors of Christianity. [Anon]. Camborne, Printed by L. Newton, 1846, 12°., 1 sheet.—Reprinted by the Tract Association, No. 103.

Memoir of John Dunstone, of Camborne, in Cornwall, who was blind for 44 years, till his death in 1856. By J. Budge. Lond, F. G. Cash...J. Philp, Liskeard, 1857, sm. 8°., 3 sheets. —2nd ed., revised, Lond., W. & F. G. Cash... 1857, sm. 8"., 3 sheets.

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BULLER, SIR ANTONY, KNT. (4th son of John Buller, of Morval). Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Calcutta, 1816. b. Antony House, 1780. d. Mary Tavy, 27th June, 1866, aged 86. cf. Gent. Mag., ii, 261, 1866.

BULLER, REv. ANTONY, M.A. (son of the preceding). R. of Mary Tavy, Devonshire. b. London, 23rd Oct., 1809.

Inherent opposition between the Two Traditional Systems of Explaining the “One Catholic and Apostolic Church.” Two Sermons preached at the Visitation of an Archdeacon, in the years 1854 and 57. Lond, J. Masters, 1859, 8°., pp. 58.

The Catholic Church a witness against illiberality. No. 61 of The Tracts for the Times. Dated Oxford, The Feast of St. Philip and St. James. Lond., Rivington, 1835, 8°., pp. 8, and in vol. ii of Collected Edition, 1834–35.

BULLER, SIR ARTHUR WILLIAM, KNT. M.P. for Liskeard. b. Calcutta, 1808, d. 30th April, 1869. cf. Reg. and Mag. of Biog., i, 466 (1869).

BULLER, CHARLEs (6th and youngest son of J. Buller, of Morval). M.P. for West Looe. b. Cornwall, 1775. d. Richmond, 17th May, 1848. cf. Gent. Mag., xxx, 206 (1848).

BULLER, RT. HoNBLE CHARLEs (son of the preceding). M.P. for West Looe & Liskeard, Poor Law Commissioner. b. Calcutta, Aug., 1806. d. London, 28th Nov., 1848. cf. English Cyclop.; Gent. Mag., xxxi,87–89 (1849).

On the Necessity of a Radical Reform. Lond., 1831, 8"., pp. 62.

Letter from the Australian Patriotic Association to C. Buller in reply to his communication of 31st May, 1840. 1840, 8°.

Letter to C. Buller in reply to his communication of July and August, 1840. 1841, 89.

Systematic Colonization. Speech of C. Buller in the House of Commons, on April 6th, 1843. Lond., 1843, 89.

Ten Hours' Factory Bill. The Speech of C. Buller in the House of Commons, March 22nd, 1844. Lond., 1844, 8°.

Eight Years in Canada...including Letters from Lord Durham, Chas. Buller, etc. By Major John Richardson, Montreal, Canada. 1847, 8

Letters to C. Buller, etc. [in reply to communications respecting the Government of New South Wales]. By W. Bland. Sydney, 1849, 80

review of Lamartine’s “Histoire des Girondins." Edinb. Rev., lxxxvii, 1–46 (1848).

BULLER, WICE-ADMIRAL SIR EDwARD, BART. b. The Admiralty, London, 24th Dec., 1764. d. Trenant Park, Cornwall, 15th April, 1824. cf. Gent. Mag., xciv., pt. i., 465 (1824); Naval Chronicle, xix, 177, March, 1808; Annual Biog. for 1825, pp. 67–75.

BULLER, FRANCIS. M.P. 1640. d. 1679.

Notes on a Suit between Sir Francis Godolphin and Mr. Grose with F. Buller, Esq., concerning a Tenement in Breage, called Trenowaile. Harl. MSS., 1228, art. 4.

BULLER, SIR FRANCIS, BART. (3rd son of James Buller, of Morval). Judge of Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas. b. Morval or Crediton, 17th March, 1746. d. Bedford Square, London, 5th June, 1800. cf. Gent. Mag., lxx, pt. i. 594 (1800); Polwhele's Biog. Sketches, i, 60; Phillips' Public Characters, 1798, pp. 175–78; Foss' Judges, viii, 251–55; W. C. Townsend's Lives of 12 Judges; European Mag., with Portrait, xxxviii, 3 (1800); The Georgian Era, ii, 303; Life of Lord Eldon, i, 343. An Introduction to the Law relative to Trials at Nisi Prius, with an Index. Lond., 1772, 4°.—2nd ed., with additions, Lond., 1775, 4"., pp. 336.-Lond, Printed ; New York, Reprinted, 1788, 8°.—5th ed., with additions, Lond., 1790, 8°.—6th ed., corrected, with additions to the present time, Lond., 1793, 8".-7th ed., with... Annotations by R. W. Bridgman, Lond., 1817, 80. Trial of the Rev. William Davies Shipley, Dean of St. Asaph, at the Assizes at Shrewsbury, 6th Aug., 1784, for a Libel. 1784, fol. NotE.-The conduct of Judge Buller on this occasion was severely reprehended by Erskine, the Advocate for the Dean. Publications, printed by order of the Society for Preserving Liberty and Property against Republicans and Levellers; No. 8, containing the advantages peculiar to a Monarchy. By M. de Lolme.—Judge Buller's Charge to the Grand Jury of the County of York at the Lent Assizes, 1793. Printed and Sold by J. Downes, No. 240, Strand, n.d. [1793], 8"., pp. 16, 1d. NotE.-Mr. Justice Buller's Charge, pp. 13–16.

BULLER, LIEUT.-GENL. FREDERICK WILLIAM (son of John Buller, of Morval). b. 1772. d. Bury Street, St. James', London, 8th Nov., 1855. cf. Gent. Mag., xlv, 82–83 (1856).

BULLER, JoHN. b. 1771. d. Morval, 3rd April, 1849. cf. Gent. Mag., xxxii, 632 (1849).

Premiums given by J. Buller, Esq. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1834, p. 13.

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On Water Colour Painting. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1842, pt. 2, p. 75.

BURGESS, REv. Joseph. Wesleyan Minister. Stationed in Cornwall 1804–1826. b. Thurles, Tipperary, 4th August, 1757, d. Plymouth, 24th March, 1839. cf. Wesleyan Mag., July, 1840.

Observations on a Sermon preached by the Rev. Mr. Hocker, and on a Charge delivered by the Rev. the Archdeacon of Cornwall, in Truro Church, on Monday, May 20th, 1811. By J. Burgess. Truro, Printed by Michell and Co., 8, High Cross, 1811, 8°., pp. 30, 6d. Remarks on the Sacrificial Death of our Lord Jesus Christ. By J. Burgess. Penzance, 1826, 8°.—Reprinted, Lond., 18—, 8". Memoirs of the Rev. Joseph Burgess, formerly an Officer in the Army, afterwards a Wesleyan Minister, comprising an Account of his Motherin-law, Mrs. Penington, and Notices connected with the History of Methodism in various places. By Rev. W. P. Burgess. Lond, John Mason, 1842, 12°., pp. viii and 136.-2nd ed., Lond., Mason, 1853, 120. Thoughts on Content. 1805, p. 580–88. Letter to a Class Leader.

Wesleyan Mag., app., ib., May, 1812, p.

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Plans, Elevations, and Section of the Gaol, Bridewell, and Sheriff's Ward, lately built at Bodmin, in the County of Cornwall. Most gratefully Inscribed to John Howard, Esq. Designed by, and executed under the direction of, John Call, Esq., one of y" Justices of the County, 1779. Scale, § inch to 10 feet. An Account of Enquiries respecting the Subject of Population. Letter, dated Whiteford House, 21st June, 1798. Let. and Papers of Bath and JP'est Engl. Soc., ix, 245–57. The Population of Cornwall and Devon. Communications to the Board of Agriculture, vol. vi., pt. 1. A Letter from J. Call, Esq., to N. Maskelyne, F.R.S., containing a Sketch of the Signs of the Zodiac, found in a Pagoda, near Cape Comorin, in India. Philos. Trans., lxii, 353–56 (1772). Mr. Sulivan's and Mr. Call's Plans for the Liquidation of the Company's Debts in India, 1784. Br. Museum. Addit. MSS., 12567.

CALL, SIR WILLIAM PRATT, BART. (son of the preceding). bNov., 1781. d. Whiteford House, Callington, 3rd Dec., 1851. cf. Gent. Mag., xxxvii, 186 (1852).

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