A system of surgery, tr. and accompanied with notes and observations b J.F. South, Volume 1

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Pagina 252 - As the disease advances the pain becomes exceedingly severe, particularly at night, when the patient is continually roused from his sleep by painful startings of the limb. Sometimes he experiences some degree of relief from pain in a particular position of the joint, and in no other.
Pagina 362 - In the dog, I have never seen a case in -which plain and palpable rabies occurred in less than fourteen days after the bite. The average time I should calculate at five or six weeks. In three months, I should consider the animal as tolerably safe. I am, however, relating my own experience, and have known but two instances in which the period much exceeded three months. In one of these, five months elapsed, and the other did not become affected until after the expiration of the seventh month.
Pagina 346 - Traité sur le venin de la vipère, sur les poisons américains , sur le laurier-cerise, et sur quelques autres poisons végétaux; on ya joint des Observations sur la, structure primitive du corps animal, différentes expériences sur la reproduction des nerfs, et la description d'un nouveau canal de l'œil , Florence, 1781, 2 vol.
Pagina 360 - Then comes a moment's pause — a moment of actual vacuity — the eye slowly closes, the head droops, and he seems as if his fore feet were giving way, and he would fall : but he springs up again, every object of terror once more surrounds him — he gazes wildly around — he snaps — he barks, and he rushes to the extent of his chain, prepared to meet his imaginary foe.
Pagina 265 - At a later period when, in consequence of the extensive destruction of the articulation, the muscles begin to cause a shortening or retraction of the limb, I have found great advantage to arise from the constant application of a moderate extending force, operating in such a manner as to counteract the action of the muscles. For this purpose an upright piece of wood may be fixed to the foot of the bedstead opposite the diseased limb, having a pulley at the upper part. A bandage may be placed round...
Pagina 264 - ... the like good effects ; but these cases have borne only a small proportion to those in which it has succeeded. On the whole, I am led to conclude that, where the pain is very severe, the seton in the groin is more calculated to afford immediate relief than the caustic issue; but that it is not equally efficacious in checking the progress of the disease as in lessening the violence of its symptoms ; and that the caustic issue can be better depended on for the production of a cure.
Pagina 275 - When this disease attacks an infant of only a year or two old, or under, the true cause of it is seldom discovered until some time after the effect has taken place, at least not by parents and nurses, who know not where to look for it.
Pagina 236 - The morbid affection appears to have its origin in the bones, which become preternaturally vascular, and containing a less than usual quantity of earthy matter; while, at first, a transparent fluid, and afterwards a yellow cheesy substance, is deposited in their cancelli. From the diseased bone vessels carrying red blood...
Pagina 233 - Ulcération is a process analogous to the softening attending suppuration ; it is a degeneration of tissue, a change in the affinities existing between its component parts, by which it becomes changed from a solid organized texture to a fluid inorganic mass. It differs from gangrene in being a vital action ; while gangrene, by at once producing death in a part, prevents any such change taking place.
Pagina 47 - ... abundant evidence in the history of lying-in hospitals. The puerperal abscesses are also contagious, and may be communicated to healthy lying-in women by washing with the same sponge ; this fact has been repeatedly proved in the Vienna Hospital ; but they are equally communicable to women not pregnant ; on more than one occasion the women engaged in washing the soiled bed- linen of the General Lying-in Hospital have been attacked with abscess in the fingers or hands, attended with rapidly spreading...

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