Revisioning Duras: Film, Race, Sex

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Janet Sayers, James S. Williams
Liverpool University Press, 2000 - 227 pagine
The extraordinary range, complexity and power of Marguerite Duras – novelist, dramatist, film-maker, essayist – has been justly recognized. Yet in the years following her death in 1996, there has been an increasing tendency to consecrate her work, particularly by those critics who approach it primarily in biographical terms. The British and American specialists featured in this interdisciplinary collection aim to resurrect the Duras corpus in all its forms by submitting it theoretically to three main areas of enquiry. By establishing how far Duras’s work questions and redefines the parameters of literary and cinematic form, as well as the categories of race and ethnicity, homosexuality and heterosexuality, fantasy and violence, the contributors to this volume "revision" Duras’s work in the widest sense of the term.

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An Art of Fugue? The Polyphonic Cinema of Marguerite Duras
Notes on India Song and the
Durass La nuit du chasseur
the Violence of Nonviolence in Nathalie Granger
Women Natives and Other
Myth Race and Colour in Durass
Immigration and Translation
Marguerite Duras
Photography and Fetishism in Lamant
Brief Chronology of the Work of Marguerite Duras

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James S. Williams is professor of modern French literature and film at Royal Holloway, University of London and is also author of Jean Cocteau (French Film Directors). nbsp;

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