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CHARLES HUTT, Bookseller, Clement's Inn Gateway, Strand, W.C. 3

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'BECKETT (Gilbert Abbott) The Comic History of Rome, coloured etchings and numerous woodcut illustrations by John Leech, the FIRST EDITION, bound up from the numbers with cover inserted, half red levant morocco, neatly tooled, gilt top, UNCUT, by F. Bedford, £4 4s-Bradbury and Evans

From the late F. Bedford's Library.


ABELARDUS, Epistolæ, a Prioris Editionis Erroribus Purgatæ, Cura R. Rawlinson, 8vo, calf, 15s-London, 1718 [2

The best edition of Abelard's letters.

ACKERMANN'S History of Westminster Abbey, its Antiquities and Monuments, illustrated with 70 FINE COLOURED PLATES from drawings by Pugin, Mackenzie, Shepherd, and others, 2 vols, large 4to, half bound, £2 15s (published £15)—1812 [3 ESOP and other Fabulists (by Dodsley), fine impressions of the plates and vignettes, 8vo, red straight-grained morocco, beautifully tooled on back and sides in the exquisite style of ROGER PAYNE, gilt top, UNCUT, £10-Birmingham, J. Baskerville, 1764

A magnificent copy, and probably unique in this fine uncut state. From the late F. Bedford's Library.


ESOP, La Vida y Fabulas del Clarissimo y fabio fabulador Ysopo, nueuamente emendadas, Exemplario, enel qual se contienen muy buenas doctrinas, bebaxo de graciosas fabulas, small 8vo, black morocco, blind tooled gilt edges, by F. Bedford, £2 2s—en Anvers, J. Steelsie, N.D.

Fine copy of this rare work, from the Library of F. Bedford.


[5 AINSWORTH (W. H.) The Spendthrift, a Tale, the FIRST EDITION, plates by Phiz, 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, 15s-1857 ALBERT LUNEL, or the Chateau of Languedoc, 3 vols, post 8vo, clean in boards, UNCUT, 7s 6d-C. Knight, 1844 By Lord Brougham. Suppressed during the author's lifetime, and so scarce that the usual selling price was £3.



ALBERT DURER'S Life, with Letters and Journals, by Mrs. Heaton, portrait and 16 etchings, 8vo, cloth, 6s-1881 ALBERT SMITH'S Natural History of the Ballet Girl, the FIRST EDITION, illustrated by Henning, 12mo, new, half Levant morocco, gilt top, 10s-1847

[9 A LIMB of the Law, The Life and Adventures of, by MICHAEL FAGG, interspersed with Anecdotes of his Contemporaries, Members of the Legal Professsion, post 8vo, new half calf gilt, gilt top, 10s-1836 [10 ALKEN (Henry) Analysis of the Hunting Field, being a Series of Sketches of the Principal Characters that compose One, the whole forming a souvenir of the season (1845—6), numerous woodcuts and COLOURED illustrations by HENRY ALKEN, original edition, royal 8vo, fine copy in the original cloth, UNCUT EDGES, £3 38Ackermann, 1846


ALL about Kisses, by Damocles, ONE HUNDRED ILLUSTRATIONS BY PHIZ, crown 8vo, newly bound, half calf extra, gilt top, 7s 6d


Alpine Books.

ALPINE Journal, The, a Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation, by Members of the Alpine Club (edited by H. B. George), Vols I., II., III., illustrations, cloth, £3 10s-1864-7


[13 BALL'S Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers, Excursions by Members of the Alpine Club, illustrations, THE SCARCE FIRST SERIES, 8vo, cloth, £1 15s-1859 BONNEY (T. G.) The Alpine Regions of Switzerland and Neighbouring Countries, their Physical Features, Natural History, &c., illustrations by Whymper, 8vo, cloth, 10s-1868 [15 BROWNE (G. F.) Ice Caves of France and Switzerland, a Narrative of Subterranean Exploration, post 8vo, half calf, VERY SCARCE, 15s-1865 [16

GEORGE (H. B.) The Oberland and its Glaciers, Explored and Illustrated with Ice Axe and Camera, 28 photographic illustrations by Ernest Edwards, and map, 4to, cloth, gilt edges, £1 15s-1866 117 TOPFFER (R) Voyages en Zigzag, ou Excursions_d'un Pensionnat en Vacances dans les Cantons Suisses et sur le Revers Italiens des Alpes, numerous illustrations by the Author and M. Calame, imperial 8vo, half morocco gilt, £1 1s-1850 VIOLLET LE DUC'S Mont Blanc, its Constitution, Transformations, and Glaciers, 120 illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 9s-1877



WHYMPER (E.) Scrambles among the Alps, the FIRST EDITION, with maps and numerous engravings, 8vo, cloth gilt, very scarce, £2 58-1871


AMORY (Thomas) The Life of John Buncle, Esq. (Edited by Wm. Hazlitt), best edition, 3 vols, post 8vo, sprinkled calf extra, yellow edges, by F. Bedford, £3-1825 (21

From the late F. Bedford's Library.

ANDERSON (Christopher) The Annals of the English Bible, portrait and woodcut illustrations, 2 vols, 8vo, polished calf extra, marbled leaves, by F. Bedford, £2 18s-Pickering, 1845

From the late F. Bedford's Library.


ANGLING. Blacker's Art of Fly-making, comprising Angling and Dyeing of Colours, plates of Salmon and Trout flies, shewing the process of the Gentle Craft as taught in the pages, 12mo, cloth, 8s 6d -1855


ANGLING. Piscatorial Reminiscences and Gleanings, with Anecdotes of Fish and Fishing, by Thomas Boosey, to which is added a Catalogue of Works on Angling by W. Pickering, emblematical frontispiece and charming vignettes, 12mo, polished calf extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, £1 10s-1835-6

From the late F. Bedford's Library.


ANGLING. The Rod and Gun (Angling and Shooting), by J. Wilson, plates, post 8vo, newly bound, half calf, gilt top, 12s 6d-1840 [24 ANGLING. Salter's The Angler's Guide, founded on Forty Years' Practice and Observations, numerous wood engravings, also some plates inserted, 8vo, newly bound, half calf gilt, gilt top, £1 1s-1815

[25 APICIAN Morsels, or Tales of the Table, Kitchen, and Larder, a New Code of Eatics, Epicurean Receipts, Maxims, Reflections, Anecdotes, &c., including the Art of Never Breakfasting at Home, by Dick Humelberguis Secundus, plates, 8vo, newly bound, polished calf extra, gilt top, UNCUT, scarce, 17s 6d-New York, 1829 [26 A PINCH of Snuff. Curious Particulars and Anecdotes of Snuff Taking, Snuff Boxes, Snuff Shops, Snuff Takers, and Snuff Papers, by Dean Snift (of Brazen-nose), humorous plate by Phiz, 12mo, half morocco, gilt top, by Rivière, with original cover, £1 1s -1840

[27 APPERLEY. Memoirs of John Mytton, Esq., with Notices of his Hunting, Shooting, Driving, Racing, Eccentric and Extravagant Exploits. 18 COLOURED PLATES BY ALKEN AND RAWLINS, SECOND EDITION, WITH CONSIDERABLE ADDITIONS, royal 8vo, half red morocco, marbled leaves, £3 10s-Ackermann, 1837 [28

*** A copy of the First Edition, inferior to this, just sold for £6 2s 6d at Sotheby's.

APPERLEY. The Chase, The Turf, and The Road, by Nimrod, portrait by Maclise and 13 plates by H. ALKEN, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, NEWLY BOUND, polished calf extra, gilt edges, £2 2s-1837 [29 ARABIAN NIGHTS. The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, now first completely done into English Prose and Verse, from the original Arabic, by John Payne, Author of "Villon's Poems," &c., 9 vols, 8vo, beautifully printed on hand-made paper-London, Printed for the Villon Society, 1883

Price on application. Intending purchasers are strongly recommended to lose no time in securing this valuable work, as every month it greatly increases in price, and the limited number printed quite precludes the possibility of its value decreasing.


ARIOSTE. Le Divin Arioste ou Roland le Furieux, Traduict nouvellement en Francais par F. de Rosset ensemble LA SUITE DE CETTE HISTOIRE, continuée jusques à la mort du Paladin Roland, engraved title surrounded with portraits and battle scenes and numerous fine old plates, 4to, calf extra, gilt edges on the rough, by F. Bedford, £3 15s-Paris, 1644

Very fine copy from the Library of F. Bedford.


ARIOSTO (Ludovico) Orlando Furioso, ILLUSTRATED WITH PORTRAIT BY EISEN, and 92 beautiful plates by Cipriani, Cochin, Eisen, Greuze, Monnet and Moreau, engraved by Bartolozzi, Choffard, de Ghendt, Ponce and others (forty-five by Cipriani, engraved by Bartolozzi, being proofs before letters), 4 vols, royal 8vo, half bound, UNCUT EDGES, VERY BARE, £8 8s-Parigi, P. Plassan, 1795


ARNOLD (Matthew) Friendship's Garland, being the Conversations, Letters, and Opinions of the late Arminius Baron von Thunder-ten-Tronckh, post 8vo, cloth, £1 5s-1871

Very scarce, having been long out of print.


ATLAS. Steeler (A.) and C. G. Reichard, Hand Atlas, NUMEROUS COLOURED MAPS, folio, dull calf, sprinkled edges, by Hering, (from F. Bedford's Library), 12s 6d-Gotha, 1835

BACON (Lord)


Resuscitatio, or, Bringing into Publick Light several pieces of the Works of Francis Bacon, by William Rawley, portrait, folio, calf, neatly rebacked by F. Bedford, £4 48-1661

*Fine copy, with the Royal arms of Charles II. (to whom the book was dedicated), and afterwards in the Townley Library, with John Townley's bookplate. From the sale of F. Bedford.


BAGMAN'S Bioscope, The, Views of Men and Manners, being the points in Conversation in a Commercial Room, for the use of the Johnny Newcomes on the Road, by William Bayley, 12mo, polished calf extra, gilt top, 15s-Bath, 1824 [36 BALZAC. Les Contes Drolatiques Colligez ez Abbayes de Touraine et mis en lumière par le Sieur de Balzac pour l'esbattement des Pantagruélistes et non autres, illustré de 425 dessins par GUSTAVE DORÉ, 8vo, half morocco, £1 10s-Paris, 1855 [37 The First Edition, with Doré's wonderful illustrations, and esteemed for their fine impressions.


BARON NICHOLSON. Life of the Lord Chief Baron Nicholson, crown 8vo, new half levant morocco, gilt top, with portrait of the Baron, bound up, 15s-N.D. BARBIER. Dictionnaire des Ouvrages Anonymes, 3ME EDITION, par Barbier et Billard, 4 vols; Querard, Les Supercheries littéraires dévoilées, SECONDE EDITION, considérablément augmentée par Brunet et Jannet, 3 vols; together 7 vols, royal 8vo, newly bound, half green levant morocco, gilt tops, UNCUT, £7 7sParis, 1869-78

[39 BARNABEE'S Journal, with Bessie Bell, to which are prefixed an Account of the Author (R. Brathwait), a Bibliographical History of the former Editions, and Notes, FINE ETCHINGS BY HARDING, 12mo, half green morocco, neat, gilt top, by Hayday, £1 1s1818

[40 BARTLETT'S (W. H.) The Pilgrim Fathers, Walks about Jerusalem, Forty Days in the Desert, Footsteps of our Lord, and The Overland Route, ORIGINAL EDITIONS, numerous illustrations, 5 vols, royal 8vo, cloth, uncut, £3 10s-1851-3 [41 BATEMAN (John) Acre-Ocracy of England, The, a List of all Owners of 3,000 Acres and upwards, with their Possessions and Incomes, arranged under the Counties, post 8vo, boards, scarce, 10s-Pickering, 1876


BEAUMONT (F.) and J. Fletcher's Dramatic Works, the Text formed from a new Collection of the Early Editions, with Notes and Memoirs by the Rev. Alexander Dyce, BEST EDITION, 11 vols, 8vo, handsomely bound, polished calf extra, contents lettered, GILT TOPS, UNCUT, by F. Bedford, £24-Moxon, 1843 [42

From the Library of the late F. Bedford.


BEAU NASH. The Life of Richard Nash, of Bath, Esq., extracted principally from his original papers, by OLIVER GOLDSMITH, portrait, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, fine copy, polished calf extra, by Rivière, £1 18-1762 BEDDOES (Thomas Lovell) Poems, Posthumous and Collected, with Memoir and Notes, 2 vols, 12mo, original cloth, UNCUT, £1 108-Pickering, 1851 [44 BEKET (Archbishop Saint Thomas A') Life and Martyrdom (in Verse), edited by W. H. Black, portrait, post 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, UNCUT, 98-Percy Soe, 1845

From the late F. Bedford's Library.


BELL'S British Theatre, consisting of the most Esteemed English Plays, a Complete Set, 34 vols, small 8vo, containing nearly 300 beautiful portraits of the Actors and Actresses in their favourite Scenes and Characters, by Smirke, Stothard, Fuseli, De Wilde and others, calf, contents lettered, £3 10s--1797 [46 BEN JONSON'S Works, with Notes, Critical and Explanatory, also Memoir by W. Gifford, portrait, BEST EDITION, 9 vols, 8vo, polished calf, super extra, contents lettered, gilt tops, uncut, by F. Bedford, £12 128-1816

[47 BEN JONSON, Junior. Poems, being a Miscelanie of Seriousness, Wit, Mirth, and Mysterie, composed by W. S., 18mo (edges somewhat cut into), 5s-1672

An exceptionally fine copy from the late F. Bedford's Library.



Œuvres complètes, édition unique revue par l'auteur, ornée de cent quatre vignettes en taille douce, dessinées par les peintres les plus célèbres, avec la Musique des Chansons, charming illustrations, 4 vols, 8vo, RARE EDITION, half calf, $1 10s-Perrotin, Paris, 1834 [49 BERESFORD (James) The Miseries of Human Life, or the Groans of Samuel Sensitive and Timothy Testy, with Supplementary Sighs from Mrs. Testy, 2 vols, 12mo, with the rare series of coloured folding plates by Atkinson (the Caricaturist), calf, £1 10s— 1807


BERNARD (Jean) Discours des plus memorables Faicts des Roys and Gra'd Seigneurs d'Angleterre depuis cinq cens ans; avec les Genealogies des Roynes d'Angleterre et d'Ecosse, plus un traicte de la guide des chemins, les assiettes, villes, chasteaux, &c., d'Angleterre, small 8vo, calf extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford, £2 28-Paris, G. Mallot, à l'enseigne de l'aigle d'or, 1579 [51

From the Library of the late F. Bedford.

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