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Hood's Garland, a Complete

History of all the Notable Exploits by Him and His Merry Men, WOODCUTS BY BEWICK, 18mo, newly bound, polished calf gilt, gilt edges, VERY RARE, £1 1s-York, 1805 (52 BIBLIOGRAPHY. Catalogue of the Library of the late George Smith, Esq. (of 21, Russell Square, Deputy-Lieut. of the Tower Hamlets), 22 days' sale, comprising Shakespeare and Shakesperiana, Privately Printed Publications, Foreign Authors, Topography and scarce pieces relating to London, Splendid Works of Engravings, &c., &c., priced throughout with the purchasers' names, large 8vo, half blue morocco, cloth sides, gilt top, UNCUT, £2 58 -1867

The late F. Bedford's copy from his Library.



Catalogue of the Library of Mr. John A. Rice, sold by Bangs, Merwin and Co., of the Broadway, New York, on March the 21st and 5 following days in 1870, LARGE AND THICK PAPER (only 25 copies printed for presents), royal 8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, UNCUT, with prices realised, £1 1s-New York,


F. Bedford's copy from his sale.

[54 BIBLIOGRAPHY. Catalogue of the Reserved and Choicest Portion of the Libri Library, priced with purchasers' names, (F. Bedford's copy), cloth, 7s 6d-1862 [55 BIBLIOGRAPHY. Hazlitt (W. Carew) Hand-book to the Popular, Poetical and Dramatic Literature of Great Britain, from the Invention of Printing to the Restoration, thick Svo, halj brown levant morocco, cloth sides, gilt top, UNCUT, by F. Bedford, £1 158 -1867

** From the late F. Bedford's Library.

[56 BIBLIOGRAPHY. The British Catalogue of Books, published (from 1837 to 1858) with the date, size, price, publisher's name and edition, compiled by Sampson Low, thick 8vo, half russia extra, cloth sides, fore edge in different colours, £1 5s-1853-8

From the late F. Bedford's Library.

[57 BIBLIOTHECA Americana. A Catalogue of Books relating to America, in all Languages, by Henry Stevens, eight days' sale, 8vo, cloth, 1861, 7s 6d; Aspinwall's ditto, 1854, 2s 6d; Henry Stevens' ditto, 1863, 2s 6d; A five days' sale, 1862, 2s



(W.) Animal Biography, or Popular Zoology, illustrated by Authentic Anecdotes of the Economy, Habits, Instincts and Sagacity of the Animal Creation, plates, 4 vols, 12mo, sprinkled calf extra, marbled leaves, by F. Bedford, £1 10s-1824

From the Library of the late F. Bedford.


BLAINVILLE (Mon. de) Travels through Holland, Germany, Switzerland, and other parts of Europe, but especially Italy, translated by Turnbull and Guthrie, folding maps, 3 vols, 4to, handsomely bound, polished calf extra, red edges, by F. Bedford, £2 7s 6d-1743

The travels were highly praised by Dr. Johnson. From the Library of the late F. Bedford

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BISINGER (J. C.) Staats ver fasoung des Osterreichis chen Kaiserthumes, 8vo, half calf, sprinkled edges, 4s 6d-1809

[61 BLAIR'S Chronological and Historical Fables, from the Creation to the present time, with additions by Sir H. Ellis, imperial 8vo, half morocco, marbled leaves, by F. Bedford, 10s-1851 [62

From the late F. Bedford's Library.

BLAKE. Elements of Morality, for the Use of Children, translated from the German of Salzmann by MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT, THE FIRST EDITION, WITH BEST IMPRESSIONS OF THE 50 PLATES BY WILLIAM BLAKE, 3 vols, 12mo, maroon marocco, gilt edges, £4 14s 6d-1791 [63 BLUNT (J.J.) Sketch of the Reformation in England, 18mo, calf extra, red edges, by F. Bedford, 5s-1832

The late F. Bedford's copy.


BOCCACCIO'S Decameron, or Ten Days' Entertainment, Translated, with Remarks on the Life and Writings of this esteemed Author, by the Author of "Old Nick," fine portrait after Titian, also proof portrait on India paper after Rafaello, and 10 most exquisite proofs on India paper, from the designs of T. Stothard, R.A., inserted, 8vo, mottled calf extra, yellow edges, by F. Bedford, £4 4s1820 From the late F. Bedford's Library.


BOCCACCIO'S Decameron, or Ten Days' Entertainment of Boccaccio, 2 vols in 1, post 8vo, newly bound, kalf morocco, gilt top, 15s-Griffin [66 BOILEAU (Nicholas de) Œuvres, avec des Eclaircissemens Historiques donnez par Lui Meme, enrichie de Figures Gravées par Picart, fine copy, calf gilt, YELLOW EDGES (the late F. Bedford's copy), 15s-1728 BOLINGBROKE (Lord) A Letter to the Examiner, 8vo, half calf gilt, YELLOW EDGES, 12s—Privately printed, 1710 [68 This pamphlet has become very scarce, it having been rigidly suppressed. From the late F. Bedford's Library.


BON GAULTIER'S Book of Ballads (by Sir Theodore Martin and W. E. Aytoun), the RARE FIRST EDITION, illustrated by Alfred Crowquill, in the original cloth, gilt edges, £2 2s-W. S. Orr & Co., 1845


BORROW (Geo.) The Romany Rye, a Sequel to Lavengro, FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, post 8vo, half calf gilt, gilt edges, 18s-1857



BRONTE. Jane Eyre, an Autobiography, by Currer Bell, 3 vols, half morocco gilt, £1 10s-1848 BROWNE (Sir Thomas) Works, including his Life and Correspondence, edited by Simon Wilkin, F.L.S., BEST EDITION, portrait and plates, 4 vols, 8vo, mottled calf extra, gilt tops, UNCUT, £6 10s-Pickering, 1836

From the late F. Bedford's Library.


BROWNE (Wm.) Works, comprising Britannia's Pastorals, The Shepherd's Pipe, Inner Temple Masque, and other Poems, with Glossary and Life by Thompson, 3 vols in 1, 12mo, calf, 17s 6d-1772


BROWNING (Mrs.) Poems, the FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, 12mo, calf gilt, gilt edges (name on title), £1 7s 6d—Moxon, 1844


BROWNING (Elizabeth Barrett) Poems, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth, UNCUT, £1 1s-1850

BROWNING (Elizabeth

portrait, 12mo, cloth, 6s-1859


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BROWNING (Elizabeth Barrett) Last Poems, FIRST
EDITION, post 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, £1 1s-1862
BROWNING (Robert) Men and Women, 2 vols, 12mo,
original cloth, UNCUT, very scarce, £1 10s-1855

BROWNING (Robert) Paracelsus,
EDITION, 12mo, half calf, £1 5s-1835


the rare FIRST


BROWNING (Robert) Poems, the first collected edition,
2 vols, 12mo, original cloth, UNCUT, £1 1s-1849
BROWNING (Robert) The Ring and the Book, 4
vols, 12mo, original cloth, UNCUT, £1 1s-1868
BURNEY (C.) Memoirs, arranged from his own
MSS. and Family Papers, and Personal Recollections, by Madame
D'Arblay, 3 vols, 8vo, new half calf, £1 2s-1832
BURNS (Robert) Poems, chiefly in the Scottish
Dialect, Portrait by Nasmyth after Beugo, 8vo, FINE COPY, in
contemporary tree calf gilt binding, yellow edges, £1 8s-1787

The First London Edition, with the dedication to the Caledonian
Hunt, emblematical gilding on the back. From the library of G. L. Way.


BUTLER'S Ghost, or Hudibras, the Fourth Part, with Reflections upon the Times, 12mo, calf, 9s-1682 [84 BUTLER (Samuel) Hudibras, the First Part, written in the time of the late Wars, FIRST EDITION-1663; Hudibras, the Second Part, the FIRST EDITION-1664; bound in 1 vol, 16mo, calf, FROM THE LIBRARY OF G. W. WAY, very rare.

[85 BUTLER (S.) Hudibras, The Third and Last Part, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, very rare-1678

Together, the work complete, £3 38. Od.



BUTLER (S.) Hudibras, in Three Parts, in 1 vol, 8vo,
calf, 10s-Sackett, 1694
BYRON. Jeaffreson (John Cordy) The Real Lord Byron,
New Views of the Poet's Life, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, 12s 6d-1883 [88

BYRON (Lord) WORKS. A rare Collection of the FIRST EDITIONS, in the original boards, UNCUT, together 19 vols, 8vo (one quarto), £13 13s-1813-23


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The difficulty of making up series of Byron's First Editions IN UNCUT STATE is greater than ever.

An extensive collection of other Byron First Editions and Byroniana in
stock. List on application.

ABINET des Fées, ou Collection Choisie des Contes
des Fées, et autres Contes Merveilleux, brilliant impressions of the
numerous plates by MARILLIER, the complete set, 41 vols, small
8vo, spotted calf, super extra, gilt tops, UNCUT EDGES, by F. Bedford,

A magnificent copy of this most interesting collection of Fairy Tales and
Romances ever published in the French Language. In this exceptionally fine
state, bound by our great English binder, and in superb condition, it may be
probably unique. It was bound by F. Bedford for his private library.


CAMPAN (Madame) Memoirs of the Private Life, portrait, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf, 16s-1823 CAMPBELL'S Poetical Works, TURNER'S PLATES, the FIRST EDITION, newly bound, handsome morocco extra, gilt top, uncut, Roger Payne back by Rivière, £4 10s-1837 [92 CAMPBELL (Thomas) Specimens of the British Poets, with Biographical and Critical Notices and an Essay on English Poetry, portrait and engraved title by FINDEN, royal 8vo, whole bound, calf extra, gilt edges, £3 3s-J. Murray, 1841. Presentation Copy with Author's Autograph

"To Edward Moxon, Esq., from his friend T. Campbell."

London, 17th September, 1841.


CANTABS. Sketches of Cantabs, by John Smith (of Smith Hall), frontispiece and engraved title by Phiz, 18mo, original cloth, 4s 6d-1850 [94 CARPENTER'S The Peerage for the People, a Racy Radical Peerage, crown 8vo, half calf gilt, 10s—1850 CARLYLE (T.) Chartism, FIRST EDITION, post 8vo, original cloth, 5s-J. Fraser, 1840



From the late F. Bedford's Library.

CARLYLE (T.) Life of John Sterling, FIRST EDITION, post 8vo, cloth, 7s 6d-1851 [97 CALCOTT (Maria) A Scripture Herbal, woodcut illustrations, square, small 4to, polished calf, elegantly tooled on a red and light brown ground, being a fine specimen of the late F. Bedford's much esteemed binding, gilt edges, £2 2s-1842 [98 CELEBRATED Trials and Remarkable Cases of Criminal Jurisprudence, from the Earliest Records to the Year 1825, by G. Borrow, folding plates, portraits, views, &c., &c., 6 vols, Svo, half calf, marbled leaves, £4 15s-1825 CENCI. Contemporaneous Narrative of the Trial and Execution of the Cenci, in Italian, with Translation by Sir J. Simeon, small 4to, half rorburghe, gilt top, UNCUT, £1 5s-Privately printed, N.D. [100

**Presentation copy to the late F. Bedford from Sir J. Simeon, with autograph, from the late F. Bedford's Library.


CHANSON des Nouveaux Epoux (La), par Madame Adam (Juliette Lamber), illustre d'un portrait, gravé au burin et à l'eau forte par Burney, et 10 grandes compositions de Constant, Dore, Detaille, Laurens, Le Matte, Le Roux, Munkacsy, &c., 4to, UNCUT, in artistic cloth, £2 10s-1882 [101 CHAPMAN (George) Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, also the Batrachomyomachia Hymns and Epigrams, with Introductions and Notes by Hooper, portrait and frontispieces, together 5 vols, square post 8vo, cloth, £1 7s 6d-1857-58 [102 CHARLES I. King Charles, His Tryal, with the Several Speeches-Marrot, 1649; King Charles' Speech made upon the Scaffold, 30th Jan., 1648-Peter Cole, 1649; The Subjects' Sorrow, or Lamentations on the Death of Charles I.-privately printed, 1649; The Devilish Conspiracy to Murder the King-privately printed, 1648; Several Speeches Made on the Scaffold by the Duke of Hamilton, Earl of Cambridge, Earl of Holland, and Lord Capel, the whole bound in 1 vol, small 4to, calf, £2 2s-1648-49

[103 CHINA. Macartney (Earl) Embassy to China undertaken by order of the King of Gt. Britain, abridged from Sir G. Staunton's Account, including the Manners and Customs of the People, plates, 8vo, sprinkled calf extra, yellow edges, by F. Bedford, £1-1797 [104

From the sale of the late F. Bedford's Library.

CHINESE. Webb (John) An Essay Endeavouring a Probability that the Language of the Empire of China is the Primitive Language, 12mo, sprinkled calf extra, yellow edges, by F. Bedjord, 10s 6d-1669

From the Library of the late F. Bedford.


CHIVALRY. Memoirs of Ancient Chivalry, with Anecdotes of the Times from the Romance Writers, &c., 8vo, calf, 6s-1784


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