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MUSEE, Héro et Léandre, dessins de Pfnor, GRAVURES DE MEAULLE, Notice par A. Pons, beautifully printed on THICK PAPER, within yellow artistic borders, with charming vignettes, small 8vo, tree calf, super extra gilt, gilt top, 15s-Paris, 1879

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ELSON (Lord) Letters to Lady Hamilton, with a Supplement of Interesting Letters by Distinguished Characters, 2 vols, calf, 18s-1814


NEW Bon Ton Magazine, The, or Telescope of the Times, illustrated with 32 very humorous COLOURED PLATES BY CRUIKSHANK, &c., complete in 6 vols, bound in three, half morocco, £5 15s-1818-21


NINETEETH Century, The, a Monthly Review, edited by James Knowles, from its commencement in March, 1877, to June, 1880, 7 vols, royal 8vo, half calf, 35s-1877–80

277 NOELS Nouveaux. La Grande Bible Renouvellée ou Noels Nouveaux ou tous les Mystères de la Naissance et de l'enfance de Jesus Christ, 4 vols bound in one, small 8vo, mottled calf extra, yellow edges, rare, 12s-à Troyes, chez André, N.D. 278 NORFOLK. A Collection of Several Hundred Prints, Views, Portraits, Drawings, Etchings, Pedigrees, &c., &c., illustrating BLOMEFIELD'S NORFOLK, mounted in 1 thick vol, large 4to, calf (cover loose), FROM THE LIBRARY OF DAWSON TURNER, £7 17s 6d (279


LLIER (Charles) Fallacy of Ghosts, Dreams, and Omens, with Stories of Witchcraft, Life in Death and Monomania, by the Author of " Inesella," &c., plates, 12mo, cloth, UNCUT, scarce, 17s 6d-Published by Charles Ollier, 1848


OWEN Meredith. Chronicles and Characters, by Robert Lord Lytton, portrait, THE FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, 12s 6d—


[281 OWEN Meredith. The Ring of Amasis, from the Papers of a German Physician, edited by Owen Meredith (Robert Lord Lytton), THE FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, post 8vo, newly bound, half brown morocco extra, gilt tops, 18s-1863 [282 OXFORD. Dillon (R. C.) The Lord Mayor's Visit to Oxford in the month of July, 1826, frontispiece and 1 plate (proofs), post 8vo, boards, UNCUT, £1 1s-1826


This serious absurdity was so much quizzed that the Lord Mayor (Venables) induced his over-earnest chaplain to suppress it. It was severely criticised by Theodore Hook in one of his papers in "John Bull."-LOWNDES.


ERCY (Bishop) Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, consisting of Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and other Pieces of our Earlier Poets (chiefly of the Lyric kind), together with some few of later date, engraved title, 3 vols, small 8vo, FINE COPY, whole bound polished calf, super extra gilt leaves, by Zachnsdorff, £2 10s— Dodsley, 1765

The First Edition, containing the Wanton Wife of Bath, and other pieces not in subsequent editions.


PERRAULT. Les Contes des Fées, en Prose et en Vers, deurieme edition, revue et corrigée sur les Editions Originales et précédée d'une lettre critique Nar. Ch. Giraud, portrait, 5 plates and 12 exquisite vignette Etchings, 8vo, half blue morocco extra, gilt top, UNCUT, £2 2s-Lyon, Louis Perrin, 1865 [285

A very limited number printed on papier d'Hollande, with proofs before letters of the beautiful engravings; quite out of print.

PETER WILKINS (The Flying Man) The Life and Adventures of, relating particularly his Shipwreck near the North Pole, Wonderful Passage to a New World, his there meeting with a Gawry, or Flying Woman, whose life he preserved, and afterwards married her, his Extraordinary Conveyance to the Country of the Glums and Gawrys, likewise a description of this strange Country, the Laws, Customs, and Manners of its Inhabitants, and the Author's remarkable transactions among them, by R. S., 2 vols, 12mo, old calf neat, £3 3s-Berwick, 1784

Mr. Weber observes, "There are few romances which exhibit so many proofs of poetical imagination." Southey, in his "Curse of Kehama," acknowledges to have borrowed from thence his description of the Glendowers. The author was Robert Poltock, of Clement's Inn.


PICTURES of the French. A Series of Literary and Graphic Delineations of French Character, by Jules Janin, Balzac, Cormenin, and others, with upwards of 230 whole page and other engravings, drawn on wood, BY GAVARNI, MONNIER, AND MEISSONIER, the whole page engravings mounted on INDIA PAPER, royal 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, 1881840


POPE'S Poetical Works, including the Iliad of Homer, DU ROVERAY'S BEAUTIFUL EDITION, with fine impressions of the erquisite engravings by Heath, Fittler, and others, after STOTHARD, FUSELI, and WESTALL, 12 vols, post 8vo, calf neat, £3-1804 [288 PORTFOLIO (The), or a Collection of State Papers and other Documents and Correspondence, Historical, Diplomatic, and Commercial, Illustrative of the History of our Times, maps, first series, complete in 6 vols, 8vo, rough calf, £3 3s-F. Shoberl, Jun., 1836-37

The value of this extremely rare series of the portfolio, a work which was published under the auspices of the late King William IV., consists in the fact that it comprises the Secret despatches of Pozzo di Borgo and others which were abstracted by the Polish Insurrectionists from the Russian Archives at Warsaw, in 1830-31, and which were brought over to this country by Prince Czartoryski.


PORTRAITS of Celebrated Painters from Authentic Originals Etched by JAMES GIRTIN. Seventy-five fine half-length portraits printed in tint, 4to, THE SCARCE ORIGINAL EDITION, half bound, 45s-1817 [290


UEEN CAROLINE. A Scarce Collection of Interest-
ing Pamphlets chiefly relating to QUEEN CAROLINE, and the
Contemporary Political History, several illustrated by GEORGE
CRUIKSHANK, and all in the original uncut state as published, 25s
-Fairbairn, Hone, dc., 1816-21

Includes Doll Tear-Sheet; A Groan from the Throne; The Kettle
Abusing the Pot; "Non Mi Ricordo"; The Northern Excursion of Geordie;
Stripes for Sinecurists; The Noble Lord's Bite; The Lost Mutton Found;
Nero Vindicated; The Midnight Intruder, &c., &c.


QUEEN CAROLINE. Adolphus (J. H.) Memoirs of Queen Caroline, including the Last Days, Death, Funeral Obsequies, &c., of her Majesty, ILLUSTRATED WITH 17 COLOURED PORTRAITS AND 8 VIEWS, 3 vols, 8vo, half bound, 17s 6d-1821 [292


The Doleful History of Caroline, Queen of George IV., from her landing at Dover to her untimely end. COMPOSED OF NEWSPAPER CUTTINGS, SONGS, BALLADS, &c., arranged and mounted, small 4to size (a scarce and interesting collection), [293



ABELAIS (F. de) Euvres, Edition Variorum, augmentée de pieces inédites des Songes Drolatiques de Pantagruel, et d'un Nouveau Commentaire par Johanneau, the BEST EDITION, illustrated with 2 portraits, carte du Chinonois, 10 fine plates after Deveria, and 120 VERY DROLL GROTESQUE FIGURES ON WOOD ILLUSTRATING LES SONGES DE PANTAGRUEL, 9 vols, 8vo, calf,£3 5s-1823-26


RABELAIS (Francois) Les Œuvres de, augmentées de la Vie de l'Auteur et de quelques Remarques sur sa Vie et sur l'Histoire, avec l'explication de tous les mots difficiles, 2 vols, thick 24mo, old calf, 30s-EDITION ELZEVIER a la sphére, 1666 [295 RABELAIS (Francis) The Works of, with Notes of Duchat and others, edited by Cecil, 4 vols, small 8vo, calf, 20s-1738 [296

RABELAIS. Les Songes Drolatiques de Pantagruel, Reproduction fac-simile du texte et des 120 planches de l'edition originale, Paris, R. Breton, 1565, MOST DROLL ENGRAVINGS, 8vo, original wrapper, UNCUT, 15s-Gay, 1868

Large and thick paper, only 800 copies printed on papier de Hollande.


RANDOLPH (Thos.) Poems, with the Muse's Looking-Glass and Amyntas, or the Impossible Dowry, engraved title, small 8vo, calf gilt, yellow edges, NEAT COPY, 21s-Oxford, 1640

This copy formerly belonged to T. Martin, J. Ives, and the Rev. J. Mitford. The latter has added a title from the 1668 edition, and some MSS. notes on fly-leaves.


REAL LIFE in London, or the Rambles and Adventures of Bob Tallyho, Esq., and his Cousin, the Hon. Tom Dashall, through the Metropolis, exhibiting a Living Picture of Fashionable Characters, Manners and Amusements in High and Low Life, by an Amateur, 32 HIGHLY HUMOROUS COLOURED PLATES BY ROWLANDSON, ALKEN, HEATH, &c., 2 vols, 8vo, calf (binding rather loose) £4-1821 [299 REAL LIFE in Ireland, or the Day and Night Scenes, Rovings, Rambles, Sprees, Bulls, Blunders, Bodderation and Blarney of Brian Boru, Esq., and his Elegant Friend Sir Shawn O'Dogherty, exhibiting a real picture of Characters, Manners, etc., in HIGH and Low LIFE in Dublin and various parts of Ireland, fine impressions of the 19 highly humorous coloured plates, 8vo, half bound, 30s-1822 300

REYNOLDS (George M. W.) Pickwick Abroad, or the Tour

in France, FIRST EDITION, illustrated with 41 steel plates by Crowquill and Phillips, and 33 woodcuts by Bonner, Svo, FINE COPY, whole bound, polished calf, super extra, gilt edges, 31s 6d-1839


ROBY'S (J.) Traditions of Lancashire, BOTH SERIES, THE BEST LIBRARY EDITION, with numerous fine engravings of scenery and antiquities by Pickering, engraved by Finden, LARGE PAPER, WITH PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER, AND DUPLICATE SET OF PLATES BEFORE LETTERS, 4 vols, royal 8vo, in the original cloth boards, £14 14s-1829-31 (302

An Extra Illustrated Copy of ROGERS' (Samuel) Table Talk, to which is added Porsoniana, post 8vo, EXTENDED TO TWO VOLUMES by the insertion of ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN PORTRAITS, SOME PROOFS, of the most eminent Literary, Scientific, Political, and Social Celebrities referred to in the work, HANDSOMELY BOUND in the best Levant blue morocco extra, gilt tops, £7 7sMoxon, 1856

ROGERS (Samuel) Poems, THE


BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATED EDITION, elegantly printed on thick paper, with 50 exquisite vignette engravings by Finden, from drawings by TURNER and STOTHARD, the first edition, brilliant impressions, 8vo, CLEAN COPY, half calf neat, £2 10s1834


ROGERS' (S.) Italy, a Poem, illustrated with portrait and beautiful vignette engravings by Finden, from drawings by Turner and Stothard, 8vo, whole bound, blue morocco extra, tooled sides, gilt edges, 308-E. Moxon, 1852


ROGERS (S.) Recollections of the Table Talk of, to which is added Porsoniana, post 8vo, cloth, 9s-Moron, 1856 [306 RITSON (Joseph) Ancient Engleish Metrical Romancës, selected and published by J. Ritson, 3 vols, post 8vo, vellum, 42sPrinted by Bulmer and Co., 1802 [307 RITSON (J.) Ancient Songs and Ballads, from the Reign of Henry II. to the Revolution, 2 vols, post 8vo, fine clean copy, cloth, UNCUT, 428-1829

[308 ROSSETTI (W. M.) Comedy of Dante, Part I. (The Hell,) translated into blank verse, with Introductions and Notes, 12mo, cloth, 10s-1865


ROUSSEAU (J. J.) Euvres Complètes, nouvelle Edition Classé par crdre de matières, avec des notes (par Seb Mercier, l'abbé Brizard, et de l'Aunay), 38 vols, post 8vo, illustrated with 90 fine plates, by MOREAU, MARILLIER, LE BARRIER, LECLERC, NAIGEON, WHEATLEY AND BOUCHER, calf, £4 4s-Paris, 1788-93 [310 ROUSSEAU (J. J.) Works, comprising Miscellaneous, 5 vols; Emilius and Sophia, 4 vols; Confessions, to which are added, the Reveries of a Solitary Walker, 5 vols; and Eloisa, to which are added the Adventures of Lord B- at Rome, being the sequel, 4 vols; together 18 vols, post 8vo, HANDSOMELY WHOLE BOUND, russia extra, tooled sides and backs, gilt edges, IN BEAUTIFUL CONDITION, £5 5s1767-1803

[311 ROWCROFT (Charles) Fanny the Little Milliner, or the Rich and the Poor, THE ORIGINAL EDITION, with 11 spirited plates by Onwhyn, 8vo, newly bound, half green morocco, gilt, gilt edges, 18s-1846


ROWLANDSON. Beauties of Ton Brown, consisting of Humorous Pieces in Prose and Verse, from the Works of that Satirical and Lively Writer, with Life, by C. H. Wilson, with humorous folding coloured plates of a Gaming House, by T. ROWLANDSON, Small 8vo, polished calf super extra, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorff, 21s-1808 313 ROWLANDSON. Combe (W.) Doctor Syntax's Tour in Search of the Picturesque, and Tour in Search of Consolation, the SECOND EDITION, with fine impressions of the famous coloured plates by Rowlandson, 2 vols, royal 8vo, EXCEPTIONALLY FINE COPIES, in the original boards, UNCUT EDGES, £6 6s-Ackermann, 1812-20 314 ROWLANDSON. Doctor Syntax's Tour in Search of the Picturesque (by Wm. Combe), SPLENDID IMPRESSIONS of the 30 humorous coloured plates by T. Rowlandson, royal 8vo, scored calf gilt, 35sAckermann, 1819 [315 ROWLANDSON. Combe (W.) Dr. Syntax's Tour through London, or the Pleasures and Miseries of the Metropolis, by William Combe, 19 MOST HUMOROUS COLOURED PLATES, royal 8vo, EXCEPTIONALLY FINE COPY, in the original boards, UNCUT EDGES, scarce in this state, £3-1820 316 ROWLANDSON. Combe (W.) Doctor Syntax in Paris, or a Tour in Search of the Grotesque, a Humorous and Satirical Poem, by W. COMBE, amusing coloured plates in the manner of ROWLANDSON, royal 8vo, calf gilt, 35s-1820 [317 ROWLANDSON. Combe (W.) Doctor Prosody's Tour through Scotland in Search of the Antique and Picturesque, illustrated with 20 humorous coloured plates by Read and Williams, calf, £2 2s-1821 ROWLANDSON. Butler's Hudibras, with Annotations and Preface by Grey, plates by Rowlandson, after Hogarth, 2 vols, fcap, NEWLY BOUND, half green morocco, extra gilt tops, UNCUT, £1 1s-1810 ROWLANDSON. Sterne's Sentimental Journey, two caricature etchings by Rowlandson, 12mo, newly bound, half green morocco extra, gilt top, 10s-1809


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ATYRE Menippée de la vertu du Catholicon d'Espagne, et de la tenue des Etats de Paris, dernière edition, augmentée de Nouvelles Remarques et de plusieurs Pièces (par le Duchat), ENRICHE DE 10 FIGURES EN TAILLE DOUCE, 3 vols, small 8vo, contemporary calf gilt binding, 30s-Ratisbonne, 1726 [321 SCROPE (William) The Art of Deer-Stalking in the Forest of Atholl, with some Account of the Nature and Habits of Red Deer. and a Short Description of the Scottish Forests, Legends, Superstitions, Stories of Poachers, Freebooters, &c., illustrated by engravings and lithographs after paintings by Edwin and Charles Landseer, and by the Author, royal 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, £4 15s-1839

[322 SEYMOUR'S Humorous Sketches, THE SCARCE FIRST EDITION, 5 vols, ON DIFFERENT COLOURED PAPERS, royal 8vo, bound in one, and containing 121 plates and 5 engraved titles, SPLENDID ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, half morocco, £2 10s-1836


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