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CCENTRIC Mirror, The, Reflecting a Faithful Delineation of Male and Female Characters, Ancient and Modern, distinguished by Extraordinary Qualifications, Talents and Propensities, Natural or Acquired, collected by G. H. Wilson, numerous portraits, 4 vols, 12mo, boards, UNCUT, £1 1s-1806


Formerly the copy of John Hill Burton, author of "The Book Hunter." EGAN (Pierce) The Life of an Actor, the Poetical Descriptions by T. GREENWOOD, EMBELLISHED WITH 27 CHARACTERISTIC COLOURED PLATES BY THEODORE LANE, and some original designs on wood by Thompson, royal 8vo, VERY FINE COPY, whole bound in yellow polished calf, super extra, gilt top, £5 5s-1825 [219 EGAN (Pierce) The Life of an Actor, another copy, royal 8vo, contemporary calf binding, £3 10s-1825 [220 EGAN (Pierce) The Show Folks, 9 characteristic woodcuts by Theodore Lane, 12mo, half bound, 5s-1831 [221 EGAN (Pierce) Every Gentleman's Manual, a Lecture on the Art of Self-defence, with Animated Sketches of the most Celebrated Pugilists during the last Century, dedicated to Lord Panmure, plates, 12mo, cloth, 12s 6d-1845

With the frontispiece, representing Lord Byron engaged in the art of selfdefence with John Jackson, Esq.



EGAN (Pierce) Walks through Bath, describing everything worthy of Interest connected with the Rooms, Crescents, Theatres, Concerts, Baths, its Literature, &c., illustrated by 21 plates by Storer, 8vo, half russia, 98-Bath, 1819 EISEN'S Plates. Voltaire, La Henriade avec les Variantes, portrait of the Author, and 10 plates by Ch. Eisen, 12mo, calf gilt, 12s-Paris, Duchesne, 1787 [224 ELIOT (George) Romola, by George Eliot, with illustrations by Sir Frederick Leighton, 2 vols, imperial 8vo, cloth boards, UNCUT, £2 158-1880

ELIOT (George)


The Mill on the Floss, FIRST


EDITION, 3 vols, post 8vo, half calf, £1 1s-1860 ENGLISH SPY, The, an Original Work, Characteristic, Satirical and Humorous, comprising Scenes and Sketches in every Rank of Society, being Portraits of the Illustrious, Eminent, Eccentric, and Notorious, drawn from the Life, by Bernard Blackmantle (CHARLES H. WESTAMACOTT), 72 MOST HUMOROUS COLOURED PLATES BY ROBERT CRUIKSHANK, AND 36 WOODCUTS BY ROWLANDSON, GILLRAY and others, 2 vols, royal 8vo, calf, contemporary binding, £12-1825 [227 EPITAPHS. The Abbey of Kilkhampton Revived, or Monumental Records for the Year 1980, faithfully transcribed from the original inscriptions, which are still perfect, 12mo, newly bound, half Levant morocco, gilt top, UNCUT EDGES, 10s-1822 (228 ETCHING CLUB. The Songs of Shakespeare, illustrated by the Etching Club, 17 subjects on 10 plates, INDIA PROOFS, folio, original wrapper, £1 1s-1843



Twenty-one exquisitively beautiful Etchings, by Members of the Etching Club, THE COMPLETE SERIES, BRILLIANT PROOF IMPRESSIONS, ON INDIA PAPER, in portfolio, £15-1879


The issne limited to seventy-five copies, subscriber's price £21. The Etch-
ings are all SIGNED ARTIST'S PROOFS and attached to cardboard by two corners
only, with protective mounts.

The following are the subjects and the artists:-Walting for Help, R.
Ansdell, R.A.; The Shepherd's Revenge, R. Ansdell, R.A.; Toujours Fidéle,
P. H. Calderon, R.A.; Hope Deferred, C. W. Cope, R.A.; Hush, C. W. Cope,
B.A.; Norwich Cathedral, J. P. Heseltine; Near Ramsgate, J. P. Heseltine;
Artists and Amateurs, J. E. Hodgson, A.R.A.; Dolce far Niente, J. E. Hodgson,
A.R.A.; The Land of Cuyp, J. C. Hook, R.A.; A Trespasser, J. C. Horsley, R.A.;
The Father's Leave-Taking, W. Holman Hunt; A Penny for her Thoughts,
J. E. Millais, R.A.; About Fairies, G. B. O'Neill; Daisies, G. B. O'Neill; The
Lonely Tower, Samuel Palmer; The Highland Outpost, J. Pettie, R.A.; At
Bay, J. Pettie, R.A.; Rustic Courtship, R. Redgrave, R.A.; Eugene Aram, R.
Redgrave, R.A.; A Hunting Morning-Bringing over the Hounds, F. Tayler.


A Round of Melodies, drawn and etched by R. and M. Farren, A SERIES OF TWENTY-FOUR MOST CHARMING ETCHINGS, illustrating some of the most favourite Airs and Songs of our most famous Poets and Song Writers, oblong 4to, in artistic portfolio, £1 11s 6d-1882

PROOFS printed on Japanese paper, only 250 copies printed, 50 of which have been ordered for America.


FARREN (Robert) Etchings of Cambridge, a series of 20 beautiful plates, folio, in portfolio, £3 3s-1880

ARTIST'S PROOFS each signed, only 50 sets printed.


FASHIONS. The Fashions of London and Paris during the years 1801, 1802, and 1803, in 1 vol, 8vo, with 54 plates, containing 295 coloured examples of full dress, half dress, and head dress, also letterpress descriptions, half bound, 15s—1801-3 [233 FAUSTUS, from the German of Goethe, illustrated with 26 outline plates by Retzsch, engraved by H. Moses, PROOF IMPRESSIONS, 4to, in the original designed boards, UNCUT, £1 1s-Boosey, 1821 [234 FIELDING (Henry) History of Jonathan Wild the Great, to which is added a Contemporary Life of Jonathan Wild, also J. W.'s Advice to his Successor and Proposals for an Hospital for Decayed and Infirm Thief Takers, ILLUSTRATIONS BY PHIZ, 12mo, original gilt cloth, UNCUT, 15s-1845 [235 FIELDING (Sarah) The Adventures of David Simple and his Travels through London and Westminster, with a Preface by Henry Fielding, Familiar Letters between the Principal Characters in David Simple, being A SEQUEL TO HIS ADVENTURES, to which is added a Vision, together 4 vols, 12mo, original old calf, 12s 6d-1747-52


[236 FREER (M. W.) The Life of Jeanne d'Albret, Queen of Navarre, from numerous unpublished sources, portrait, 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, £1 88-1855 FREER (M. W.) The Last Decade of a Glorious Reign, frontispices, 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, 15s-1863 FUSELI (Henry, R.A.) The Life and Writings of, by John Knowles, F.R.S., portrait, 3 vols, 8vo, cloth, 15s-1831



AMING. Rouge et Noir, the Academicians of 1823, or the Greeks of the Palais Royal and the Clubs of St. James's, by Charles Persius, coloured frontispiece representing Players at La Roulette," post 8vo, half Levant morocco, gilt top, 16s-1823 [240

GAMING. St. James's, a Satirical Poem, in Six Epistles to Mr. Crockford, small 4to, boards, UNCUT, 12s 6d-PRIVATELY PRINTED, 1827


[241 GEORGE (Ernest) Etchings on the Loire and the South of France, a Series of 20 fine plates with descriptive letterpress, royal 4to, cloth gilt, £1 10s-1875 [242 GOLDSMITH (Oliver) The Vicar of Wakefield, with 32 charming illustrations, by William Mulready, R.A., square 8vo, handsomely half-bound in the best Levant morocco extra, gilt top, UNCUT EDGES, £1 10s-Van Voorst, 1855 GOLDSMITH (Oliver) The Life and Adventures of, a Biography, by John Forster, the ORIGINAL EDITION, with 40 charming woodcut illustrations by Doyle, Maclise, Leech, Stanfield, and Hamerton, 8vo, newly bound, half sage green morocco, panel back, gilt edges, £1 5s— 1848 [244 GRAY (Thomas) Poems, the FIRST COLLECTED EDITION, small 8vo, crushed sheep, rare, £1 1s-London, 1768 [245 GREVILLE Memoirs, The, a Journal of the late Reigns of King George IV. and King William IV., by the late Charles C. F. Greville, edited by Henry Reeve, 3 vols, 8vo, newly bound half morocco, gilt tops, £2 2s-1874

First Edition, containing many passages which in subsequent editions were suppressed or modified.


GWILT (Joseph) An Encyclopedia of Architecture, Historical, illustrated with more than 1,100 woodcuts, revised. with alterations and considerable additions, by Wyatt Papworth, additionally illustrated with 500 other woodcuts, very thick, 8vo, cloth, £1 1s— 1872

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ADEN (Seymour) Etudes a l'eau-Forte, A COMPLETE SET, COMPRISING 33 BEAUTIFUL ETCHINGS, with descriptive letterpress by Burty, in folio, portfolio, 30 guineas

Includes the celebrated Shere Mill Pond; Out of the Study Window; Sunset on the Thames; Whistler's House at Old Chelsea; The Towing Path; Sunset in Tipperary; Newcastle-on-Emlyn; Early Morning in Richmond Park; and Battersea Reach; which have been selected by Mr. Hamerton in his Etchers and Etching; 2nd edition, for criticism, as illustrative of the best work of the greatest English etcher.


HAGHE (Louis) Portfolio of Sketches in Belgium and Germany, 27 very fine lithographic plates, royal folio, half morocco, £2 2s-McLean, 1850 [249 HALL (S. C.) Book of British Ballads, with Notes and Airs of the Principal Ballads, BOTH SERIES, the First Edition, WITH BRILLIANT IMPRESSIONS OF THE NUMEROUS SPLENDID ENGRAVINGS,

2 vols, small 4to, bound in 1, whole brown morocco extra, gilt top, £3 3s Moor and Parsons, 1842-44


HALLAM (Arthur Henry) Remains, in Prose and Verse, including Remarks on Professor Rossetti's "Disquisizioni sullo Spirito Antipapale," the FIRST EDITION; also in the same volume, Memoir of Henry Fitzmaurice Hallam, 16 pages, PRINTED FOR PRIVATE DISTRIBUTION, 8vo, half calf, £2 28-1834 251 HAMERTON. The Graphic Arts, a Treatise on the Varieties of Drawing, Painting, and Engraving in comparison with each other and with Nature, etchings and engravings, 4to, publisher's binding, £5 15s-1881

[252 HASSELL (J.) Tour of the Grand Junction, illustrated in a series of 24 coloured engravings, with Historical and Topographical Descriptions of those parts of Middlesex, Herts, and Northampton through which the Canal passes, 8vo, red morocco, £1 1s-1819


HASSELL. Picturesque Guide to Bath, Bristol, HotWells, the River Avon, and the adjacent Country, illustrated by a Set of Views taken in the summer of 1792, by Ibbetson, Laport and Hassell, and engraved in acquatinta, 16 plates, 4to, tree calf, yellow edges, 12s 6d -1793 [254 "HANDLEY Cross," or the Spa Hunt, a Sporting Tale, by the Author of "Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities," &c. (R. Scott Surtees), the FIRST EDITION, 3 vols, post 8vo, boards, UNCUT, £3 3s-1843 255 HAZLITT (William) Works, ALL FIRST EDITIONS, boards, UNCUT, viz. Characters of Shakespeare's Plays, 10s-1817; Lectures on the English Poets, 10s-1818; Political Essays, 10s-1819; Conversations of James Northcote, 7s 6d-1830

(256 HAZLITT (W.) Eloquence of the British Senate, being a Selection of the best Speeches of the most Distinguished Parliamentary Speakers, with Notes, FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, 8vo, calf, 12s 6d-1808


HEATH (William) The Life of a Soldier, a Narrative and Descriptive Poem, illustrated with 18 humorous plates by William Heath, the caricaturist, fine large copy, polished calf super extra, gilt top, UNCUT EDGES, £3 3s-William Sams, 1823 [258 HELPS (Sir Arthur) Friends in Council, 2 vols, post Svo, the FIRST EDITION, clean, in original cloth, UNCUT, 188-Pickering, 1849


HERCULANUM et Pompéi, Recueil Général des Peintures, Bronzes, Mosaïques, &c., découverts jusqu'à ce Jour, et reproduits d'apres le Antichita di Ercolana, il Museo Borbonico, et tous les Ouvrages Analogues, Augmenté de Sujets Inédits, 700 FINE ENGRAVINGS by H. Roux, with Explanatory Text by L. Barre, 8 vols, imperial 8vo (INCLUDING THE MUSEE SECRET), French boards, UNCUT EDGES, £5 58-Paris, 1875

[260 HONE (William) Popular Works, comprising the EveryDay Book, Table Book and Year Book, or Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, Sports, Pastimes, Ceremonies, Manners, Customs and Events, illustrated with 550 humorous woodcuts by Cruikshank and others, 4 vols, 8vo, half russia, £2 2s-1839



HOOD (Tom) Up the Rhine, the FIRST EDITION, illustrated,
with humorous wood engravings, post 8vo, CLEAN IN THE ORIGINAL
GILT CLOTH COVER, £1 5s-Baily, 1840
HOOD (Tom) The Comic Annual, profusely illustrated
with humorous woodcuts, 5 vols 12mo, 3 calf, 2 half bound, £1 10s-
HOOD'S OWN, or Laughter from Year to Year, being
Former Runnings of his Comic Vein, with an Infusion of New Blood
for General Circulation, FIRST EDITION, with humorous woodcuts, 8vo,
cloth, UNCUT, 15s-1846
HOOK (Theodore) Tentamen, or an Essay towards the
History of Dick Whittington, by Vicesimus Blenkinsop, LL.D.,
12mo, half calf, 12s 6d-W. Wright, 1820

This clever squib, which was one of the wittiest effusions of Theodore
Hook, was levelled at the late Queen Caroline and Mr. Matthew Wood.
Barham, in his Life of Hook, says it is only to be met with in the libraries of
the curious.


HOOK. Cousin Geoffrey, the Old Bachelor, a Novel, to which is added Claude Stocq, edited by Theodore Hook, First Edition, portrait of the Author, 3 vols, post 8vo, exceptionally clean copy, boards, UNCUT, 15s-1840 (266 HORATII Flacci Opera cum Novo Commentario ad Modum Joannis Bond, pretty vignettes by Barrias, 18mo, red morocco, gilt top, £1 5s-Paris, Didot, 1855

Rare edition, PRINTED ENTIRELY ON YELLOW PAPER, and a chef d'œuvre of typography from the press of Firmin Didot.


HOWITT (William) Works, comprising Homes and Haunts of the British Poets, 2 vols; Student Life in Germany; Rural Life in England, 2 vols; Northern Heights of London; Colonization and Christianity; Book of the Seasons; and Wonderful History of Peter Schlemihl; and Desolation of Eyam, together 10 vols, post Svo and 12mo, newly bound, half brown morocco extra, gilt edges, £7 17s 6d— 1838-69

[268 HOWITT (W.) Visits to Remarkable Places, Old Halls, Battle Fields and Scenes illustrative of Striking Passages in English History and Poetry, numerous woodcut illustrations, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf, cloth sides, £2 2s-1840-42


HOWITT (W.) Rural and Domestic Life in Germany, with Characteristic Sketches of its Cities and Scenery, over 50 illustrations by G. F. Sargent, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, cloth, £1 2s 6d1842

[270 HOWITT (W.) The Northern Heights of London, or Historical Associations of Hampstead, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Hornsey and Islington, 8vo, half calj, gilt, £1 11s 6d-1869 [271 HOWITT (W.) The Book of the Seasons, or the Calendar of Nature, pretty cuts, 12mo, cloth, 5s-1833 HUNT (Leigh) Christianism, or Belief and Unbelief Reconciled, being Exercises and Meditations, Svo, gilt edges, £2 2s— London, NOT FOR SALE, 1832



Of extreme rarity, seventy-five copies only having been printed for private distribution by the Author.

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