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HUNT (W.) Comic Sketches, 21 fine lithographic plates,
drawn on stone by Thomas Fairland, from Original Drawings, exhibited
in the Water-colour Gallery, imperial folio, half morocco. VERY RARE,
£3 10s-Graves, 1844

Adam's Pale Ale, The First Cigar, The Rival Artists, A Poser, Too Hot,
Master James Crow, Miss Jemima Crow, The Pet Pig, A Young Shaver,
Master Isaak Walton, How are You? The Pet Lamb, Love at First Sight, &c.

RELAND (W. H.) Stultifera Navis, or the Modern
Ship of Fools, woodcut title and coloured frontispiece by Atkinson, of
"Fools passing the Portico of Folly," small 8vo, newly bound,
polished calf extra, gilt top, UNCUT, by RIVIERE, £1 1s

[277 IRELAND (W. H.) Rhapsodies, by the Author of "Shaksperian MSS.," &c., fine portrait, post 8vo., half calf, 7s 6d—


[278 IRVING (Washington). Sketch Book, with numerous illustrations on wood by DARLEY, HOPPIN, RICHARDS, BELLOWS, CHAPMAN, &c., printed on India paper, from the original wood blocks, carefully mounted with the text, also full page illustrations and portraits by DARLEY, all on India paper, royal 8vo, cloth, £3 10s-1882

[279 AMES VI. The Historie and Life of James the Sext, written toward the latter part of the XVI. Century (edited by Malcolm Laing), 8vo, newly bound, half calf extra, gilt top, UNCUT, 10s 6d-1804 [280 JACK Ketch. The Autobiography of a Legal Functionary (JACK KETCH), 14 illustrations by Kenny Meadows, 12mo, cloth, UNCUT, 15s-1835

[281 JAMESON (Mrs.) Characteristics of Women, Moral, Poetical, and Historical, ILLUSTRATED WITH 50 VIGNETTE ETCHINGS, 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, 17s 6d-1846

[282 JANIN (Jules) Un Hiver a Paris, 18 steel plates and numerous woodcut illustrations, the FIRST EDITION, royal 8vo, £1— Paris, Curmer & Cie., 1843


[283 JARVES (J. J.) Art Studies, the "Old Masters" of Italy; Painting, numerous illustrations, 2 vols in 1, 8vo, whole bound, red morocco extra, gilt edges, £1 5s-New York, 1861 JESSE (J. H.) London, its Celebrated Characters and Remarkable Places, frontispieces, 3 vols, large post 8vo, newly bound, half calf extra, gilt tops, £2 5s-1871 JESTS. Shakespeare's Jest Books, Reprints of the Very Early and Rare Jest Books supposed to have been used by Shakespeare, edited, with Notes, by W. C. Hazlitt, 3 vols, crown 8vo, 17s Cd-1864



JEST BOOK. The Hundred Merry Tales, or Shakespeare's Jest Book, newly bound, half Levant morocco, gilt top, UNCUT, 10s 6d-1831

[287 JOANNA Southcott, a very extensive Collection of Tracts by and Relating to this Celebrated Impostor, the Prophetess of Exeter, bound in 5 vols thick 8vo. half calf. §2 58–1804. &c. [288

JOHNSON (Samuel) The Prince of Abissinia, a Tale, the FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, fcap 8vo, old calf, RARE, £2 5s-1759 [289 JOHNSON (Dr. Samuel) Rasselas, excellently printed

in large type, WITH BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVINGS BY A. RAIMBACH, FROM PICTURES BY R. SMIRKE, R.A., brilliant proof impressions, 4to, boards, UNCUT, £1 1s-1805 [290 JOKEBY, a Burlesque on Rokeby, a Poem, by an Amateur of Fashion, with Notes, 12mo, newly bound, half calf extra, gilt top, UNCUT, 9s-1813 [291 JOURNAL of a Party of Pleasure to Paris in August, 1802, by which any Person intending to take such a Journey may form an accurate idea of the Expense and the Amusement he would probably receive, 13 views from Nature aquatinted by F. Hill, Svo, newly bound, polished calf super extra, gilt top, UNCUT EDGES, by RIVIERE, £1 1s-1814 [292

EATS (John) Poetical Works, with a Memoir by Lord Houghton, illustrated with 120 designs, original and from the Antique, drawn on wood by G. Scharf, jun., whole bound, green calf extra, gilt edges, £1 5s-Moron, 1862 [293 KEATS (J.) Lamia, Isabella, the Eve of Saint Agnes, and other Poems, the FIRST EDITION, 12mo, original boards, uncut edges, £8 8s-Taylor and Hessey, 1820 [293* KEATS (J.) Life, Letters, and Literary Remains, edited by Richard Monckton Milnes, portrait by Severn, FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, 12mo, cloth, UNCUT, £1 1s-E. Moxon, 1848

Formerly the copy of Chasles. Interesting MS. notes and criticisms on the margins in his handwriting.


KENYON (The Corn Law Rhymer) Rhymed Plea for Tolerance, FIRST EDITION, 12mo, boards (presentation copy to Foster, the Essayist), 5s-Moxon, 1833 [295 KENT. Archæologia Cantiana, being Transactions of the Kent Archæological Society, numerous plates and woodcuts, from its Commencement in 1858 to 1868, inclusive, 7 vols, imperial 4to, cloth, UNCUT, £10 [296 KINGSLEY (Charles) Hereward the Wake, "Last of the English," the FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, post Svo, newly bound, half sage green morocco extra, gilt tops, £1 5s-1866 KINGSLEY (C.) At Last, a Christmas in the West Indies, illustrations, FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, post 8vo, uniformly bound with preceding, £1 1s-1871 (298 KNIGHT'S Gallery of British and Foreign Portraits, with Memoirs by Distinguished Biographers, containing 168 fine portraits beautifully engraved on steel, ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, 7 vols, imperial 8vo, half green morocco, gilt tops, UNCUT, £5 5s—C. Knight, 1833-7


[299 A FONTAINE. Contes et Nouvelles, d'apres lesTextes Originaux, suivies de Notes, Variantes, &c., par Alphonse Pauly, 2 vols, 8vo, beautifully printed on papier d'Hollande and ILLUSTRATED WITH PORTRAIT AND 40 ETCHINGS AFTER FRAGONARD, LANCRET, EISEN, BOUCHER, LECLERC, and others (in portfolio), vellum wrapper, UNCUT, £2 10s-Lemerre, 1875-77


LA FONTAINE (J. de) Contes et Nouvelles EN VERS, Edition executée aux frais des FERMIERS-GENERAUX, avec une notice par D. Diderot, PORTRAITS OF EISEN AND LA FONTAINE, by Fiquet, 80 EXQUISITE PLATES BY EISEN AND 57 BEAUTIFUL TAIL-PIECES BY CHOFFARD, 2 vols, 8vo, very fine copy, in old red morocco gilt, gilt leaves, by DEROME, £31 10s-Amst. (Paris, Barbou), 1762 300* LA FONTAINE (J. de) Contes et Nouvelles, en Vers, with 63 plates by ROMEYNE DE HOOGHE, BRILLIANT ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, 2 vols, small 8vo, calf gilt, £4 10s-Amsterdam, 1685


Being the first edition with Romeyne de Hooghe's plates, and valued beyond all others for its superior impressions. The fore-margins are cut rather close, otherwise a very fine copy.


LA FONTAINE, Fables de, EDITION ILLUSTRÉE PAR J. J. GRANDVILLE, profusely illustrated with humorous engravings, 2 vols, 8vo, fine copy, calf gilt, marbled leaves, £2 28-Paris, Fournier et Perrotin, 1838 [301 Fables from La Fontaine, translated into English Verse (Text in French and English), 8vo, newly bound, half calf extra, gilt top, UNCUT, 158—J. Murray, 1820 [302 LA PUCELLE. Memoirs of Jeanne d'Arc, surnamed la Pucelle d'Orleans, with the History of her Times (by J. W. Ireland), 5 portraits and plates, 2 vols, 8vo, half calf, £1 8s-R. Triphook, 1824 [303 L'EVENTAIL, par Octave Uzanne, illustrations de Paul Avril, avec 80 ILLUSTATIONS EN DIFFERENTS TONS, GRAVEES EN TAILLEDOUCE COUVERTURE EN CHROMOTYPOGRAPHIE, TIREE EN COULEURS ET EN OR, imperial 8vo, £4 10s-Paris, 1882

Les illustrations de M. Paul Avril, d'une grand variété d'invention et d'exécution, suivent et contournent le texte, l'encadrent ou s'y encadrent. Tous ces dessins sont tires en couleurs appropriées à leure manière: sanguine, camaieu, vert, céladon, sepia, gouache, pastel.


L'OMBRELLE, le Gant, le Manchon, par Octave Uzanne, ILLUSTRATIONS EN COULEURS PAR PAUL AVRIL, couverture en chromotyphographie, imperial 8vo, £2 5s-Paris, 1882

Curiositésb ibliographiques d'ungenre absolument nouveau. Presque toutes
les pages ont des illustrations en heliogravure, tirées en divers tons et se mari-
ant dans le texte de façon irreguliere, tantôt sur les marges, tantôt au milieu
du texte typographique.

Ces deux ouvrages forment une petite collection limitee à ces deux volumes.
Ils sont entierement epuises et il ne sera pas fait de reimpression.


LAMB (C.) Works, FIRST COLLECTED EDITION, 2 vols, 12mo, half green morocco, M.L., £1 10s-C. and J. Ollier, 1818 [306 LAMB (C.) Specimens of English Dramatic Poets who lived about the time of Shakespeare, with Notes, the SECOND EDITION, post Svo, polished calf extra, gilt edges, £1 1s-1813 [307 LAMB (C.) The Adventures of Ulysses, engraved title, 12mo, newly bound, polished calf extra, gilt edges, £1 58-1819 [308 LAMB. Mrs. Leicester's School, or the History of several Young Ladies related by themselves, frontispiece, 12mo, newly bound, polished calf extra, gilt edges, £1 10s-Godwin & Co., 1825 [309 LAMB (Charles) Elia, both series, COLLECTED EDITION, 2 vols, post Svo, new? Mue morocco, gilt tops, £1 15s-Moxon,

1890 10

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LAMB (C.) Letters and Final Memorials, with Sketches

of some of his Companions, by Thomas Noon Talfourd, the ORIGINAL EDITIONS, 4 vols, post 8vo, newly bound, half calf extra, gilt tops, £2 15s-E. Moxon, 1837-48


LAMB (Charles) A Memoir, by Barry Cornwall, por

traits, 8vo, cloth, 15s-Moxon, 1869 [312 LANDOR (W. S.) Imaginary Conversations of Literary Men and Statesmen, the FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, Svo, newly bound, half calf extra, gilt edges, £1 5s-Taylor and Hessey, 1824 [313 LANDOR. Andrea of Hungary and Giovanni of Naples, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, cloth, 5s-1839 LANDOR. Dry Sticks Fagotted, 8vo, clean in cloth,

UNCUT, £1 15s




Poemata et Inscriptiones, thick 24mo,

cloth, 15s-E. Moxon, 1847




Last Fruit off an Old Tree, FIRST EDITION,

post Svo, cloth, UNCUT, 10s-1853 LANDOR. Letters of an American, mainly on Russia and Revolution, edited by W. S. Landor, 12mo, original wrapper, 6s— Chapman and Hall, 1854 LANDOR. Hellenics, comprising Heroic Idylls, &c., 8vo,


cloth, 4s 6d-1859 [319 LE SAGE. Adventures of Gil Blas, 3 vols, Asmodeus, the Bachelor of Salamanca, and Vanillo Gonzales, translated by Smollett, Townsend, and others, together 6 vols, large 8vo, illustrated with 24 etchings by R. de Los Rios, UNIFORMLY BOUND, half Spanish calf extra, panel backs, gilt tops, ▲ HANDSOME SET, £6 6s— 1880-81 [320

Large paper, with proofs of the etchings on Japanese paper. Only 100 copies so printed. LE SAGE. Les Aventures de Monsieur Robert Chevalier, dit de Beauchêne Capitaine de Flibustiers dans la Nouvelle France, rédigées par M. le Sage, 2 vols, 12mo, calf neat, £2 2s— à Paris, chez Etienne Ganeau, 1732

The FIRST EDITION with plates by Bonnard, engraved by Scotin.



Peints par Eux-memes, BOTH SERIES, comprising Paris and the Provinces, Les Anglais peints par Eux-mêmes, also the extra volume (Le Prisme), illustrated with nearly 3,000 clever and spirited engravings by Gavarni, Tony Johannot, and others, of the MANNERS, HABITS, AND COSTUMES OF EVERY CLASS OF FRENCH SOCIETY, together 11 vols, imperial 8vo, uniformly bound, half red morocco neat, gilt tops, UNCUT, £8 8s-Paris 1840-43 [322

A magnificent set of this extremely interesting and amusing work. Rarely
are the 11 vols found together and in such fine state.

LES GUEPES, par Alphonse Karr, with some humorous
illustrations by Bertall, from its commencement in November, 1839, to
May, 1847, 30 vols, 24mo, half cloth, marbled paper sides, £2 10s-Paris,
Bureau de Figaro, 1839-47

An amusing periodical, full of witty and pithy comments on the times,
on popular men and things, &c. The original edition as published in monthly
numbers and bound un together.

LEECH. Comic History of England, The, by A'Beckett,

coloured plates and cuts by JOHN LEECH, 2 vols, 8vo, publisher's brown cloth, UNCUT, £2 10s-1862 [324 LEECH. Jack the Giant Killer, by the Author of "The Comic Latin Grammar," 12 most humorous plates, printed on green tint, and some woodcuts by JOHN LEECH, with title printed in amber, crown Svo, newly bound, half red morocco extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE, 18sOrr and Co., N.D. [325 Maxwell (W. H.) The Fortunes of Hector O'Halloran and his Man, Mark Anthony Toole, ILLUSTRATIONS BY JOHN LEECH, Svo, cloth gilt, UNCUT, 15s-1853 LEECH'S Pictures of Life and Character, from the Collection of Mr. Punch, the first series containing about 500 most humorous sketches, including THE SPORTING ADVENTURES OF MR. BRIGGS, oblong 4to, boards, 16s-Bradbury, 1863






Richard Savage, a Romance of Real Life, by Charles Whitehead, SEVENTEEN ILLUSTRATIONS BY LEECH, 3 vols, post 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, £2 2s-1844 LEVER (Charles) Arthur O'Leary, his Wanderings and Ponderings in Many Lands, FIRST 8vo EDITION, WITH PORTRAIT AND 9 PLATES BY GEO. CRUIKSHANK, original cloth, UNCUT, £1 10s1845 LEVER.


Cornelius O'Dowd upon Men and Women and other Things in General, the THREE SERIES COMPLETE, 3 vols, post 8vo, FIRST EDITION, cloth, UNCUT, 12s 6d—1864 [330 LEVER. Luttrell of Arran, with illustrations by Phiz, complete in the original numbers, with all the covers and advertisements, AN EXCEPTIONALLY FINE COPY, £1 15s-1865 [331 LEWIS (Sir G. Cornewall) Essays on the Administration of Great Britain, from 1783 to 1840, edited by Sir Edmund Head, portrait, 8vo, cloth, £1 5s-1864 [332 LINDSAY (Lord) Lives of the Lindsays, or a Memoir of the Houses of Crawford and Balcarres, pedigrees, facsimiles, 3 vols, 8vo, cloth, £2 2s [333 LINTON (Lynn) The Lake Country, illustrated with 100 engravings, by W. J. Linton, small 4to, cloth, gilt edges, 15s-1864 LOCKER (Frederick) Lyra Elegantiarum, a Collection of some of the Best Specimens of Vers de Société and Vers d'Occasion in the English Language, 12mo, WHOLE BOUND, orange Levant morocco extra, gilt top, UNCUT, £3 3s-E. Moxon, 1867 [335

The first edition-very scarce, containing matter withdrawn in the subsequent editions.


LOCKER'S Lyra Elegantiarum, new and Revised Edition, 12mo, original cloth, gilt, 10s-1867

Topographical Society of


LONDON. Van den Wyngaerde's View of London, (circa 1550), on seven sheets, COMPLETE, in atlas portfolio, £2 2s-1882

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