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SHELLEY (P. B.) Prometheus Unbound, a Lyrical Drama in Four
Acts, with other Poems, the FIRST EDITION, 8vo, in the original boards,
UNCUT EDGES, £2 10s-C. and J. Ollier, 1820
SHELLEY'S Queen Mab, Richard Carlile's SCARCE EDITION, with the
Suppressed Notes, 8vo, boards, UNCUT, £1 5s-1822
SHELLEY'S Queen Mab, with the Suppressed Notes, and Lines to
Harriet, engraved title, 8vo, boards, UNCUT, £1-John Brooks, 1829


SHELLEY'S Queen Mab, a Philosophical Poem, small 8vo, boards,
UNCUT, 12s-New York, 1821
SHELLEY (P. B.) The Revolt of Islam, the FIRST EDITION, Svo, boards,
UNCUT, £3 15s-C. and J. Ollier, 1818


SHELLEY. The Cenci, a Tragedy in Five Acts, second, but first English
edition, 8vo, UNCUT, £1 1s-C. and J. Ollier, 1821
SHELLEY. Garnett's (Richard) Relics of Shelley, FIRST AND ONLY
EDITION, 12mo, cloth, UNCUT, 7s 6d-E. Moxon, 1840


Indispensable to all collectors of Shelley, as containing the previously unpublished fragments of Adonais and other small poems from the Shelley manuscripts, several original letters of Shelley and Mrs. Shelley to Leigh Hunt never before published, the conclusion of the Garnett and Peacock controversy, &c.


SHELLEY. Middleton (Charles S.) Shelley and his Writings, 2 vols, post 8vo, half morocco, 15s-1858 [521 SHELLEY Memorials, edited by Lady Shelley, to which is added an Essay on Christianity, by P. B. Shelley, FIRST EDITION, post 8vo, cloth, 10s-1859 [522 SHELLEY Papers (The) Memoirs of Shelley, by T. Medwin, and Original Poems and Papers, now first collected, square 12mo, SCARCE, 10s-1833

[523 SHELLEY (Trewlawney E.) Recollections of the Last Days of Shelley and Byron, portrait of Shelley from the picture of Clint, the FIRST EDITION, post 8vo, cloth, £1 1s-E. Moxon, 1858 [524 SILENT LOVE, a Poem, by the late James Wilson (Native of Paisley). engravings in outline by Joseph Noel Paton, INDIA PROOFS, square Svo, red morocco gilt, gilt edges, 5s-Paisley, 1845


This book, though professedly written by James Wilson, was the production of Andrew Park, a well-known poet and song writer of Paisley. SMOLLETT (T.) The Expedition of Humphry Clinker, by Author of "Roderick Random," SECOND EDITION, 3 vols, small 8vo, calf, 7s 6d— London, 1871 [526 SMITH (Horace, one of the Authors of "Rejected Addresses") Poetical Works, FIRST COLLECTED EDITION, 2 vols, post 8vo, newly bound, half green morocco, gilt tops, panel backs, 15s-1846 [527 SMITH (J. Toulmin) Government by Commissions Illegal and Pernicious, 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d-1849 [528 SMITH (Dr. W.) Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, with best impressions of the numerous woodcuts, 3 vols, royal 8vo, newly bound, half calf neat, panel backs, £3 7s 6d-1844

[529 SMITH (Dr. W.) Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, best impressions of the numerous wood engravings, royal 8vo, uniformly bound with the preceding, 16s-1842



SONGS. Aikin (J.) Vocal Poetry, or Select Collection of Amatory, Pastoral, Moral, and other Songs, with an Essay on Song Writing, post 8vo, boards, UNCUT, 2s 6d-1810 SONGS. Roundelay, or the New Syren, a Collection of Choice Songs, a Scene from the Carnival of Venice, representing Mrs. Cargill, Mr. Du Bellamy, and Mr. Palmer, 18mo, calf, 3s 6d-Lane [532 SONGS. The New Calliope, being a Selection of British Melodies, newly arranged for the Piano, engraved on copper, with beautiful vignette to each song, 8vo, cloth, 2s 6d-N.D.

[533 SONGS. Vine (Robert) New Court Songs and Poems, small 8vo, calf neat, £1 11s 6d-1672

This copy sold for £2 17s in Mitford's sale.


SOUTHAMPTON. Trench (Melesina) Campaspe, an Historical Tale, and other Poems, post 8vo, green morocco extra, gilt edges, 5s-Privately printed and not published, Southampton, 1815

Presentation copy from the Authoress, with autograph inscription and numerous MS. corrections.


SOUTHERNE (Thomas) Dramatic Works: The Maid's Last Prayer, The Fatal Marriage, Sir Anthony Love, The Wife's Excuse, &c., &c., 2 vols, 12mo, half calf gilt, contents lettered (from Sir C. Aldis' Library), 10s 6d-1721 [536 SOUTHEY (R.) Roderick, the Last of the Goths, FIRST EDITION, 4to, from the Duke of York's Library, calf, 9s-1814 SOUVENIRS of Madame Vigée Le Brun, 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, 3s— 1879




SPORTING. Scott and Sebright, by the "Druid," portraits of Jockeys and well-known Sportsmen, post 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d-1862 SPORTING. Silk and Scarlet, by the " Druid," plate and portraits, post 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d-1859

SPORTING NOVEL. Surtees (R. Scott)



Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour, with early impressions of the famous woodcuts and coloured plates by John Leech, original cloth, UNCUT, £2 2s-1860 SPORTING. The Sportsman's Vocal Cabinet, an Extensive Collection of Scarce, Curious, and Original Songs and Ballads relative to Field Sports, by Charles Armiger, small 8vo, newly bound, half red, calf gilt, gilt edges, 10s-1833

[542 STATE POEMS. Poems on Affairs of State, by Buckingham, Rochester, Dorset, Marvel, Denham, Waller, and others, 3 vols in 2 (2 leaves slightly damaged), 8vo, old calf, 5s-1697-1703 [543 STIRLING (E.) Old Drury Lane, Fifty Years' Recollections of Author Actor, and Manager, 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, 5s-1881 [544 STOTHARD'S Engravings. William Cowper's Poems, charming plates by Stothard, 2 vols, 12mo, calf neat, 9s-J. Johnson, 1800 [545 STOTHARD'S Plates. Gessner's The Death of Abel, translated from the German, fine portrait of the Author, with 7 beautiful plates and engraved frontispiece, by Stothard, large paper, royal 8vo, tree calf gilt, yellow edges, 15s-T. Heptinstall, 1797 STOTHARD. Glover (Richard) Leonidas, a Poem, adorned with beautiful engravings after Stothard and others, 2 vols in 1, post 8vo, calf extra gilt, marbled leaves. Is-1804



STOTHARD'S Plates. The Lady's Poetical Magazine, or Beauties of British Poetry, illustrated with exquisite plates by Stothard, 4 vols, 8vo, calf, 16s-London, Harrison, 1784


STROUD (Dr.) Treatise on the Physical Causes of Christ's Death, post 8vo, cloth, 5s-1847


SWIFT. The Public Spirit of the Whigs set forth in their Generous
Encouragement of the Critics, with some Observations on the Season-
ableness, Candour, Erudition, and Styles of that Treatise, the FIRST
EDITION, Small 4to, half calf, rare, 12s 6d-1714

Scott, in his Life of Swift, says, "that about four pages, insulting to the
Scotch, in this first edition, were hastily cancelled in the second."

SWITZERLAND. D'Istria's Switzerland, the Pioneer of the Refor-
mation, translated by Lord Herbert of Lea, 2 vols, 8vo, well-bound,
half red morocco extra, gilt edges, 10s-1866
SYMONDS (J. A.) New and Old, a Volume of Verse, post 8vo, cloth,
3s 6d (published 9s)—1880

[552 ST. JOHN (Charles) Natural History and Sport in Moray, with 40 fullpage illustrations of Scenery and Animal Life, drawn by George Reid R.S.A., and Wycliffe Taylor, and engraved by the Heliogravure process by Amand Durand, of Paris; also numerous Vignettes by the Author, large royal 8vo, cloth, UNCUT EDGES, £2 10s-Edinburgh, 1882 [553 SURREY and WYATT'S Poetical Works, portraits, the ALDINE EDITION, 2 vols, LARGE PAPER, post 8vo, cloth, 15s-Pickering, 1831


SWAN (Charles) Gesta Romanorum, or Entertaining Stories invented by the Monks as a Fireside Recreation, and commonly applied in their Discourses from the Pulpit, NEW EDITION, with Introduction by Thos. Wright, 2 vols, large paper, 8vo, half brown morocco extra, gilt tops, £1 15s


AIT (W.) Magdalenism, an Inquiry into the Extent, Causes, and
Consequences of Prostitution in Edinburgh, post 8vo, cloth, 5s-


[556 TENNYSON (A.) Enoch Arden, FIRST EDITION, 12mo, cloth, UNCUT, 5s -1864

[557 THACKERAY'S The Adventures of Philip on his Way through the World, FIRST EDITION, 3 vols, post 8vo, cloth, £1 1s-1862 [558 THICKNESSE (Philip, Esq.) A Year's Journal through France and part of Spain, SECOND EDITION, with additions, plates of antiquities, &c., 2 vols, 8vo, calf, 5s-1778 [559 THIEBAULT (Mon. D.) Mes Souvenirs de Vingt Ans de Séjour à Berlin, ou Fréderic le Grand, sa Famille, sa Cour, son Gouvernement, ses Amis, &c., 5 vols, 8vo, calf, 3s-Paris, 1804 THOMSON (James) Essays and Phantasies, post 8vo, cloth, 3s-1881



THORVALDSEN'S Life, collated from the Danish of J. M. Thiele, by
Barnard, post 8vo, cloth, 3s-1865
TRACTS. A Collection of Eight Scarce Tracts on Bible Arminianism
Calvinism, Grace, Justice, and other Subjects, by John Fletcher
Vicar of Maleley, Salop, in 1 vol, 8vo, half calf, 3s-Printed at
Shrewsbury, Leeds, and London, 1773–77


TOLAND (J.) Nazarenus, or Jewish Gentile, or Mahometan Christianity, containing the History of the Ancient Gospel of Barnabas, and the Modern Gospel of the Mahometans, &c., 8vo, calf, 3s-1718 [564 TOPOGRAPHY. Butcher (Richard) Survey of Stamford Lincoln, 1717-Bedwell (W.) description of Tottenham High Crosse, and the Tournament of Tottenham, 1718, Oldfield and Dyson's History and Antiquities of Tottenham, plates, 1790-bound together in 1 vol, 8vo, calf, £1 28-1717-90 [565 TOPOGRAPHY. Oldfield and Dyson's History and Antiquities of Tottenham High Cross, with Appendix of the said Town by Lord Colerane, plates, with some additional, small 8vo, half russia, £1 5s

[566 Includes a charming little proof etching by T. Smith of a view near Tottenham. TUCKER'S Political Fly Sheets, including the Spider and the Fly, in 1 vol, post 8vo, boards, 4s 6d-1854-55

This volume, published under the auspices of the late David Urquhart, contains some remarkable matters relating to the Crimean War, Russia, Poland, &c.


TURNER (J. M. W.) The Rivers of France, 61 highly finished engravings from original drawings, by J. M. W. Turner, with descriptions in French and English by Ritchie, ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, royal 8vo, red morocco, gilt edges, £2 5s-1837


RE'S Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines, containing a clear Exposition of their Principles and Practice, edited by Robert Hunt, illustrated with nearly 2,000 engravings on wood, SIXTH EDITION, chiefly rewritten and greatly enlarged, 3 vols, 8vo, half russia, marbled leaves, fine copy, £2 5s-1867 [569 URQUHART (David) The Spirit of the East, 2 vols, 1839; The Lebanon (Mount Souria), a History and a Diary, 2 vols, 1860; together 4 vols 8vo, uniformly bound, half yellow, calf gilt, M.L., £1 1s-1839-60 [570 ACUERIE (Auguste) Mes Premieres Années de Paris, 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, UNCUT, FIRST EDITION, Scarce, 9s-Paris, 1872 [571

"This good gift is not less conspicuous in each of brief tragic poems which stand out like rare blossoms of aconite or poppy among the green pasture lands and golden harvest fields of that noble book of songs called ' Mes Premières Années de Paris.'"-A. C. SwINBURNE, Examiner, Nov. 6, 1875.

VADE (Antoine-Martin) Mémoires Historiques et Galans de l'Académie de Ces Dames et de Ces Messieurs, 2 vols in 1, small 8vo, old calf gilt, 58-Amst. et Paris, 1776 (572 VANILLO GONZALES. The History of Vanillo Gonzales, surnamed the Merry Bachelor, by Le Sage, translated into English, 2 vols half calf gilt, by Riviere, £1 1s-1797 [573 VATTEL (Mon. de) The Law of Nations, or Principles of the Law of Nature applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns, the BEST EDITION, by J. Chitty, royal 8vo, boards, UNCUT, 18s-1834


VERNE (Jules) The Far Country, or Seventy Degrees North Latitude.
Illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 4s 6d-1874
VERNON (Eugéne) Superiorité des Arts Modernes sur les Arts Anciens,
Poésie, Sculpture, Peinture, Musique, 8vo, sewed, 3s-Paris, 1862

VOLTAIRE. The White Bull, an Oriental History, from an Ancient Syrian Manuscript, with Notes, translated into English, fcap., old calf, 5s-1774

[577 VIDA (Hieronymi) Poems, Original and translated, from the Latin, by T. Morell, portrait, 8vo, calf, 28 6d-1732



TALPOLE (Horace) The Mysterious Mother, a Tragedy, Dublin, 1791; also M.P., or the Blue Stocking, a Play by Thomas Moore (without title), 1811, in 1 vol, old green morocco, 12s [579 WALPOLE. Il Castello di Otranto, fine plates, 8vo, calf, 3s 6d-1795 [580 WALTON'S (William) Complete Calculator, for casting Dividends on Bankrupts' Estates on all debts from a penny to £80,000, and Universal Ready Reckoner, 8vo, cloth, 98-1824 581 WAT TYLER. A Dramatic Poem by Southey, a NEW EDITION, with a Preface suitable to Recent Circumstances, 12mo, original wrapper, UNCUT, 28 6d-W. Hone, 1816 [582

An exact reprint of the rare suppressed edition, with the addition of a new
Preface suitable to recent circumstances.

WATTS (A'lric) Poetical Sketches, The Professor, The Broken Heart, &c., engravings after Stothard and Brockedon, 12mo, boards, uncut, 2s 6d-1824 [583

WAYLAND SMITH. A Dissertation on a Tradition of the Middle Ages, from the French of Depping and Michel, with additions by W. S. Singer, and the Legend by Oehlenschlager, 12mo, half morocco, gilt top, 4s 6d-Pickering, 1847 [584 WEBSTER'S Complete Dictionary of the English Language, revised and greatly enlarged by Goodrich, port., thick 4to, half russia, 10s 6d -1862 [585 WEEKE'S (Henry) Lectures on Art, delivered at the Royal Academy, with Sketch of the Author's Life, portrait and 8 photographic illustrations of his works, 8vo, cloth, 9s-1860 [586 WESTROPP (Hodder M.) Handbook of Archæology-Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, Roman, numerous illustrations, 8vo, cloth, 7s 6d—1867 [587 WHITE (Henry Kirke) Remains, with Life, by R. Southey, 2 vols, 8vo, calf neat, 3s 6d-1823


[588 WHITMAN (Walt.) Leaves of Grass, SCARCE EDITION, post 8vo, half morocco, 15s-New York, 1867 [589 WHITMAN (Walt.) After All, Not to Create Only, post 8vo, original cloth wrapper, 3s 6d-Boston, 1871 WILKIE. The Chelsea Pensioners Reading the Gazette of the Battle of Waterloo, A SPLENDID ENGRAVING BY JOHN BURNET, after the Original Painting BY DAVID WILKIE, INDIA PROOF IMPRESSION, in magnificent carved and gilt frame, size 3 feet 6 inches by 2 feet 9 inches, £6 6s-1831 WILKINSON (Sir J. G.) On Colour and Taste, illustrated by examples in contrast, coloured and plain, 8vo, cloth, 15s-1858



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