Arbeten utgifna med understöd af Vilhelm Ekmans universitetsfond, Uppsala, Edizioni 26-27

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Almqvist & Wiksells, 1920
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Pagina 27 - if we suppose that this dialogue was repeated at sacrifices in honour of the Maruts, or that possibly it was acted by two parties, one representing Indra, the other the Maruts and their followers...
Pagina 7 - Wahrhaftige ausführliche Beschreibung der berühmten Ost-Indischen Küsten Malabar und Coromandel, als auch der Insel Zeylon: Samt dero angräntzenden Reichen.
Pagina 342 - Tis said that in those other Islands to the south, which the ships are unable to visit because this strong current prevents their return, is found the bird Gryphon, which appears there at certain seasons. The description given of it is however entirely different from what our stories and pictures make it. For persons who had been there and had seen it told Messer Marco Polo that it was for all the world like...
Pagina 329 - Mahommedans there is a prevalent notion, that when two armies are about to engage, the appearance of one of these birds over either party, prognosticates victory to that side...
Pagina 330 - Kerkei of the Turks, the Kirni of the Japanese, the sacred dragon of the Chinese, the Griffin of Chivalry, the Phoenix of classical fable, the wise and ancient bird...
Pagina 340 - ... on a hill or in a dale, there to consume his prey. The man, however, now makes use of his knife to kill the bird, creeps forth from the hide, and tries to reach an inhabited country. Many people have been saved by this stratagem.
Pagina 325 - Narayana rode. Some people describe this bird in such a way as to indicate a Sifrid-bird and its doings. It is an enemy of fish, catching them. As a rule, animals have by nature an aversion to their opponents, and try to beware of them ; here, however, there is an exception to this rule. For when this bird flutters above the water and swims on it, the fish rise from the...
Pagina 332 - ... attentively, I saw that it was a bird, of enormous size, bulky body, and wide wings, flying in the air; and this it was that concealed the body of the sun, and veiled it from view upon the island. At this my wonder increased, and I remembered a story which travellers and voyagers had told me long before, that there is, in certain of the islands, a bird of enormous size, called the rukh', that feedeth its young ones with elephants. I was convinced, therefore, that the dome which I had seen was...
Pagina 343 - And it is so strong that it will seize an elephant in its talons and carry him high into the air, and drop him so that he is smashed to pieces ; having so killed him the bird gryphon swoops down on him and eats him at leisure. The people of those isles call the bird Rue, and it has no other name.
Pagina 44 - Hie liber est in quo quaerit sua dogmata quisque Invenit et pariter dogmata quisque sua.

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