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Pagina 246 - In the present state of the empire they form two distinct and extensive divisions, one to the north and the other to the south of the Danube, between which the Germanic territories lie inclosed in the form of a wedge.
Pagina 22 - Straits, whilst we are looking for them beneath the arctic circle, we hear that they have pierced into the opposite region of polar cold, that they are at the antipodes, and engaged under the frozen serpent of the South. Falkland Island, which seemed too remote and romantic an object for the grasp of national ambition, is but a stage and resting-place in the progress of their victorious industry.
Pagina 73 - To deny the possibility, nay, actual existence, of witchcraft and sorcery is at once flatly to contradict the revealed word of God, in various passages both of the Old and New Testament : and the thing itself is a truth to which every nation in the world hath in its turn borne testimony, either by examples seemingly well attested or by prohibitory laws; which at least suppose the possibility of commerce with evil spirits.
Pagina 200 - Lady Eleanor Davies, the wife of the celebrated Sir John Davies the poet, was a very extraordinary character. She was the Cassandra of her age, and several of her predictions warranted her to conceive she was a prophetess. As her prophecies in the troubled times of Charles I. were usually against the government, she was at length brought by them into the Court of High Commission. The prophetess was not a little mad, and fancied the spirit of Daniel was in her, from an anagram she had formed of her...
Pagina 79 - Abraham, where, in the moment of victory, he received a ball in the wrist, and another in the body, which rendered it necessary to bear him off to a small distance in the rear. There, roused from fainting in the agonies of death, by the sound of "They run," he eagerly asked, " Who run ?" and being told the French, and that they were defeated, he exclaimed, "Then I thank God, and die contented," and almost instantly expired.
Pagina 139 - An account of some recent discoveries in Hieroglyphical Literature, and Egyptian Antiquities. Including the author's original alphabet, as extended by Mr. Champollion, with a translation of five unpublished Greek and Egyptian Manuscripts.
Pagina 73 - Mrs. Hicks and her daughter, aged nine, were hanged at Huntingdon for selling their souls to the devil, and raising a storm by pulling off their stockings and making a lather of soap...
Pagina 333 - He used to say that St. Catherine did everything for him. "By a strange coincidence he died on the anniversary of the day when she passed to her reward ; and not only on the same day of the month, but on the same day of the week, and at the same hour of the day. Some years before his death, he asked permission to be buried, when his time should come, in the little cemetery attached to the convent of the Sacred Heart, Mount St. Catherine, Armagh. After his death this was found among the directions...
Pagina 102 - Lastly, the snakes' fangs, ants, and pepper are bruised, and thrown into it. It is then placed on a slow fire, and as it boils, more of the juice of the wourali is added, according as it may be found necessary, and the scum is taken off with a leaf: it remains on the fire till reduced to a thick syrup of a deep brown colour. As soon as it has arrived at this state, a few arrows are poisoned with it, to try its strength. If it...
Pagina 287 - The support and assistance I have received from Captain Berry cannot be sufficiently expressed. I was wounded in the head, and obliged to be carried off the deck; but the service sustained no loss by that event. Captain Berry was fully equal to the important service then going on, and to him I must beg leave to refer you for every information relative to this victory.

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