Aspects of the Language of Latin Prose

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Tobias Reinhardt, John Norman Adams, Michael Lapidge, J. N. Adams, Michael Winterbottom
OUP/British Academy, 24 nov 2005 - 497 pagine
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Twenty articles from two often dissociated areas of Latin studies, classical and medieval Latin, examine continuities and developments in the language of Latin prose from its emergence to the twelfth century. Language is not understood in a narrowly philological or linguistic sense, but as encompassing the literary exploitation of linguistic effects and the influence of formal rhetoric on prose. Key themes explored throughout the volume are the use of poetic diction in prose, archaism, sentence structure, and bilingualism. Papers cover a comprehensive range of material including studies of individual works, groups of authors such as the Republican historians, prose genres such as the ancient novel or medieval biography, and linguistic topics such as the use of connectives in archaic Latin or prose rhythm in medieval Latin. The diversity of approaches displayed from an international array of experts will make this an essential resource for all those interested in Latin language and literature.

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Connections in Archaic Latin Prose
The Language and Style of the Fragmentary Republican Historians
The Bellum Africum

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Tobias Reinhardt is at Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Somerville College, University of Oxford. Michael Lapidge is at Emeritus Fellow, Clare College, University of Cambridge; Fellow of the British Academy.

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