Pebbles on the Pathway

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AuthorHouse, 29 mag 2002 - 312 pagine
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Did the Japanese know more about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart? Was the plan to attack Pearl Harbor such a well kept secret? Were the ideas for the attack on Pearl Harbor an American formula tested by the Italians and proven by the British well before being taken up by the Japanese? Those stories and more are here in a chronicle that dramatizes a work of fiction and historical fact into a descriptive narrative about the Japanese side of the story. We follow two young men through their training at Eta Jima, the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy, to assignment with Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. It is about their lives and loves, their families and hardships. It is them we see leaning on the troopship railing showing pictures, talking about their loved ones. We witness them being bombed, torpedoed, combating the elements, shark attacks and starvation. They were trained, educated and convinced to fight a war many of them did not want. A war they knew they could not win. To many, here and in Japan, it is a heart breaking, emotional, controversial subject and understandably so, but their story should be told. It is in this narrative that covers their everyday lives from 1934 to 1947.

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