Some Hobby Horses: Or, How to Collect Stamps, Coins, Seals, Crests & Scraps

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W.H. Allen, 1890 - 193 pagine

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Pagina 13 - ... resolved to remove his body into the choir, which was to have been done with solemn procession on the 15th of July. It rained, however, so violently...
Pagina 14 - ST. Swithin's day if thou dost rain, For forty days it will remain : St. Swithin's day if thou be fair, For forty days 'twill rain na mair.
Pagina 14 - ... other bishops, which request was complied with; but the monks, on his being canonized, taking it into their heads that it was disgraceful for the saint to lie in the open churchyard, resolved to remove his body into the choir, which was to have been done with solemn procession on the 15th of July.
Pagina 12 - St. Dunstan, as the story goes, Once pull'd the devil by the nose With red-hot tongs, which made him roar, That he was heard three miles or more.
Pagina 13 - desired that he might be buried in the open church-yard, and not in the chancel of the minster, as was usual with other bishops, and his request was complied with : but the monks on his being canonized, considering it disgraceful for the saint to lie in a public cemetery, resolved to remove his body into the choir; which was to have been done with solemn procession, on the 15th of July : it rained however so violently...
Pagina 19 - Saracen architects, whose exotic style of building very luckily suited their purpose, appears from hence, that no attentive observer ever viewed a regular avenue of wellgrown trees, intermixing their branches overhead, but it presently put him in mind of the long visto through the Gothic cathedral ; or even entered one of the larger and more elegant edifices of this kind, but it presented to his imagination an avenue of trees ; and this alone is what can be truly called the Gothic style of building.
Pagina 120 - Goldsmiths, which instead of the leopard's head and the lion, should be for this plate the figure of a lion's head erased, and the figure of a woman, commonly called Britannia, and a distinct variable mark to be used by the Warden of the said mystery, to denote the year in which such plate was made ; and that those marks should be affixed on pain of forfeiture of all Silver vessels,
Pagina 19 - For this northern people having been accustomed, during the gloom of Paganism, to worship the Deity in GROVES (a practice common to all nations), when their new religion required covered edifices, they ingeniously projected to make them resemble Groves, as nearly as the distance of architecture would permit...
Pagina 193 - George Eliot. Emily Bronte. George Sand. Mary Lamb. Maria Edgeworth. Margaret Fuller. Elizabeth Fry. Countess of Albany. Harriet Martineau. Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. Rachel. Madame Roland. Susanna Wesley. Margaret of Navarre. Mrs. Siddons. Madame de Stael. Hannah More. Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Jane Austen. Mary Shelley.
Pagina 19 - ... to the end. For could the arches be otherwise than pointed, when the workmen were to imitate that curve which branches of two opposite trees make by their insertion with one another; or could the columns be otherways than split into distinct shafts when they were to represent the stems of a clump of trees growing close together?

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