Die Tonwerke des XVI. und XVII Jahrhunderts: oder, Systematisch-chronologische Zusammenstellung der in diesen zwei Jahrhunderten gedruckten Musikalien

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E. Fleischer, 1847 - 13 pagine
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Pagina 59 - Set forth and allowed to be sung in all churches, of all the people together, before and after morning and evening prayer, and also before and after sermons ; and moreover in private houses, for their godly solace and comfort, laying apart all ungodly songs and ballads, which tend onely to the nourishing of vice, and corrupting of youth.
Pagina 299 - Escuyer, Conseiller Secrétaire du Roy, Maison, Couronne de France et de ses Finances, et SurIntendant de la Musique de Sa Majesté.
Pagina 73 - PsKaum.es de David, mis en rime françoise par Clément Marot et Théodore de...
Pagina 61 - The Whole Booke of Psalmes : With the Hymnes Evangelicall, And Songs Spiritual!. Composed into 4. parts by sundry Authors, to such severall Tunes as have beene, and are usually sung in England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Italy, France, and the Nether-lands : Never as yet before in one volumne published.
Pagina 263 - Theil, dat ist : sieben Partien aus dem Re, Mi. Fa, oder Tertia minore eines jedweden Toni, benebenst einer Sonata aus dem B. denen Liebhabern dieses Instruments zu gar besondern vergnügen au H'gesetzet, Leipzig, n Verlegung des Auloris, (1703).
Pagina 249 - Songea, for three, fower, and ñue voyces composed and made by Thomas Whythorne, Gent, the which songes be of sundry sortes, that is to say, some long, some short, some hard, some easie to be songe, and some...
Pagina 59 - ... in which sett the tenor singeth the church tune. Published for the recreation of such as delight in musicke, by W. Swayne, Gent.
Pagina 213 - Sundry new Sonets, in divers kinds of meeter, newly devised to the newest tunes that are now in use to be sung :" and amongst others, " A Sonet of a Lover in the praise of his Lady; To 'Calen o custure me:
Pagina 157 - Anglicance, or music dedicated to the honour and service of God and to the use of Cathedrals and other churches of England, especially of the Chapel Royal of King Charles I., and of many scattered services and anthems still to be found in cathedral books.

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