An Uncensored Life: Zerbanoo Gifford

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Harper Collins, 10 dic 2015 - 240 pagine
An Uncensored Life is a compelling biography of a human rights campaigner, philanthropist, women's champion, author and founder of the ASHA Centre - a game-changer who speaks her mind. Born in India, Zerbanoo Gifford moved to London at the age of four. By her early thirties she had become a pioneer for Asians in British public life. She chaired committees, advised political leaders and was the first Asian woman to stand for Parliament, having been elected onto Harrow Council. Overcoming racial attacks, political disenchantment, legal battles against the Government and a near-death experience, Zerbanoo's is a gripping story of a fearless woman who has held fast to the causes of equality and global justice despite all odds.

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Living the Adventure
Her Fathers Daughter
Turning Point
A Leap of Faith
The Winner Takes It
Bully Boys
Success and Setbacks
A NearDeath Experience
The Story of Hope
A Jewel in the Forest
Spiritual Warrior
Saints and Seers
Cosmic Networker
Inner Thoughts

Buffalo Bill
A Real Hero
Lady Dharamshala
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Farida Master was the former editor of Stardust, Society Fashion, Citadel magazines and the Pune Times of India. She has also hosted events like the Ford Super Model of the World, India and the India Show in Milan. Farida has also written for Herald Online, New Zealand Herald and Her Magazine.

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