Dendrimers and other dendritic polymers

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With contributions from many of the world's leading scientists in the field of dendritic research and development, Dendrimers and Other Dendritic Polymers provides a comprehensive review of this rapidly expanding and exciting new field of polymer science. Of interest to academia and industry alike, this book covers the synthesis, characterization, unique properties, potential for novel applications and technical challenges associated with these polymers.
* Detailed coverage of all known subclasses of dendritic polymers, including their properties and synthesis
* Insight into the potential commercial applications of dendritic polymers, including drug delivery, cancer therapy, coatings and adhesives
* Identification of the key trends and perspectives in dendrimer research
* Essential reference for polymer chemists, materials scientists and plastics engineers working in academia and industry alike

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The Dendritic State
New Properties Driven by the Dendritic State
Structural Control of Linear Macromolecules

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