Norfolk Archaeology, Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to the Antiquities of the County of Norfolk, Volume 8

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Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society, 1879

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Pagina 246 - that the depopulation it deplores is nowhere to be seen, and the disorders it laments are only to be found in the poet's own imagination. To this I can scarce make any other answer than that I sincerely believe what I have written, and that I have taken all possible pains
Pagina 246 - that I have taken all possible pains in my country excursions, for these four or five years past, to be certain of what I allege ; and that all my views and enquiries have led me to believe those miseries real, which I here attempt to display.
Pagina 255 - yonder church—that church, into which I have not yet had courage to enter, where lies that mother on whom I doated, and who doated on me. There are the two rival mistresses of Houghton, neither of whom ever wished to enjoy it—there too lies he who founded its greatness, to contribute to whose fall
Pagina 255 - In the days when all my soul was tuned to pleasure and vivacity, I hated Houghton and its solitude; yet, I loved this garden, as now, with many regrets, I love Houghton ; Houghton, I know not what to call it, a monument of grandeur or ruin
Pagina 246 - not seen Seen opulence, her grandeur to maintain, Lead stern depopulation in her train, And over fields where scattered hamlets rose, In barren solitary pomp repose ? Have
Pagina 94 - Whitsuntide] which I either did or ever shall hold. This man, that for sixteen years together, was fain to walk upon his hands by reason of the close contraction of the sinews of his legs, was upon three monitions in his dream to wash in that well,
Pagina 264 - enacted that the Book of Common Prayer alone should be used ; and to " sing or say any common or open prayer, or to minister any sacrament otherwise than is mentioned in the said book
Pagina 246 - How far you may be pleased with the versification and mere mechanical parts of this attempt, I do not pretend to inquire ; but I know you will object
Pagina 255 - of my life ; though not for the last time ; every clock that strikes tells me I am an hour nearer yonder church—that church, into which I have not yet had courage to enter, where lies
Pagina 93 - is not now driven by the eye ; but is like to themselves, spiritual : yet not so, but that even in bodily occasions we have many times insensible helps from them in such manner, as that by the effects we can boldly say, Here

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