Wine and Words in Classical Antiquity and the Middle Ages

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Bloomsbury Academic, 24 lug 2003 - 224 pagine

The subject of "Wine and Words" is the central role that wine plays in the literature, history and religion of classical and mediaeval Europe. It examines myths and legends about the origins of viticulture; great drinkers; women and wine; the mixing of wine and water; and ideas of "old" and "new" wine. Although the final chapter and the epilogue look at the development of methods of storage, from classical amphora to modern bottle, the book is generally arranged thematically rather than chronologically in a method based on close reading and rhetorical analysis. Wherever possible, sources are examined in their original language (mainly Greek and Latin) but English translations are supplied throughout, making this book accessible to both scholar and general reader.

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Drunkenness Disapproval and the
Excess and Moderation
Wine Water and Song

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Hanneke Wilson is a freelance wine writer and consultant to John Armit Wines. She has contributed articles to The Oxford Companion to Wine (edited by Jancis Robinson) and trains the Oxford University wine tasting team.

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