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Comprising a Historical Latin Reader, with Notes and Rules for Translating, and an Exercise Book, developing a complete Analytical Syntax, in a Series of Lessons and Exercises, involving the Construction, Analysis, and Reconstruction of Latin Sentences.


12mo. 361 pages.

This work is designed as a sequel to the author's "First Latin Book,” which has acquired a wide reputation. It comprises a complete analytical syntax, exhibiting the essential structure of the Latin language, from its simplest to its most expanded and modified form.

Price 90 Cents.

From J. F. RICHARDSON, Professor of the Latin Language and Literature, Rochester University.

"I have examined it with considerable care, and I am glad to see this addition to the valuable series of classical works now issued by the Appletons.

"A faithful study of the work upon the plan indicated by the author, will greatly facilitate the student's acquisition of the general principles of the language, and preparo him for the intelligent reading of the Latin classics."

From PROF. HAVEN of the University of Michigan

"I am fully convinced that a faithful use of the First and Second Latin Books will place the pupil securely on the right track, and facilitate, more than any other elementary treatises with which I am acquainted, his thorough understanding of the language. "I heartily wish that all students preparing for this college would study both books thoroughly."

From PROF. ANDERSON, of Lewisburg University, Pa.

"A faithful use of the work would diminish the drudgery of the student's earliest studies, and facilitate his progress in his subsequent course. I wish the work a wide circulation."

From PROF. LINCOLN, of Brown University.

"It seems to me, to carry on most successfully the method pursued in the First Book. Though brief, it is very comprehensive, and combines judicious and skilfully formed exercises with systematic instruction."

From REV. J. A. SPENCER, D. D., late Prof. Latin and Oriental Languages in Burlington College, N. J.

"The present volume appears to me to carry out excellently the system on which the late lamented Arnold based his educational works; and in the selections for Reading, the Notes and Rules for Translating, the Exercises in Translating into Latin, the Analyses, &c., I think it admirably adapted to advance the diligent student, not only rapidly, but soundly, in an acquaintance with the Latin language."

From J. J. OWEN, D. D. Prof. of the Latin and Greek Languages and Literature in the Free Academy, New York.

"This Second Latin Book gives abundant evidence of the Author's learning and tact to arrange, simplify, and make accessible to the youthful mind the great and fundamental principles of the Latin language. The book is worthy of a place in every classical school, and I trust will have an extensive sale."


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