Morphologies in Contact, Volume 3

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Walter De Gruyter Incorporated, 08 feb 2012 - 340 pagine
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This collection of articles takes up the issue of Contact Morphology raised by David Wilkins in 1996. In the majority of contact-related studies, morphology is at best a marginal topic. According to the extant borrowing hierarchies, bound morphology is copied only rarely, if at all, because morphological copies presuppose long-term intensive contact with prior massive borrowing of content words and function words. On the other hand, especially in studies of morphological change, contact is often identified as the decisive factor which triggers the disintegration of morphological systems. However, it remains to be seen whether these two standard treatments of morphology in contact situations exhaust the phenomenology of Contact Morphology. The 14 papers of the present volume shed new light on the behavior of morphology under the conditions of language contact. Fresh empirical data from 40 languages world-wide are presented and new theory-based concepts are discussed. Morphologies in Contact is a first in the history of both morphology and language contact studies. It is meant to mark the beginning of an international research program which explores the entire range of aspects connected to morphologies in contact and thus, paves the way for a full-blown Contact Morphology qua linguistic discipline.

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- Prof Martine Vanhove, Research Director at CNRS, Paris - Prof. Thomas Stolz, PhD, Department of Language Sciences, University of Bremen - Dr Aina Urdze, Research Assistant at the Department of Language Sciences, University of Bremen - M.A. Hitomi Otsuka, Research Assistant at the Department of Language Sciences, University of Bremen

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