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Pagina 138 - And I am glad that he has lived thus long, And glad that he has gone to his reward ; Nor deem that kindly Nature did him wrong, Softly to disengage the vital cord. When his weak hand grew palsied, and his eye, Dark with the mists of age, it was his time to die/
Pagina viii - Sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright, The bridal of the earth and sky ; The dew will weep thy fall to-night, For thou must die.
Pagina 234 - It was composed by JC Fisher, Esq., founder of the Quebec Gazette, and is as follows : , " Military virtue gave them a common death, History a common fame, Posterity a common monument/' The Golden Dog is another curiosity which
Pagina 227 - Mount Washington, I have come a long distance, have toiled hard to arrive at your summit, and now you seem to give me a cold reception, for which I am extremely sorry, as I shall not have time enough to view this grand prospect which now lies before me, and nothing prevents but the uncomfortable atmosphere in which you reside.
Pagina 381 - right to vote, but seldom exercise that right, as they do not like the idea of being identified with any of the political parties. Excepting on festive days, they dress ' after the manner of the white man, but far more picturesquely. They live in small log houses of their own construction, and have
Pagina 340 - who dwelt in the crevices of the rocks and in the grottoes under the waterfalls. They had attempted by every artifice in their power to hold a council with the little people, but all in vain ; and, from the shrieks they frequently uttered, the medicinemen knew that they were the
Pagina 286 - they had visited the basin for the purpose of spearing salmon by torchlight ; and while my companion sat down in their midst to rest himself, I jumped into one of the canoes, and paddled to the foot of the fall, to try one of my fancy flies. I fished for about thirty minutes—caught one small
Pagina xi - and they continued to be at ease in their possessions. But the white man from the far east, with the miseries which have ever accompanied him in his march of usurpation, began to wander into the wilderness, and trouble to the poor red man was the inevitable consequence. The baneful
Pagina 340 - Indian race; and, therefore, it was concluded in the nation at large that the long lost hunters had been decoyed to their death in the dreadful gorge which they called Tallulah. In view of this little legend, it is worthy of remark that the Cherokee nation, previous to their departure
Pagina 118 - as secure and agreeable places to pass the night in; where we might enjoy the pleasures of hunting at a small expense, breathe at our ease of the purest air, and enjoy the prospect of the finest of countries

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