Psychosis and spirituality: exploring the new frontier

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Whurr, 1 feb 2001 - 200 pagine
Spirituality and psychosis both inhabit the region where ordinary reason ceases to function and barriers break down. The connection between them is evident - what is remarkable is how conventional thinking obscures the connection. This book challenges conventional understandings with a radical new perspective.

The interface between psychosis and spirituality is explored, drawing on key research and latest developments from a wide spread of disciplines:

Gordon Claridge on schizotypy, Peter Fenwick on the neuropsychological perspective, Neil Douglas Klotz on a new understanding of spirituality, Peter Chadwick on the mystical side of psychosis, David Kingdon on CBT for psychosis and religious delusions, are just five of the 12 distinguished contributors to this book.

This new perspective will be important for those professionally interested in both psychosis and spirituality (therapists, priests, etc.) people seeking a well grounded framework for their own direct expererience in this area and everyone interested in the latest thinking and research on this topic.

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Spirituality revisited

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