Saving the City: Philosopher-Kings and Other Classical Paradigms

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Routledge, 2 set 2003 - 256 pagine
Saving the City provides a detailed analysis of the attempts of ancient writers and thinkers, from Homer to Cicero, to construct and recommend political ideals of statesmanship and ruling, of the political community and of how it should be founded in justice. Malcolm Schofield debates to what extent the Greeks and Romans deal with the same issues as modern political thinkers.

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Publication details
Introduction 1
The disappearing philosopherking 31
Zeno of Citiums antiutopianism 51
Plato on the economy 69
Political friendship and the ideology of reciprocity 82
the case of Diogenes of Babylon 160
Ciceros definition of res publica 178
Notes 195
Bibliography 230
Index 239

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